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Model: AEG-KAAG76
Location: A2-045 WSO1-T09 WSO4-M11 WO16-T14 WO16-T15

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by Josh L. on 2015-01-31 15:07:11
"This King Arms P-90 is fantastic! It's a major upgrade compared to my old Echo 1 E90. The main body's build quality is so much more solid and there's no squeaky plastic anywhere. FN Herstal Trademarks are engraved in the mold and stands out nicely. The upper receiver is made of metal with three picatinny rails on the top and sides. There's even 3 back up iron sights; one peephole sight down the middle and 2 "pistol" sights on either side. The full metal gearbox even has a quick change spring for changing between indoor and outdoor fields. Underneath the orange flash hider are -14mm negative CCW threads for putting a muzzle brake or mock suppressor on. The hop up door is hidden underneath the thumb hole. It's an easy to adjust wheel unit and it is best to adjust it before putting on gloves. The battery compartment is very simple. Push the button and slide the cover off. The battery space is tight, but can fit a 9.6v stick/brick OR butterfly/ nun chuck. (The wires just need to be nicely tucked away in order to fit)

The gun does come with a hi-cap mag, which feeds about a one-third of the bbs before having to wind it up again. It fed completely only ONCE during my tests. The m4 magwell converter works, but in order to install it, you have to unscrew the top rail with a hex screw. Not a big deal. I highly recommend mid-cap mags to get the best performance. (I use the 68rd/70rd mags)

Like other P-90s, this one suffers the same semi-auto problem. Just wrap electrical tape around the metal trigger bar to decrease the length of pull. (Or leave the gun on full auto and pull the trigger half way for semi)

This is an overall awesome gun! It's definitely the best P-90 on the market!

Ambidextrous controls for left and right handed shooters
Superb build quality
Comfortable/ Ergonomic design
Quick change spring
Real FN Trademarks
-14mm negative CCW barrel threads
Plenty of rail space for a flashlight and optic
Long inner barrel because it's bullpup
Mock charging handle

Honestly, the hi-cap mags are unreliable. Get mid-caps or the m4 magwell converter
by Patrick M. on 2014-12-13 15:53:24
"So as this was my first real airsoft gun that I ever ran with, thus I will come to this with an honest view.

Firstly let me say that after all is said and done this is a really good gun. You will need to make some modifications to the gun coming out of the box, but do that and this gun rocks.

When I got the gun, I purchased the M4 magazine converter and have not looked back. The hi-cap mags on this gun are garbage and always lose their winding. Getting mid-cap mags, low cap, or the M4 mag converter is the way to go. Also, I would replace the bucking piece in the barrel as the stock one is really bad. You can get a bucking unit for 6 bucks and the replacement process is not that hard.


- Buy mid cap mags or the M4 mag converter
- Switch out stock bucking unit


- Great rate of fire
- Multiple rail mounts for lots of scopes and accessories
- Decent FPS for cqb gun (mine clocked at 335 after all mods)
- Battery compartment is great for an 8.5v battery


- Sling port makes it really difficult to mount a sling (had to jury-rig mine)
- Hi-cap mag that is included is garbage
- Sprays really unevenly (not a problem for me though since I just spray close quarters anyway)
- Hop-up is hard to find and adjust

Overall I would give this gun an 8/10. Definitely a must buy though if you love the P-90 and some of the great shows that it is showcased in such as Stargate. Not really a beginner gun though since there is a lot of mods that you need to do right out of the box. Hope this has been helpful.
by Vincent C. on 2014-11-25 17:01:11
"Either Evike gave me a defective gun from the B.O.A., or the mags (170rd mid caps) aren't feeding correctly. Won't shoot when i put it on semi but works on full-auto.
I don't want to take it apart because I haven't worked on a gun before. :|
by Aniwat R. on 2014-09-22 11:06:32
"This is a great beginner gun if you want great range and accuracy. I replaced the barrell with 405mm 6.01 tighter barrel, it does not improve FPS like .1% But, it certainly improve accuracy and steadier shot at 120+ feet. I also changed out my spring after I did a calculation on spring rate compared to original spring rate. Original spring give you only 370fps with .2 gram bb. I got an M130 210% spring, and It now shoot steady at 420fps. It hurts a lot with out breaking internal parts and still maintain great Rof.
Another improvement is 3-9 x 40 scope. I zero in the scope and able to shoot really tight group in full auto at 120 yards.

Definitely a recommended this gun. Buy this one, good buy for money.

by Preston B. on 2014-09-13 14:09:11
"Build really well and shoots around 11 rps and shoots every bit of 380.
My mag did come broken but the sent a new one immediately with 2 day shipping for free.
if you put a
it will throw out around 17-18 rps it does fit.
the gun shoots great and hurts BAD!!!
by Brian C. on 2014-06-11 15:38:00
"I HEART this gun!! My favorite!

Great for CQB and indoor ranges!
Gun fires at 370 fps semi / 330 fps @ 11 rof auto right out of the box.
After warranty expired, swapped stock spring with M100 for 330 fps.
I would recommend the red dot below because it's design just flows with the lines of the gun.

Full metal internals and metal tri-rail.
Version 6 gearbox. EASIEST gearbox to work on and upgrade.
EASY SWAPPING of spring. NO DISASSEMBLY NEEDED to swap spring!
Hi-cap King Arms mag spring feeds the entire mag with no problems.
LiPo ready (of course precautions like MOSFET and fuse should be considered)
You have A LOT of gearbox space. MUCH much space!
Tool included to adjust front sight for elevation.

Now the bad things I hate to admit:
Windage adjustment is a pain in the a$$. Need a big and wide flathead screwdriver.
Trigger is big, fat, wide, and bullpup style. Will take some getting used to when coming from an M4 style trigger.
Special map pouches needed. Regular old M4 style mag carriers will give problems.
Top rail MUST be taken out and replaced in order to fit a P90 1500 rnd box mag.

by Monse D M. on 2013-12-18 14:50:00
"this i my review of the gun

good rof with 8.4
small, and mags are very unique
plenty of rail conversion kits and tac rail
small, perfect for cqb
has unique look, and a very different look


small battery compartment
hard to fit extra mags in
you have to buy special mag pouches
by yuan h. on 2013-10-28 20:56:09
"I have owned this gun for a little over 2 months now and have taken it to 4 CQB games, and it is by far the best CQB weapon I have ever handled. First pros and cons, then my take.

Quality metal upper receiver, good paint as well
Great quailty abs lower receiver
"sticky" hop up, it wont move unless you make it move
pre-included H-nub
very quite
balanced, easily used one handed

fire selector is a bit too sticky. Getting it to semi with one finger takes skill
form factor, a bit small for bigger guys (i am 5 10 and it fits me fine for reference)
dual stage trigger is extremely finicky
as with all P90s, the high caps dont work for shift.
iron sights are tiny.
P90s are an aquired taste and many do not like them. U really got to try it to be sure

To start, i want to note I did buy the Tactical version from Taiwan. This version has a quick change gearbox, a metal flash-hider, and a nylon fiber receiver. I have handled the american version and the only difference between the ABS and the nylon fiber is the nylon is a bit grip-ier and has a more matte finish.

The upper receiver and rails have a good metal construction. However, the iron sight built into the rail is almost useless. The hole is so small and closed off you can hardly see anything but the big ol post in the center. Within the upper, the tightbore and hopup (with included h-nub) serve it well, making good use of the short, G36 length barrel. I can easily hit a man sized target from 75 ft on semi.

A note on P90s in general. P90s are an acquired taste. They look weird, and they feel weird. But at the same time, they look cool and are comfortable. They can be used left or right handed, one or two hands. After you get used to it, it is the greatest CQB platform around (in my opinion). The only drawback of it's design is the high-capacity magazines. In short, they dont work. One wind will get it going, but the bb pusher thing that feeds it into the winder will jam up, and you have to take it out and adjust it every few seconds on full auto. Get MAG 170 round mid caps or King Arms 110 rd-ers and you will be fine. Mag changes are slower than an M4 but with a dump pouch not horrible at all. Just be sure to be behind cover when u do it.

The lower is also very good but otherwise featureless. Trades are nicely engraved and not to flashy, no white paint. The metal upper balances the gearbox making this gun very balanced and actually easy to use one handed. Dual wielding is entirely feasible but not tested. Only gripe here is the fire selector is very stiff, and the dual stage trigger is finicky. Basically, on full auto a "half" pull will give you one shot, and a full pull with get you full auto. But there is no indication of a "half" pull as with the AUG, where there is a very feel-able click. It doesnt seem to have a constant definition either, and i would not rely on it ever.

The gearbox on this gets a respectable rate of fire, and is very reliable. Furthermore, being so deep in the gun, it is extremly quite as well.

Overall, this guns has a few minor problems, but is, in my opinion, by far the best P90 available today. Slap on a red dot, laser, 11.1 lipo, some MAG 170 rd mid caps, and maybe flashlight and you are ready for any CQB scenario.
by Dan H. on 2013-08-23 11:51:23
"This gun is a joy to use especially from the perspective of a former paintball player. While the styling is odd and probably too feminine for some, it is extremely ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. The gun is lipo-ready, I used this with an old 3s (11.1V) model aircraft lipo and the rate of fire was noticeably higher.

This short gun is great for close quarters -- snap shooting, wrapping, and tucking into cover can all be done quite easily with this gun. Though a bit heavy for its size, proper use of the stock and good posture make handling a breeze. The weight balance is perfect, even one-handed use feels perfectly natural if that's what you want. I personally find this gun far more comfortable than the different A4 variants that I have tried, it moves much easier and feels more like part of your body, less like an attachment. Switching to off-handed use for cornering, clearing, or door-busting is quick, all features of the gun are perfectly ambidextrous once you get the feel of it.

On the downside, magazine changes are a bit of a pain and esp. if you are used to other guns, will require practice to perform quickly. With 100-round midcaps this gun only has about half the magazine capacity of a lot of other guns on the field (if also using midcaps). I found myself switching to a full magazine at any opportunity because you can shoot off 100 rounds just like that. Another downside, I found that adding sights to this gun is basically useless, in proper firing position the built-in ironsight is at eye level while any sights you put on the upper rail are too far above eye level to be of any use at all. Short of extending the stock upward in some fashion, or moving the rail down, you lose the point-of-contact between the stock and your face if you use any kind of sight on the upper rail. I've tried experimenting with different sights from ironsights to different types of red dots but abandoned all these for just the built-in ironsights. Which are okay, very accurate, but also takes forever to line up (it's just a little hole and notch in the upper rail itself).

As a CQB gun, there are no real deal-breakers here, it does everything it needs to well and it has enough range and rate of fire to at least pose a threat at longer ranges. The lack of a lower rail isn't a problem, the large 'trigger guard' takes the place of a foregrip and makes changing from right to left handed use that much quicker. So overall, if you can deal with the styling and a few minor issues it's a great gun for a starting out player who mainly wants to play aggressively or up-close-and-personal.
by Joshua S. on 2013-07-26 07:47:11
"This gun is great, got it right out of the box and it fire nice and cleanly. The only problem i had (and im sure a red dot sight or just an adjustment to the iron sights) is that it shoots a little to the left of what you are aiming at. other than that I feel very happy that this is my first gun.

Pros- just about everything, fps, components, etc.

Cans- the iron sights are a little odd, it really restricts your perception since its a tiny whole that is focused on a sight inside the rail, and the small hole itself means you have to take more precious seconds to focus your eye on what you are shooting at, but a red dot or a scope sight can fix it.
by Tanya T. on 2012-06-14 21:14:23
"This gun is a monster.It has a nice fire rate and good internals.The only things I would suggest is buying a scope like a red dot,a stronger battery,and go with mid caps.
by Cheryl M. on 2012-05-26 09:48:41
"by the way this P90 is 4 pounds its pretty light
I bought a red dot scope with this gun it was 45$
and i LOVE IT buy one. BY The way when i bought this gun all
my friends were very jealous and most of them ordered it


cool gun

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