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CYMA CM028 Airsoft AK47 AEG Rifle - Simulated Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

57 Customer Reviews

by Jack A. on 07/07/2008
"I bought this gun a few years ago and it is a great gun. I've never had one problem with it. The fps is decent but it's dead accurate. I strongly recommend this gun to anybody because it's affordable and works great.
by William M. on 06/23/2008
"omfg steven you know him im good friends with him im buying two guns from him later on this summer and william its actualy mikial kalaschnikov he was who made the gun
by Steven M. on 06/03/2008
"i dont have it yet but this guy on youtube has the version 2 and it kicks ass i cant wait to get it. and that guy on youtube is airsoftguy85.
by zack t. on 10/22/2016
"SUMMARY: really great starter/entry level aeg. For the price, i have yet to see an aeg that beats this. I own two of these. After a season (4 months) of play, they are a little wobbly in some parts but still performing well and expected to last through at least one more season with minor maintenance.


Price/value: 9/10- hard to find a better aeg for the money

Build quality: 7/10- externals are so so. About what you would expect for the price.

Accuracy: 8/10- of the two that i bought, both were pretty accurate out of the box at 150 feet

Power: 7/10- about 150 feet is your effective range; however i was able to hit a target at 200' maybe two out of ten shots and aiming high

OVERALL: 7.75/10
by Jonathan H. on 02/21/2016
"So I am not a beginner so this gun wasn't my best choice but for a beginner this gun is great!!!!!
Very sturdy
Comfortable to hold
Mostly metal (except for fake wood)
Orange tip is small
Shoots very well
Great beginner gun

Wood is fake\cheap plastic
Magazine doesn't feed all too well
You have to screw off the butt plate, slide off another plate under it, then u can put the battery in it, which once the battery is in there, the cord barely fits.

All in all this will pursue your goals of greatness of the field!

I have a review of this gun on my YouTube channel, FPS Wolf Airsoft, this is a video with this gun, my KWA sr10 and my friends awesome Krytac Trident!!
Watch the video, like it and subscribe!!!! Enjoy!!
by morgan v. on 11/16/2013
"Very good gun for its price, but i will have to give it 4 star because the battery that came with it is a nicd battery and I fully charge it and does not work. Remember though AK's have the flaw of the select fire going loose. Overall the performance of the gun is 5 stars above expectations for a 100 gun. I highly recommend this gun for first time buyer but go ahead and get a stronger or extra battery with the order.
by Cody M. on 07/19/2012
"very solid gun good fire rate (with 9.6) very good range not the most accurate gun would recommend buying a tightbore for it
good range
solid construction
good rof with 9.6
by Jayce P. on 04/11/2012
"This is a really good ak especially if you're on a budget. The gun feels really good in my hands and it looks a lot cooler in real life than it does in the picture. And it shoots really good to. The only thing that I would have to complain about it is that the mag release came really loose and it popped out when I put the mag in the gun,but once I figured out how to fix the mag release it was pretty easy fix. And also the butt stock doesn't have a lot of grip on it. And that's the only reason why I gave this gun four stars. But it's still an awesome gun I highly encourage you to get it while it is still $88. That is a freaking steal with that deal
by David M. on 08/10/2011
"This is a pretty good beginners gun! It has around 350fps and it's fairly accurate. I've had it for about a year.

Good FPS (around 350)
Mag hold a lot (around 600)
ROF is decent (about 8-10 rps)
Fairly accurate (can hit any man sized from about a 100ft easily)
Not that heavy (con for some)
Battery last about 3hrs

Not for leftys
Selector switch often changes to semi during firing
Not that heavy (pro for some)
No rails
AK mags don't fit in some pouches
There are just too many AK's out there!
by dominic s. on 03/09/2010
"great gun for beginning airsofters. chronographed at 387-396 in 7 shots. consistent. doesnt missfire. you will not be disappointed in this buy if you are a new comer, looking for a good quality, inexpensive gun. with a smart charger, battery runs out in about 17 hours of continuous use. great realistic feel. stock is a little light but doesnt matter all that much sucks poop in cqc. barrel sticks out pretty far.
by William m. on 05/06/2008
"The model we will be going over in this review is the CYMA (“Matrix” by CM028 Metal Gear Box Marui Clone AK47 A.E.G. (Wood Finish). The CM028 Metal Gear Box Matrix Marui Clone AK47 A.E.G. is made by CMYA a mid grade company but evike sells them as MATRIX. The real AK-47 was invited by Timofeyevich Kalashnikov a German solider who only had what is equal to a Russian high school degree. In 1941 Timofeyevich Kalashnikov became a tank driver. a shell hit his tank and he wounded his arm. While he was in the hospitable he studied a lot of firearms books. With his machinist friend Zhenya Kravchenko he designed what is today the AK-47 during his 6 month leave period. In the year 1946 Timofeyevich Kalashnikov sent off drawings of his gas operated gun based on the m43 cartridge to the Main Artillery Commission in Moscow. In 1949 Timofeyevich Kalashnikov design was accepted into the Soviet Army's. Timofeyevich Kalashnikov later worked in a factory and produced many other models of what is now the AK-47.
History info from

This “matrix” ak-47 is ha decent gun for the price ($99.00 This is a good gun for any beginner to airsoft. The body construction is mostly plastic including the fake wood on the gun. The metal parts include the inner and outer barrel. The gear box in this gun is version three with nothing to amazing inside it just metal gears and a cheep plastic piston. This is the first gun I have ever opened the gear box on. This gun worked fine and shot hard at many skirmishes. That is until I opened the gearbox. Otherwise this gun is a great gun with a decent range. The only problem I had with this weapon was a small break on the back battery cover.

This gun is very reliable I had owned the gun about two years when I decided to open the gearbox, up until that point every thing worked as good as the day it arrived to me. The nice thing about this gun is that it is an almost exact replica of the TM (Tokyo marui) AK-47 so all version three gearbox parts will work in it. So all in all, this gun is well worth the $99. so if you are looking for a starter gun that shoots about 275fps.

Pros, Cons, Ratings.


1. Hard hitting fast shooting
2. Can be felt through a heavy sweatshirt
3. Good for beginners
4. Sturdy strong gun


1. included accessories can be broken easily

2. Internals not great but has upgrading capabilities.

3. Back battery cover is broken easily.

4. no place to mount scope


1. Overall 7 / 10

2. Strength 8 / 10

3. Mechanics 4 / 5

4. included accessories 5 / 10
by Evan J. on 03/09/2009
"i recommend this only for beginners..anyone who knows airsoft enuf should go for the $150 goes much faster, harder, and from what i have is put together better and uses a much more efficient save up some more cash for the better version.