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FN Herstal Full Metal SCAR Heavy Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC (Model: MK17 SSR / Dark Earth)

38 Customer Reviews

by Brennan S. on 06/14/2018
"REVIEW FOR SCAR-H SSR VERSION. I got this gun as a "little" graduation gift from my gf and right out of the box, all you really need to do is adjust the hop-up (if you have to) and it was so perfectly acurrate I was bouncing around with happiness because I finally had a weapon with amazing accuracy. I only have two problems with this rifle. The battery internal wires are complicated. They were really weird because the wires themselves are really long, even with the stock fully extended, so it made it really hard at first to adjust to keep them in a snug spot, and finally managed to do so, but when you find that spot, it wasn't really allowing me to adjust the stock itself. The other problem is the pin to take out the stock plate has what I believe is a hair pin clip (not sure what type of clip) and it's super small and thin, so it breaks off easy, and its got a tight squeeze when you have to put it back in. I got one a little thicker and managed to work, but it's slightly harder to pull out. None of these problems really bother me now, so all in all it's a perfect weapon indeed.
by Alex R. on 08/30/2017
"Let me set the record straight.

If you're interested in buying a VFC SCAR.. go for it.
Don't listen to your friends.

VFC SCARs EXTERNALS are one of the most BEAUTIFUL, REALISTIC externals in the world.
They're so sweet. Rock solid, and just plain gorgeous. I promise.

VFC SCARs INTERNALS are ok... I mean people complain about the Internals being "Garbage" and whatnot. But that's because they like to upgrade the crap out of them. And VFC is pretty darn picky with upgrades. The only Upgrades I do to my VFC SCARs are very simple. Like Changing the Piston, Spring and Inner barrel. (You can change the stock bucking and motor for a better one if you want. Regardless, it works perfectly with the stock bucking and motor)

But believe me, they have lasted me years because of the upgrades I did. I use a 9.6v battery on ALL of my guns. I'm not a big fan of lipos lol yeah, yeah call me a wuss. I just don't see the need for them.

Now my advice to you future VFC SCAR owners is that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to change the Piston, Spring and Inner barrel. (SHS Steel Teeth High Speed Lightened Piston) and (MadBull Black Python 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel) and ( Matrix M120 Spring) after those upgrades you're good to go!
by Chazz G. on 07/24/2017
"Overall great gun, I saved up enough money to finally buy this model, and it is totally worth it. It is very accurate, great rate of fire. The gun is exactly the same as my SCAR 17, feels exactly the same. Its a little heavier than I thought but that wont stop me from using it. Overall great gun, had no issues just the space for the battery is tight so you gotta work with the battery. No problems, in love with this gun, I recommend this item.
by Mark C. on 06/08/2017
"Overall great gun, but keep in mind this is a work gun. I have had this gun for a about year, I got it in december when it was about $280. At first, I fell in love with this gun. But after a little while the wires in the battery disconnected and broke. about a $15 dollar repair. I replaced the old wire connectors with Denes connectors and that seemed to do the trick. Then I turned the entire mag part so it fits M4/M16 mags instead of the expensive S.C.A.R. magazines. So, in conclusion to this reveiw I would give it 5 stars.

Great range and accuracy
Feels like the real thing
Very good looking
Lots of tac rails
Good trigger response

Hop-Up sucks [I glued my hop-up in one position]
Magazines are expensive

Overall, I like the gun.
by Dane A. on 04/15/2017
"Great gun, I got this because I own a real scar-17. This is almost an exact replica. It weighs the same as the real one, about 6 pounds. It has a good rpm and a descent accuracy.
by Zachary M. on 02/10/2017
"I love this replica the scarh is one of my favorite firearms the only issue is the hop up everytime I try to fix it goes back down again that's a very common problem that this gun has
by Johann T. on 02/08/2017
"I have a G&G SCAR as well, and upon a friend's advice, made the switch to VFC. I am super happy with this gun, played many games with it last year and had absolutely no issues with it. The stock hinge on this is way cleaner too, where the G&G has exposed wires. VFC has metal leads in the hinge itself, which is way nicer and won't get caught on branches when engaging with a folded stock.

As for being all metal, it has metal in all the places a real SCAR H has metal (as a real SCAR's lower and stock are poly). I own an actual FN SCAR 17S (civilian version), and the dimensions are dead on, this is a great, super high quality copy. My friend with a less trained eye could not even tell a difference.

I used an 11.1V LiPo all season, no malfunctions with gearbox, so good job there VFC. Battery space is a little small for a 2000mah lipo, but the smaller batteries work fine.

Shoots hard and accurate, VFC mags are beast. Worth the extra $$ for supreme reliability.

Highly recommend.
by Chazray L. on 10/24/2016
"Its amazing. I've had one mine for a week and have only had one major problem but otherwise, it's great. It shoots great, the magazine is working perfectly, no problems with the barrel. My loadout is a sniper, 1911, and this, and it's perfect for that type of fight. It's not really a short range gun, but that completely fine with me. I'd recommend using a 9.7 volt battery like it says and you won't have any large problems. The problem i've had with the gun is that the part that connects the fuse to the battery snapped. After a week. I'm not really sure how to fix it either. I also had a friend with a MK16 have the same problem 6 hours before.

Excellent weight
Great range, FPS, and power (I used it on a guy from 15 feet, a week and a half ago and he still has raised welts)
Scares the opponents
Just the fuse and that its kinda hard to remove the battery

by Alex R. on 06/11/2015
I Got it on the 29th of May.
Amazing ROF.
Good FPS. (Mine is shooting 409 FPS)
Not so heavy it's balanced.
The paint job on this rifle is Perfect.
the trade marks on this rifle IS PERFECT.

Great rate of fire.
Great FPS.
Great Paint job.
Really nice trade marks.
pretty solid.
Metal and Polymer body.
Ambidextrous. (Lefty friendly).
LIGHT trigger.
EASY disassemble.

Wobbly Bolt.(Easy fix)
The wires in the stock are cheap. (BE EXTREAMLY CAREFUL)
mine came with a Wobbly gas tube. (Easy fix)

This rifle is Worth it. Every gun is going to have some cons.
like my buddy always says "Take care of your guns and they will last."
by Matthew C. on 06/03/2015
"This gun is absolute beast! VFC truly knows how to make excellent high quality AEG's.
Lipo ready
Light weight gun
Offical trademarks make it look very cool and realistic

con for me, $$$$ price is sort of high but I bought this during the memorial day sale so...
Overall 5 stars this gun!!!!
by Christian G. on 04/30/2015
"Owning 4 scars, I believe I've got what it takes to review at least one
Very nice FN HERSTAL trademarks
Full metal upper receiver
Working bolt catch
Adjustable cheek rest
Collapsible/folding stock
Ok battery space(9.6 nunchuk can fit comfortably)
Signature SCAR flip up/down sights
Orange tip was beyond easy to remove in my case
Ambidextrous in just about any way
Gas block contains tool for dissassembly
More than enough rail space
Wiring for the stock is in the folding section of the stock(spare me the exact details guys)
Comes with expensive $40 hi cap (duh)
One unforgivable, unforgettable con is the Rear wiring, it utilizes a car style fuse, very outdated and takes up space
Bottom and side rails are polymer...a hard polymer but still....
Notoriously difficult hop up replacement issues, mine works fine but it may be problematic for others
EXTREMELY expensive mags, $26 midcaps and $40 hi caps
If the gun doesnt empty ur wallet then extra mags will
Hi caps are smooth and flawless fitting, midcaps are EXTREMELY tight fitting for whatever reason
Mags seem to scratch up easily too...
SCARs in general aren't easy for techs to work on, keep that in mind
I'm any case this gun is very much worth the money, VFC is a great brand and SCAR Hs especially are a very rare sight in any field
Very much recommended
by Tim G. on 03/02/2015
"What a great gun , solid built , shoots hard, good fps, good bps. Wire less folding stock great feature. Mags are high and you need different mag pouches. Battery compartment tight but you learn quick how to get the battery in an out. Plus if I may use this term this gun is a sexy looking gun. Buy it you won't be sorry.
by Ethan E. on 09/23/2014
"This weapon, as to no surprise being from VFC, is absolutely amazing, inside and out. The build is super sturdy. I have taken it apart and put it back together several times and it is no less sturdy than it was out of the box. Everything that's metal on the real steel is metal, and everything that is polymer on the real steel is polymer on this. And it is some heck of hard polymer. Even harder than low quality metals. It doesn't teeth at all when pulling and pushing pins in and out of it. It also looks exactly like a real SCAR and I've held the real steel version. It looks so sexy with my Eotech sight, rail covers, and angled grip I put on it.

I have had this gun for 8 months now and have had very few issues with it. It's accurate, has a great range, the fps is around 360-380 which is good for field and CQB, plus it is easy to take apart and upgrade. But very few will be needed, maybe a tight bore, a new bucking and nub, or a higher power spring for field. Otherwise internally, it's top notch. There are also no wires showing when the stock is folded like the DBOYs and CA versions. It's all wired in through little conducting washers in the stock crease. The cycle rate on this thing is INSANE out of the box. On a 9.6 it sounds like a buzz saw. On an 11.1 volt sounds like you have angered god.

The only issue I have had are the wires in the stock and how the stock itself adjusts with a battery inside. With certain batteries, the stock can only be collapsed to the level of the battery inside. The bigger, the worse this effect is. The wiring however, that connects to the fuse and battery in the rear, ripped on me not once, but twice in the same set. Electrical tape only temporarily fixes this problem, until the recoil shakes the tape off. I had to buy a whole new scar wiring set for it to work flawlessly again. Might have been a fluke, but don't force the wires in when plugging your battery in.

Also, the mags are CRAZY expensive. 40$ for a hi-cap and mid-caps are only a little less. The VFC mags do work and look the best, but there are cheaper mags you can buy that look a little less pleasing and are a tighter fit, but they still work fine.

Overall, for any airsofter, This is a great gun. Pretty much a grab and go AEG sure to please both in performance and looks. The price tag is a little high, but trust me, you get much more than you pay for. There are many other high end guns like this that cost hundreds more, but don't perform nearly as well.

Overall, 4.8/5. Because nothing is perfect, although this is pretty close.
by valerie d. on 04/21/2014
"i got the vfc scar h a few months ago and all i can say is," this is the greatest battle implement in the airsofting age".

high rof
shoots 398 fps with .20g bb's and a 9.6v battery
gets 200+ feet in range (with a 455mm madbull 6.03mm inner barrel)
excellent externals/internals

con: the wiring in the stock the second i put the battery in and collapsed/extend the stock the red positive wire snapped form the fuse box. which is an easy fix just sodder it back and it will never break again
and mags are hard to come by under 40$

With that said the vfc scar h is the best gun dont be drawn away because of the price and there is no need to upgrade the gun it already is upgraded so that will save some money. also at my local field im the only one with a mk17.
by William D. on 03/23/2014
"this gun is amazing shoots far and true! i love everything about it, its solid, good internals, fully licensed very cool.
only issue i had was when they package got here it was pretty haggard. im pretty sure ups dropped the package resulting in the outer barrel being loose and they bolt catch as well. both easy fixes but i would prefer if i never had to deal with it.
great gun highly suggested 5 out of 5 10 out of 10 whatever buy this gun.... like yesterday!!!