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CYMA Full Size M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

29 Customer Reviews

by Tony L. on 03/25/2009
"this gun has lasted about 2 or 3 years so far and the only thing i have had to replace is the stock battery and mag
by Taylor S. on 03/10/2009
"Excellent AEG. High Power, Sturdy feel.

High Power
Realistic Look + Feel
Moving Bolt
Can Hold Large Battery
Excellent ROF with 9.6v
350 FPS

Bad Battery
Bad Sling
by Bobby F. on 02/20/2009
"i am going to buy this gun and convert it to an M1 Garand at they have a m1 garand conversion set for this gun not for Tokyo Marui
by Casey W. on 12/23/2008
"i've owned this gun for months, and i love it. the build quality is superb: the full metal barrel, gas tube, trigger assembly, chamber, butt plate, magazine and sights amaze me very time i pick it up. the gun is all class - full adjustable sights for elevation and windage. slapping the bolt sounds like pure joy. the imitation wood is very convincing, and the abs heat shield on top is a nice matte black finish. the safety is ingenious (props to the real-steel designers). and i just love looking down those garand-style sights. one guy that i met who owns the real steel version said it was convincing as hell.

as far as performance, its decent for sure, but i bought it mostly to handle it. i put on an aftermarket mount and scope and a bipod, and this thing is a beast now, at nearly 10 pounds. the only annoyances i have is that the hop-up wont budge, but thats alright cause it came very well tuned. if anybody whines about the tight fit with the battery, they're goons - just pull out the connector and not the whole bloody thing. easy as pie.

i love it. such a good deal.
by Jason Z. on 10/24/2008
"Just go with a small type 9.6v. There shouldn't be much of a sizing issue and if you don't abuse it the battery should last quite a while.
by Juan Pablo T. on 10/22/2008
"Guys i have a question, i want to replace the battery for a better one, but i dont want to replace the internals yet, which one do you recommend me? Small? Large? Nunchaku? 8.4? 9.6?
by Austin H. on 10/05/2008
"If u are looking for a good outside sniper or squad support weapon this is a great choice. I do reccomend this for begginers who are looking for a good 1st aeg. 4 expierianced players it isn't as powerful as im sure u all want and the rate of fire is about 8 rounds a second. It chronos at around 350 fps with .20. and is pretty accurate up too 60 er 70 ft. my front sight broke, which seems to be a problem with this model. The battery is a piece of shit and so is the sling. the sling broke while i was carrying it.
by Rocco V. on 09/26/2008
"I have installed a prometheus 6.03mm tightbore barrel and Guarder soft bucking, it now shoots significantly further than my CA M16. I ahve yet to replace the motor (which I NEED to do), but the internals have lasted for quite a while with the mini 9.6v I use with it but that could be attributed to the fact I only use single shot or short bursts. Eventually when the internals do fail I will replace it with a Guarder FTK and make it my DMR. The front sight on mine also broke, the AGM and UTG ones ARE NOT compatible so I will get a Marui one. I am overall impressed with this gun, it is certainly worth the $130 price tag unlike other clone M14's that should be marked down to about $80.
by Cole J. on 06/13/2017
"I recived the M14 last week, this is my review

Good realistic weight (Con for smaller players)
The charging handle is very aesthetic
Good ROF
Imitation wood looks real
Good steel mags
Good iron sights
Metal internals


Not very accurate at long distances
Not alot of range (Drops at around 150 feet)
A gas blowback could out shoot it
No rails (Could be a pro)
Battery it comes with is bad (Like usual)

Overall, you get what you payed for, its a good gun but could use a spring and inner barrel upgrade
I recommend a 9.6v small stick battery
by Tommy V. on 12/02/2015
"The flash hider and the end of the bunny ear sights are PLASTIC ORANGE! This is going to snap off in a few weeks or in the future by accident. I thought the orange tip was going to be just like in the photo. Not going to bother spray painting it black since it's going to snap off soon. Just starting into airsoft so I'm hoping that there is an aftermarket or cyma piece for the flash hider and iron sight. So far I haven't really tested the gun out yet I just got it delivered to me today. The gun balance is good and the plastic imitation wood finish is well done. But the large orange plastic tip is really annoying when aiming down the sights.
by Joseph B. on 04/24/2010
"This gun is nice and strong. Swift too. It's a bit heavy at times, but the rear stock has this buttflap that'll rest on your shoulder to take some of the weight off your hands. The battery is tough to jam in sometimes, tight fit. The imitation wood looks pretty nice, realisitc from a far and on camera. I lost my bolt catch though, it fell of pretty easily and I dunno where it is. Not too important though. Overall good gun. Great AEG for starters.
by michael e. on 01/03/2009
"Great gun very accurate at long ranges and has a high fps but it does not preform well in CQC only buy it if you play in woods or big fields

Webmaster: Generally, m14 (long long guns) are not for indoor play.
by Rocco V. on 07/24/2008
"I won this in a raffle at an sponsored event. I have to say this is a very decent gun for its price. I used to think CYMA only made crap, and saw that in some earlier models.

What I like about this gun is compatibility, it is 100% compatible to all TM M14 aftermarket parts. Stock it shoots decent, maybe 1 ft grouping at 120ft, good for light suppressing fire. The "tightbore" it comes with is at best a 6.07 because it only shoots a little bit better than the UTG clone M14's. The realistic bolt release is a fun feature too, and so is the satisfying clank of the bolt. Body quality is as good as it gets for a plastic gun, a weaker person might call it heavy, but then again I am rather strong. The motor is horrible

The battery it comes with is crap, lasts for maybe a full mag, and of course wall chargers always suck. I found it odd that this gun has a mini connector. the UTG and AGM mags are somewhat compatible, they don't stay in very tightly but will feed just fine (be careful when you move though).

I personally haven't tried to put in a tightbore which I know isn't possible for other clone M14's, but I'll try it later on.

Overall good gun for a beginner, buy Tokyo Marui mags though.
by Noah M. on 08/14/2016
"I may have simply recieved a total lemon, but when i got mine, from the box it wouldnt feed at all (Hop up and mag feeding tube were mis-aligned). then when we took it to play with it after take a bit to adjust the hop up, which either starts dropping off at 40 feet, or curves up at 50, the mechbox siezed up. seeing as most reviews of this were good, i feel i was deceived, or handed some junk gun, and will likely avoid CYMA in the future.