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by Ron H. on 2015-09-14 13:27:26
"If you're looking for a unique CQB gun, look no further. In terms of reliability, rof, accuracy, and overall quality, you can't go wrong. Despite what you hear about Tokyo Maruis being plastic-y and cheap feeling, this gun is extremely sturdy and has a good weight and feel.

Won't break down on you anytime soon (unless you mess with its internals)
Bullpup design = a longer barrel but still allows the gun to be very compact
Amazing rate of fire with an 8.4v battery
Super accurate (as with all Tokyo Maruis)
Metal where it needs to be
Can cycle between semi and full auto with a switch so you don't have to worry about the half stage trigger stuff
Beautiful aesthetics (personal opinion)

Low fps (makes up for it in range, but would not recommend this for outdoor use)
Ugly rail at the bottom (again, opinion but you can just take it off with a small screwdriver)
Weird springing noise when you activate the safety switch

So this concludes my review, and so if you want to dominate in CQB GET THIS GUN
by Walter S. on 2015-06-07 17:48:27
"The TM aug HC is a fantastic bullpup gun. Being my first tokyo marui, I was expecting a plasticky, cheapy plastic gun. However, upon unboxing it, I felt how strong the gun is!
It's a TM!
ROF - I don't have a chrono but the rps is very high with an 8.4, around 25-30 Rps.
Hop up is magic - if adjusted .2's will fly for miles.
More metal than expected
Came with a hi-cap, a very very very VERY nice hicap.
Upgrades, upgrades everywhere!
Accurate on semi
Heavier than expected for a mostly plastic gun
Easy to dissasemble
Fps (not a problem)
A little back heavy
Asg mags are very tight in the magwell.
Small battery space (you don't need much!)

This is a great gun! 10/10 would buy again!
by Jayson Dean H. on 2015-01-18 17:17:50
Great groupings (Despite being a CQB weapon)
Can fit a long Angle Custom barrel that i used to have in my M4, (16 inch barrel I believe)
Hop-up can make BBs go on for miles
Has a Semi auto mode (Which isn't on real steel)
Unlike other AUGs it's pretty difficult to "accidentally" pull the full auto switch unless you pull the trigger with a large amount of force each pull. But when you DO want to go full auto it will give you an affirmative click as you do. Mind you I don't mean it's really hard to pull the trigger which it isn't it's a comfy pull but to accidentally pull it is impossible.
Really easy to get to the inner barrel and hop-up, But have to pull out the barrel like any other AUG

None that I can think of, Low FPS isn't an issue since it is a law in Japan and all I need to do is place in another spring.
by Gabe B. on 2012-03-11 08:56:53
"This gun is pretty sweet and is the perfect CQB weapon. My magazine took a long time to break in. THe hop up is very good and responsive, the sights are ok, and the gun feels very hefty and solid.

-Great CQB weapon
-Great hop-up
-Long top rail
-Extra rail on side
-Grip rail
-Amazing ROF ~20-25 BBs a sec with an 8.4v

-During the heat of battle, you might now be able to lightly pull the trigger and might go full auto, which leads me to the next con
-You absolutely need extra mags, because I found myself refilling my magazine multiple times during a game
-Battery compartment is annoying
-Can only fit an 8.4v, but that's all it needs
-Vertical grip is comes with is too short and plasticy
-As a CQB weapon, it gets CQB range and groupings. I dont feel safe shooting this over 100ft with the groupings and BB drop it has at that range

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)