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VFC MK18 MOD1 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Tan

4 Customer Reviews

by Carlton A. on 02/12/2014
"Ive had this product for a few months now and I think it is the best purchase I've ever made. I have a PEQ box, M3X flashlight, Magpul AFG-2 and some more stuff. I love this gun so much.

Extremely Accurate
Very High ROF
Has ALOT of range: 250+ feet (at least for me)

The Price tag

If you are looking for a great gun, look no further than VFC!
by Hopkins L. on 10/07/2013
"Bought this gun a couple of weeks back, best purchase Ive made. The quality of the gun is outstanding. The materials used are top notch and super sturdy feeling. Its got a good thump sound, really strong and hard hitting gun.

HIGH quality gun
Great ROF
Good FPS
FULL metal

Mine came with 3 rail covers instead of 2 and a foregrip, but that's not really that bad of a con.
they don't sale separate upper receivers to quickly change barrel length
flip up sights are kind of crappy..

other than that. I LOVE THIS GUN.
If you want a strong, long lasting, high quality gun, buy this.
by Rob L. on 10/04/2013
"I love my VFC MK18 Mod 1
-high ROF with a 9.6v
-excellent externals very realistic
-functioning bolt catch
-full metal body
-superb internals as VFC should be
-worth every penny
-its a block 2 MK18 whats not to love?

-pricey but worth it
- no battery lr foregrip included
-U havent bought it yet
by Connor P. on 09/25/2014
"I have owned this rifle for quite some time (since the team that I leave gained our sponsorship), and it's become a vital part of my kit. Previously paired with a Mk18 Mod 0, it's served as my primary for the last several months. It's now taking a back seat to my HK416, so I figure it's time for an informed review on the rifle.

Externals: This rifle is externally beautiful, and issue correct to boot - in exception of the flip up sights. The Asia/Europe version of this rifle comes with a Colt trademarked receiver, and KAC-type flip up sights. This one comes with Troy flip ups. Why? I have no idea, perhaps licensing issues with other manufactures, or KAC and Colt themselves. Otherwise, the rifle has all the right parts in all the right places - including a GORGEOUS 9.5" Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS II in Dark Earth. The RIS is beautifully trademarked, with a finish that far surpasses that of Madbull's aftermarket DD RIS II models. This one is actually correct to the color of the real DD RIS II, which is extremely nice. The LMT-style Crane Stock is nice, albeit not as solid as it could be. The pistol grip is shockingly slim.

Internal/Performance/Structural: Out of the box, this thing needs a SERIOUS once over - I could not find a properly tightened screw on the rifle, except those on the RIS unit. These loose screws include the gas block set screws (came off and slid down the barrel), the set screws securing the two-piece barrel, the screw securing the buffer tube, as well as a notable few others. This rifle has a fairly typical VFC Gearbox, with it's strong points as well as it's weak points. While it has some nice internal features, you have SERIOUSLY got to watch out for their polycarbonate tappet plate, as well as their polycarbonate piston - they're wildly unreliable. This is a beautiful external platform that should be used for upgrading.

Ergonomics/Overall: This is a FANTASTIC direct action rifle, although it's annoyingly high maintenance for a rifle of it's price range - you see issues that would not be present in a stock KWA. This being said, it's issue-correctness, and it's ergonomics make it a PERFECT rifle for guys on direct action teams OR impression teams, or players with impression/inspired kits. The main reason for this is that it bridges the gap between being issue-correct, as well as having the ergonomics and features preferable for a personal/competitive style rifle. It's been a HELL of a rifle for me, and will continue to be a part of my field case along with my VFC OEM'ed HK416.