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by Eric L. on 2016-04-01 23:09:45
"I've had this gun for a couple or so years, and let me tell you: It is rock solid. The entire body is solid metal (excluding the pistol grip and stock of course). But let me lay it out formally:
Solid construction, can be pinpoint accurate out of box if you can sight it/have an optic for it. Quiet yet audible selector switch. Electric blowback isn't amazing, but a fun feature. Can be adjusted off with an included rod from what I can tell. Full rail system, unlike some 551/552 variants where they lack an optic rail out of box. Perfect for red dots, ACOGs, flip-up sights, foregrips, PEQ boxes, lights, etc. Black paint finish won't come off unless it's sharp metal-on-metal contact.
While it is accurate, the hop-up/barrel length certainly limits it to CQB a good bit. Effective range is 100 feet, maybe tad more. The mag release, while formatted like an M4 as well as the magwell, is further away. It makes it a rather uncomfortable reach for the index finger, even for my lengthy fingers. The magwell does accept M4 mags, however, not the traditional metal/boxier mags, more like slender, polymer mags (kwa, Pmags, G&G, etc.). Iron sights are mediocre, and removal of the front sight should be done with caution as the bolt is pot metal it seems. There's a slight wobble in the handguard. Not loud, but you can feel it. Easy fix with a rail cover to bridge the two top rails. Stock doesn't allow much battery space, but one could replace it with a crane stock. I kept it stock with a 7.4 lipo. Also disassembly is tough, the RIS handguard scratches the paint if slid the wrong way.

Anyways, if you want a CQB rifle that's solid, got heft, accuracy, and unique to boot, it's a worthy buy. I bought it back at $330, and still look at it on my gun wall happy with it. My only recommendation is a crane stock to fit better sized batteries, and a red dot/flip-up sights. Besides that, it is a great gun out of box.
by caleb b. on 2014-02-07 07:00:02
"I personally love this gun. It has a very solid and reliable feel. After about 5 days out with it I needed to have the O-rings resealed, but other than that it is a very fun gun to use. The mag release is much further up than the m4 I was previously used to using, and took a little getting used to. It was nice that I didn't have to change mag platforms even.

solid feel
good rof (with a 7.4 lipo)
great gun overall

has sealing issues (not a terribly expensive fix)
Awful stock
by Avi K. on 2013-09-05 22:05:42
"TL;DR: Skip this gun.

The gun was mediocre right up until the stock snapped off.

Looks cool
Full metal
Loud blowback
M4 mags

Proprietary battery (I avoided this problem by using a mag pouch that attaches to the stock to hold a large type battery)
The handgrip is way larger than a M4 and the mag release is much farther as well. Considering the real steel version was designed to offer M4 users a seamless transition from one gun to another, this is a pretty big thing to overlook.
Crappy compression caused the gun to shoot at around 290 fps out of the box.
Proprietary parts all over the place, most of which have to be ordered directly from King Arms.
Very wobbly stock
The shaping of the rail system is such that I couldn't install most accessories without filing them down first.
The stock plate is made of extremely flimsy aluminum. Look around the various forums and you'll see that having the stock plate snap is a VERY common problem.
Crappy wiring

Like I said, stay away from this thing.
by bob d. on 2012-01-15 11:32:17
"Very solid choice for beginner or seasoned vet.

Solid FPS, 340-360
All Metal
Full rail system for future attachments
Takes most M4/M16 mags (albeit a little rough pulling out the mag when reloading)
Comfortable yet realistic weight
Good range, 100-110 feet

Special battery required for the stock
Stock tends to be difficult to collapse with wires for battery

NOTE: Recommend getting a fine file and smoothing out the gaps on the battery holder (The removable plate on the buttstock as seen in the picture) so you dont damage the battery's wiring when removing it to charge.

Other than the above cons, great weapons for any type of player.
by Karine C. on 2011-02-05 14:09:18
"The SIG 556 "Shorty" is an amazing firearm. I have used it in 2 special operations already, and it has not let me down. The gun is put together niceley. The whole gun is metal except for the stock and grip (as expected). It is not to heavy and is very manuverable. Now to go over the pros and cons:

-Full metal
-FPS range circles around 380-400
-Very durable, no wobble at all
-Blowback is a nice feature
-Accuracy is amazing

Of course theres other pros, i just hit the main points

-Takes a special battery only made by intelect (Of course you could wire together your own, but it could take some work and is a little stressful)
-The battery wires are hard to put together, and when inserted, the stock takes a little force to adjust, but its not that bad.
-Turning the blowback feature off takes time and alot of unscrewing/removal of parts
-The blowback is load (which, is your preference, just its loader than you would think; Trust me, sounds like a small gun)

All in all this gun was and is exactly what i was looking for. It doesnt matter where you are, the SIG 556 "Shorty" is an eyecatcher. Thanks King Arms for this wonderful weapon of airsoft destruction. And, a great thank you to Evike for having this weapon.

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