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CYMA Full Size M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Imitation Wood / Standard Stock)

62 Customer Reviews

by Andrew R. on 05/15/2018
"This $125 gun is better than my $200 m4. The fake wood looks real, it shoots great, no complaints. I get compliments on it all the time. Only down sides are that it is a little heavy, and rate of fire. The weight doesn't bother me a lot because I'd rather have metal parts. The rate of fire can be fixed my upgrading the power supply, but for the price it can't be beat. 6 stars.
by Christopher P. on 01/11/2018
"This thing is a cannon out of the box, i bought this as a gift for one of my friends and the thing can reach out and touch you, ran it smooth with a 7.4 lipo and thing was reaching out easily over a 100 ft away! wish i got one for myself too!
by ronnie n. on 12/17/2017
"Owned this gun from about 2012, and couldn't be happier. Always get looks on the field when I just this thing out. I played for years with it boned stock with the exception of a 9.6 battery. And few years ago I upgraded the barrel and bucking and really improved the entire gun all round with those upgrades.

I can't complain after years of use, the beatings and weather games its been through. I've had other guns during this time but this has always been old trusty and its never let me down.
by Samuel K. on 07/14/2017
"LOVE IT great gun so realistic and shoots accurate out of the box. Nice design would like to see a place for the cleaning rod to go though but over all great gun will last me a long time.
by Paul L. on 06/25/2017
"This gun shoots surprisingly straight. Best groupings out of all my guns. Is it a DMR is it a Battle Rifle? Both? I love the mock bolt sound (actually pretty real sounding). Stock setup works great. There are only a few drawbacks however they are due to realism. It's a long gun. In a sea of carbine length guns this is a full rifle length. It's realistic as full rifle length was standard issue during the service time of the M14. The gun is realistically heavy and front heavy. The controls are not M4 controls so it takes a little getting used to (this is realistic). This amount of performance at this price point is amazing. Good gun.
by Cameron D. on 06/06/2017
"The best Battle Rifle for this price, and beyond.

For starters, the CYMA M14 came within the promised shipping time (See Evike's FAQ page to see shipping time frames), and the packaging was excellent. At first glance, the M14 was in excellent condition, and the imitation wood mimicked real wood perfectly. The weight of the gun is about 9 pounds, which is a pro for me, perhaps a con for others. I do advise a sling.

Out of the box, this shot 394-395 FPS out of 6 shots with a chrono, and the it has excellent accuracy and grouping at 150 feet, while still being able to shoot farther. Also has a functional charging handle (sounds good and authentic, minus the sound of an actual round being racked, though it serves no real purpose). Trigger response felt nice in my hands, and ROF was very good with a 9.6v battery. This could be easily made into a DMR build, but out of the box is by the far the best battle rifle that you will find in this prices, and may rival those in a higher one.
by Matthew M. on 04/03/2017
"Excellent rifle! It looks real and functions well with .23g+ bb's and a 9.6v battery. I have had this gun for almost a year and love using it to hit targets. Overall and excellent quality and great buy! Would definitely recommend!
by Michael W. on 03/27/2017
"This is such a good gun. This is a great gun for people just starting and people who had been playing for awhile. Such a great gun. It is kind of heavy but not unmanaged. Very accurate and hits hard.
by Anthony R. on 03/21/2017
"I absolutely love this gun!! You don't even have to adjust the hopup and this gun can shoot extremely far. It is absolutely insane. It shoots pretty fast but this gun is made for accuracy you will never miss!!
by Trevor R. on 03/08/2017
"I am very pleased with this product. I was initially worried that the charging handle would break after a couple uses but I've racked it probably close to 100 times now. Both steady and gently, to hard and fast, and locking the bolt back and releasing it. It sounds amazing and seems to be holding up well. Although the body is polymer it seems to be holding up well. Overall for the price, I'd say its certainly worth it, as a prop piece, as a functional piece and all around cool factor is worth it. The only things Id say to consider is if you want a heavily tactical weapon with tactical rails all over, you might want another option or consider you'll need to buy upgrade parts if they are even compatible, that will raise the overall cost. That and this is a big long gun.
by Michael W. on 03/07/2017
"I'll keep it short and sweet this is an amazing gun. Powerful accurate good weight everything you need in a dmr.
by Michael W. on 03/07/2017
"This is a great gun. Extremely accurate and fun to use. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good reliable airsoft gun at. This is good for advanced players and people just starting off. This gun is a steal for $150. It has a good weight to it. Only thing I could find wrong with it is that my battery compartment was sealed shut and I had to pry it open with a screwdriver.
by Sasha M. on 12/25/2016
"I would recommend this gun to any one exempt if you are a bit small. I let my brother who is 5'5 hold it and he struggled holding it. Out of the box the gun is really accurate. At my local field I was definitely able to compete with polarstars and fully upgraded M4's. I would not recommend this gun for a fist gun if you are planning to do tech work. It is hard to disassemble and it takes a lot of time. Other then that its a great gun.
-not that loud
-lots of battery room
-good FPS
-the weight is close to the real M14
-well built
-hard to work on
-a bit too long for clearing rooms
by Julian R. on 12/12/2016
"This is an over all great gun, it feels very solid and is fairly accurate. If you are thinking on buying this go for it!
by Brandon K. on 07/25/2016
"This is a great gun for anybody that uses AEG's. The accuracy is great, the wood looks real, the metal parts are durable. The FPS is average, but definitely good enough. The main attributes is the ROF with a 9.6 V small type battery and the accuracy. If your a woodland guy than this is really what you want and very affordable.