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Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms / CYMA w/ Metal Receiver & Gearbox (Package: Gun Only)

221 Customer Reviews

by Breland W. on 12/29/2015
"Awesome gun. had it for a couple months and it rocks. I highly recommend it. Great price for an awesome gun.
by George B. on 12/29/2015
"great gun! its solid, good fps, a little slower fire rate than most aegs but its not bad! its accurate too! i reccomend .25 gram bbs. only problem is no rails to trick it out! but then it wont be a thompson. Get this great for starters and pros!!!! get it!!!
by Gina L. on 12/29/2015
"this is the best gun i have ever bought!!!


-rate of fire
-lots of metal


by Riley C. on 12/29/2015
"This gun is awesome. I don't care what anyone tells you! I've owned this gun for a year now and haven't had a problem with it. It is full metal inside and out. The only part that is plastic is the rear sight and the imitation wood. Also, the imitation wood is some of the best I've seen on any airsoft gun! It is a wonderful additon to your WWII collection! Good for first AEG or if you want something different!



Buy this! Good for pro or beginner!
(In case you were wondering I own the CYMA version)
by Nick G. on 12/24/2015
"All I have to say is his gun is AWESOME! Uber Accurate and worth the cash, this gun easily matches up against my friends' 300-400$ monster weapons. Wood is pretty realistic although it's fake, mags work fine and I suggest you get 3-4 High Cap ones and a drum mag just cause you can :D battery it comes with gets the job done although be a good idea to get a better replacement one, ROF is faster than I expected, some things in the video are outdated by the look and testing of the gun by my hand, if the handle or front grip is wobbly just tighten em.

- FPS 380-500 HITS HARD!
- Dead Accurate up to 50-100 ft in my case
- Realistic look and feel
- Mags are metal too
- Cheap for it's price
- Comes with a high Cap
- If you have the cash turn it into a AVP Rifle!

- painted on letters instead of sketch
- Friends might want you to be the point man
- Mags are kinda difficult to change in a battle (practice a little)
- Tricky when it comes to upgrading it... ask these evike people to if you can (They know what's up)
by Cole G. on 12/24/2015
"Great Gun
I've had this gun for a week and so far had no issues with it. Shot around 1800 rds.

Good power for AEG (380 fps)
Looks Great
Full Metal

Hops up at 60 ft
Accuracy is not great
Sling that is sent with it breaks fast (who cares)
by Russell F. on 12/24/2015
"i bought this rifle and its great

fps is nice at 350-360 actual
nice rof witha 9.6 2000 mh battery
nice and solid weapon and accurate
nice long range

fits with a vintage loadout or just a a weapon that is proven effective

honestly i dont see any cons to this weapon
by Seth C. on 12/24/2015
"This a great gun!

Very powerful
Very accurate
Decent rof with 9.6 v 2000 mah battery

The battery wobbles in the butt stock but thats fixable
Kind of heavy but not that bad

Great gun for the price
by Dave L. on 12/24/2015
"I got this gun for christmas about 2 years ago and its proven to be a very dependable weapon in the heat of battle. The fore grip hand grip and stock are all made of abs plastic but i havent had a problem yet, the magazine the gun comes with is ok but will break after a fiew dozen uses so i would sugjest getting tokyo marui mags with it. As far as the gun having any internal problems i had the gears lock up once in battle but it was fixable with a little oil. The gun is somwhat like an AK-47 in the way that it realy dosent need any maintnence at all. All in all the gun is great and i would recomend it to any begining or experienced airsofter.

_good fps level
_hits hard
_very accurate for an aeg
_ROF is good when using a 9.6 volt

_had the gears lock up once
_plastic stock wobles a little not to bad
_front and back sling mounts make a little noise
when running with the weapon
by Tim B. on 12/24/2015
"this is by far the best gun ever it is better then my matrix tactical system m4a1 m100 version it has never broke or jammed and it easly hit a target 150 feet away and the target was only 4'' x 4'' and i even shoot 12 gram bb's with this gun and i hasn't broke yet the only thing is it can be heavy but it's not to me and the sling point's flip the gun upside down
by Andrew D. on 12/24/2015
"Really nice gun!!! My friend bought this from Big 5 but DOUBLE PRICE!!! Even if u buy this from evikewith tax and shipping, still cheap alot if u compare!!! Buy this gun from EVIKE!!! Not Big 5!
by Josh H. on 12/24/2015
"This gun is great. I bought my from the store though. I've had my for about two years now and I've beaten the crap out of it. It still works. it's never jammed on me and it hasn't broke yet (beside one of the screws in the stock that has gone missing). This gun is very accurate in the field (I've tallied many head shots from over 50 feet away). If your a WW2 fan of just like the Thompson, this is a great gun to have. Though my gun looks a bit different cuz I've customized it a little to work at my standards of airsofting.

Good FPS
Good duribility
Never jams
Very accurate
Awesome replica
Great showcase gun

Heavy for an SMG
by Christopher D. on 12/24/2015
"This gun is a beast!!!!! It is full metal and very sturdy plastic for the "wood parts". It is nice and heavy and feels just like the real deal. I've used this gun many times in battle against "nicer" guns such as Tokyo mauri's and classics and held my own. The clip size is good and the battery lasts for a long enough time. If you get this gun you will not be disappointed. The only thing I have to complain about this gun is not having the ability to put attachments such as sights or lasers on it. I still highly recomend this too all. 8)
by Odin C. on 12/24/2015
"This is literally THE greatest gun of all time! I used it in a couple wars, and all my friends had either blood blisters or blood period. Mostly just blood. It packs a hell of punch. Throw a 9.6 volt 1600 mAh battery in there and your talkin' big leagues. I did that. Now when I go invade my friends bunker, all I do is yell "Thompson!" and they go runnin' like little sissys everytime. Only problem is that you can't leave the hi-cap winded over an elongated amount of time, but just take it to your local sports place and they'll fix the mag for free. Goes great with the Luger I'm getting.
by Ko K. on 12/24/2015
Heavy weight
Very powerful
real wood finish
Metal Gearbox

Its hard to pull out the mag but not if you get used to it
The orange tip is not able to come off