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CYMA CM031 AK74M Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

29 Customer Reviews

by Max L. on 03/28/2018
"I bought this gun a little while ago and I love it! However when I first purchased the gun the magazine that comes with it was broken. This caused the gun to not feed. So I would recommend buying the mid caps that cyma offers, or get the full metal RPK hi cap mag.(Both work good but using the full metal mag makes the gun rather heavy)

I would defenetly recommend this rifle for any new players looking for a solid rifle.
by Isaac H. on 10/12/2017
"I got it in the mail only a few days ago, and I was surprised of the quality. This is the first CYMA I have ever bought so I had no idea what to expect when it arrived. Itís great quality! Great price too!

Motha Russia
Metal barrel assembly, dust cover, and bits and pieces (like the selector switch and mag release.
Fairly heavy
Pretty good polymer outer body parts

The front sight was bend to the right of the gun but it was an easy fix (probably only mine but itís a fair warning)
No rails (the gun is realistic to the irl model but it would be nice)

Pretty good gun overall, I plan on replacing the receiver with a metal one and adding rails in the future.
by Chad K. on 05/07/2017
"This gun is great, especially considering the price. The plastic is less like plastic, and more like a nice polymer, if you get what I mean. The gun shoots incredibly straight, and clocked in at 385 fps. Too fast for my field, so I haven't been able to use it. All in all, great gun.
by Christopher S. on 04/06/2016
"Great gun, shipping was great, everything is tight on the gun, Fps is chroned at 420 with .20 bbs, the only bad thing is the selector switch is a little wobbley.
by Amy F. on 04/06/2016
"GREAT GUN!! Got this yesterday, took it on a fight today... Did not have to ussse any of my secondarys, got 4 guys out in one round. Hi cap mag is AWESOME... The battery charge time is 5 hours, and the battery and charger are all great. Shoots about 16 bbs a second.

looks awesome
folding stock
hi cap mag
battery included w/ charger
good range
comes with strap
High rof
good fps


Bolt wobbles
some of the moveable parts are pretty sticky at firstmine came with the sight factory made tilted to the left.
mag is plastic :(

OVERALL: great gun, must buy.
by Amy F. on 04/06/2016
"THIS THING IS AWESOME!!! Right out of the box this gun kills.... Shoots maybe 20 bbs a second, 400 fps or so. Great gun overall, shipping is expensive though.

high ROF
hi-cap mag
Fairly cheap
High quality for price
folding stock

Bolt wobbles
mag is fiberglas
battery kinda hard to get in

OVERALL-- great gun, awesome all in all, everything is great, battery charge is about 5 hours, and the mag windup is really nice. Comes with an unjamming rod and cleaning rod, along with a free sling, with is twice as long as needed, but can be doubled up. The folding stock is really nice, and basically everything except the bolt is nice. would recommend this to anyone. Taking on a war tomorrow.
by Garret J. on 04/06/2016
"Great gun everything is great beside for 1 thing.
great fps
almost everything is metal
metal gearbox
Perfect gun!
great battery
battery wobbles misfeeds and is kind of weird so i suggest you get a new one preferably metal

All in all great gun Except the magazine which would have been very helpful info before i bought it.
by Octavio V. on 04/06/2016
"amazing gun bought it last year and i loved it so much. its kind of heavy at first but u get used to it after awhile. i reccomend this gun for anyone .
by John C. on 04/06/2016
"The gun is solid, no stock or barrel wobble. Everything is metal except for the handguard, stock, grip, and magazine which are fiberglass. Shoots hard and fast out of the box, upwards of 380-425fps. The sling that is included is great. The included 7-cell 8.4v 1100maH battery does NOT suck. Although the charger needs to be replaced with a smart charger. The battery compartment is big enough to hold an 8-cell battery. The bolt moves all the way back, unlike the CYMA version, it does wobble a bit into the reciever. DBOY takes a more realistic approach to the takedown of the gun, CYMA does not. Includes non-unique serial number. Uses a 7mm metal gearboxas well as Tokyo Marui compatible internals. The gun is a VFC clone. Surprisingly the gun comes with a bag of .20g PERFECT GRADE BBs, wasn't expecting that. Recommended BBs are .20g.

The gun arrived with the lower handguard lock undone, so it was rattling around the barrel, scratching it up a bit. I fixed it by using some flat black R/C model paint I had, made it look brand new again.

This is the New Version of the RK-05 which has fixed the widespread magazine compatibility issues, prompting the user to file down the mag catch or the mags themselves. The only incompatible mags that I have heard of are STAR AK-74 mags.

Recommended upgrades: Metal spring guide, 7mm metal bushings, reshim the gearbox, metal hop-up chamber, and 6.03mm barrel.
by Spencer M. on 04/04/2016
"I got this gun a week ago, and it is the PERFECT starter gun that I needed. It looks very realistic and is full size. It is all metal except for the stock, grip and fore grip which are a high quality polymer. It feels like you can drop it onto pavement (don't try this) and still last forever.

- Shoots VERY accurately
- Full metal (Although it is not steel)
- Removable flash hider (Also removes orange tip)
- Flash hider isn't entirely orange like on most AK's, just the tip is

- Heavy (May be a pro for those looking for realism)
- Flash hider pin comes off
- Mag it comes with feeds horrible and wiggles a lot (I recommend Model #: "MAG-C88" as a replacement)
- Butt plate can be knocked off easily.

Overall, A good gun for starters to leave stock, or more experienced airsofters to mod. It is a very good gun and I don't plan to replace it until I can afford an HPA gun.
by jordan a. on 01/03/2016
"i bought this gun on Airsoft Megastore last year for $150 now that i see i could've got one for 95 bucks!!!
screw megastore im sticking to for now on.

anyway its a great starter gun no problems with it in a year
by Martin M. on 11/09/2015
"Honestly, this gun has to be the best starter gun for anyone that is looking for an AK style weapon. This gun can take a beating and can take days of usage and not cause any misfires, breaking down in middle games or anything. I've had this pass down from a close buddy of mine and he has had it for 3 years and now i have it and has not had one problem. Besides switching the battery fuse for holding the auto trigger so damn long. But other than that, for $100????? That's a damn steal for a great gun like this.

Great ranged (Chrono'd at 280 fps using .25g using a 9.6v battery) (could be higher)
Light weight, not to heavy
Never had a misfire
Parts are easy to find like mags,etc.
Under a $100?? hell yeah

Only con i can think of is honestly nothing. Besides there are not rail mounts for scopes,flashlights,etc.
by Kevin B. on 08/23/2015
"First off, I'd like to clear up something. The description says "full metal", which the gun is not. It has a metal upper recriever, or dust cover, but the body is a high strength nylon polymer. This is not the crappy ABS plastic from cheap crosman of double eagle guns; it's extremely tough, lightweight and durable.

Anyway, onto the review of the gun itself. It weighs in at exactly 6.5 lbs. and has a good weight, but it's not overly heavy. When you shake the gun there is no wiggle besides if the mag is in, the mag will click. The gun itself is super solid. I use .25 gram elite force bbs, and am just breaking it in. I have had one misfire/skip so far but that's just breaking in the gearbox. It shoots at about 380-400 fps with .20 bbs, but using .25s drops it down to about 330-350. It's accurate out to about 50 yards, then the bbs start to drift.

Overall, this is the best gun you can buy for under 100 dollars. Believe it!
by Jon W. on 08/11/2015
"this is my first airsoft gun, and i have to say that this performs way beyond what i expected.

full metal
less than $100
little to no wobble
good internals

no rails to mount things to (but if you want rails you can buy one like this with them for a little extra)

overall i would rate this gun at 5/5

(the only problem that i had was my fault because i bought two stick batteries for it instead of two small type batteries)
by Jason G. on 02/20/2015
"where to begin...
I have had this gun for well over a year and it is an extremely good gun for the price. This gun has survived many skirmishes and is still preforming great.
-Full metal barrel assembly (its not going to crack, ever)
-very solid internals (good rof and fps)
-come with a battery and charger (I would throw the charger away)
-polymer lower receiver (helps keep the weight down)
Overall this is an amazing gun for the price and I would highly recommend it to all players