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CAA Licensed Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Jody B. on 01/18/2015
"this is a great gun. Looks awesome with almost any attachments. it has a great ROF is insanely accurate. The mag fits real snug but its a great mag and feeds well. GEEEEETTTT THHHEEEEE REEECCCOOOMMMEENNNDDDEEED BAAATTTEERRRY. No other battery will hit in the handguard. so i bought a PEQ box and made one of the holes bigger in the hanfguard so the connector would fit and it made the gun look so freaking cool. the handguard is very hard to take off so getting a PEQ box is a good idea. overall this gun is the besr ive ever owned.
by Nick F. on 09/24/2014
Great accuracy/ range
Insane rate of fire with 9.6v battery
Very strong, well designed, licensed components
Highly interchangeable m4

Wobbly stock/ buffer tube (easily fixed)
Snug fitting mag well (also easily fixed)
Rear sight not adjustable for elevation.
Definitely will only Fit the recommended battery. Don't plan on fitting much else.

Ended up finding a new model on eBay for a considerably lower price, and had to jump on it. The build quality is superb, and the ROF is insane! I didn't get a chance to chrono it straight out of the box but I could tell it was shooting a little hot. Running a few hundred rounds helped bring it down. I wouldn't worry about it shooting too fast to use at your field. There's a few gripes I've got but many of them are pretty easy remedied. There's 3 QD points on the gun and rail space plus included half sized rail attachments if you wanted to mount a sling point off a rail. But there isn't a sling point on the Very tip of the hand gaurd, under the front sight. This is because of how the bottom rail integrates into the handguard easily fixed with a QD adapter. The sight has 3 different sight pictures and is only adjustable for windage. Elevation is done at the front sight.

Despite the build quality and strength of the materials used, the stock was super wobbly out of the box. It seems like in many cases the buffer tube needs to be tightened on your gun. Which means removing the butt stock by pulling down on the lever release (as opposed to pressing it to slide around) and slide it all the way off the buffer tube. Remove the cap and use a long Philips head to tighten up the buffer tube. Re assemble and tighten the lock ring down last and it'll stay tight for the foreseeable future. 10 minute fix. The stock also will wobble on the buffer tube. Airsoft is great but lets face it, it's not quite milspec at this price range. It's definitely negligible enough to live with but if you're a stickler, once more remove the stock and place a 1 1/8 wide piece of gaffers tape (google it and buy it for your kit anyway) on the length of the tube. Aim for the 11 o'clock to 8 o'clock position. Done correctly this will remove virtually all wobble and still allow the parts to function correctly.

Many reviews state that the Mag well is tight on this gun. And it is... The included magazine and any CAA mag will be tight but not impossible to get off. I purchased a run of the mill mid cap and it fit perfectly, so the issue is with the mag itself. If you plan on using only CAA brand mags for the rest of time then I'd recommend you file down the little nubbin on the inside-front of the mag well. That is the only reason for a sticky fitment. Use a metal file or hard block it with 120 grit sand paper. Take it slow and fit it to a mag. BOOM fixed!

With less than an hours worth of tinkering you can tighten this thing up to a war machine. For me personally, all drawbacks are easily fixed. I run .25s or .28 bio through it and the .28s are highly accurate. I'm super happy with what I got for the price I payed, and would still be if I I had to pay full price. Get this gun when it comes back in stock it won't be for long.
by Yurgen H. on 08/08/2014
"The review below me is straight on, this gun is fantastic. I've had it almost a year without any problems. I even installed a faster motor, and it still works great. Definitely worth it, it's actually priced way cheap for what you get in my opinion. Great gun, great company.
by Kevan B. on 05/28/2014
"This m4 is awesome! Buy it now!

I got this AEG a couple of days ago and I gotta say it's exactly as advertised. This gun shoots really well and very fast. The only problem I've had is the stock wobbles a little bit. All I had to do is tighten up the screw and it's good as new.

I bought the 9.6V battery that is recommended for this AEG and haven't had any problems installling it at all.

looks really nice
shoots about 380-400 fps straight out of the box
stock has adjustable cheek riser and battery compartment
front triangle sight can be adjusted vertically if desired
rear sight has three different apertures that can be flipped by rotating the top of the sight towards you and the bottom away from you. It will snap into place (long range peep sight, cqb peep sight, and top iron sight)
functioning bolt catch
Really tight handguard No wobble what so ever

stock needed tightening
handguard is difficult to get off and on
you have to take bottom rail off in order to get bottom handguard off

All of the cons really aren't that bad at all! Buy this gun now! It's a great price for what you get.
by Isaiah M. on 05/22/2014
"Before buying this gun, buy the recommended battery that is shown and linked at the bottom of the information page. No other battery fits in this gun that i know of. Nun-chuck style batteries and butterfly batteries are not going to fit at all. A 7.4 lipo might fit but i am not fully sure.

Buy this gun now! When i bought this m4, it was $260. This price is very low. I thought i was paying the $260 for just a great looking rifle and i was not expecting it to perform so well. When i acquired this gun, it came with the usual components. This includes a cleaning/ dejamming rod, manual, set of rails for the bottom of the hand-guard and a magazine. (There were two different rails included for the bottom of the hand-guard, a long and short one) No scratches and absolutely no problems with its packaging. The gun is an amazing gun. It looks amazing and is amazing performance wise. The gun has a nice weight to it and might be a little heavy for some. The rof on this gun is at an outrages speed for a stock weapon! Fastest shooting stock gun i have ever seen! The gun is very loud when shot and is powerful. I am not quite sure its exact speed nor its exact fps, but the fps is for sure above 400. I know this because the gun was shooting pieces of wood off of houses. The hand-guard is very nice and is very comfortable to hold. Although the hand-guard does look cool, it is ridiculously hard to open and close to put in and take out batteries. Often times, two people are required to open and close it. The magazine is also completely useless. it looks amazing with the gun, but it doesn't feed well. I recommend buying a new magazine as well as buying this gun with the recommended battery to avoid problems. While the stock looks amazing with its storage compartment and cheek riser, it is very wobbly at times. I am constantly tightening the stock so it does not shake every time i move. No other part on this gun wobbles unless purposely shaken with force. The body on this gun is fantastic. The functional bolt catch impresses and is a nice feature. The gun also has nice trade marks if you're into that sort of thing. The selector switch is somewhat flimsy. It does not click when moved to allow the operator to know exactly what firing mode it is on. i constantly have to check what firing mode i am in before i press the trigger because it does not have any force to it. Everything on this gun is sturdy except the small issue with the stock. The place where the magazine goes is very tight and will not wobble at all. The ergonomic pistol grip is very comfortable and gives the gun a nice maneuverability.

Rof is great for a stock rifle and almost seems upgraded!
No wobble. (except for the stock)
Looks way better than any m4.
Flip up sights are nice.
Functional bolt catch!!
Stock is good.
Multiple qd sling mounts.
High fps.

The stock has to be tightened often.
Insanely difficult to get the battery compartment opened and closed.
The magazine is complete trash.
The selector switch does not snap into place.

Overall, I enjoy using this gun and i enjoy how comfortable it is to hold. The magazine is utterly useless. (Evike offers many magazines for great prices so this shouldn't be a problem at all) The battery compartment is difficult to open and close, but if you just buy the recommended battery, you avoid the problems i have. When i bought this gun, it was $260! This is an amazing price for it and i would have gladly paid more for such a well performing and great looking rifle. I know there are some problems, but buy this gun now before it goes out of stock for a couple of months.
by Austin b. on 03/31/2014
"Great gun i have loved every second of it. I have used it in 8 Airsoft Compitions now and it hasin't failed me not once. I will say that the mag it comes with is terrible so i would recommend buying nicer mags if you plan using it in battles as well. Pros: ~ Great accuracy ~ Feeds bullets very well~ Wieghs 8.2 pounds for nice reel feel~ Nice hop up~ Extremely easy to upgrade anything you need to on the gun. Cons: Stock is slightly wobbles but can be mostly adjusted~ CAA mag that came with the gun is terrible at feeding the bullets~ Other than that awsome gun Buy IT !!!
by Harrison G. on 02/10/2014
"This is a amazing great gun!

-No barrel wobble
-Great hop up

-Stock wobble
-hard to put battery in
-other than that great gun
by Ryan B. on 12/26/2013
"I just got this gun, and it is quite impressive. But lets get to the pros and cons.
Looks awesome
No wobble
Stock compartment can hold almost any small tool you need
consistent fps
high rof with a 9.6 volt
very comfortable to hold compared to other m4s i own
Battery compartment is way to small. You'll need a peq box if your hoping to fit a 9.6 volt butterfly
Hop-up is very sensitive to adjust
The functioning bolt catch broke on mine withing the first week, but thats ok, because i kept forgeting to close it and i was worried that dirt would get in my hop up

Overall a great gun, but be careful with the batteries