Reviews: FAMAS F1 Bullpup Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gear Box, Red Dot & Scope Rail Package Deal

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by Tyler P. on 2015-04-13 14:54:20
"This is a great gun. The gun is made of a high strength polymer, but feels really stable. I've had the gun for 2 years and never had a problem.

good fps
good rof

battery compartment tight
not good for people with short necks
mags are kinda expensive
odd selector switch placement
by bobby r. on 2014-02-16 14:34:06
"This gun, despite its criticism, is actually quite good.

Bullpup (could be good or bad)
Dead accurate (for a stock gun)
Nice range
Different looking
Comes with all the attachments
(with some work) Can fit a lot of different batteries
Hop up is easy to reach

Expensive mags (you can mod M4 mags to work in this gun though)
Mostly plastic
Bad iron sights
Not many rails on the bottom
by Noah T. on 2013-07-20 17:05:31
"So far so goo for this pakages! To start of the gun is great especially when I threw in the 9.6v that they recommend (really ups the rate of fire). Rail system works really well although I'm not sure how I would attatch a scope as you the rail does not go above the carrying handles rim. Sight is really cool a works well for what you pay for. So overall pros and cons list.

-gun has a really nice weight to it.
-9.6v really ups the rate of fire
-nice fps with .2g bbs
-I _3 bullpups
-Rail works really well for red dot scopes and sights.
-sight works well for CQB. (Wouldn't recommend for ranges (obviously its a RDS))
-overall looks really nice.

-carrying handle is really high so when you aim down the RDS you have to aim up a bit to hit what you want at close ranges (not that big of deal)
-charging handle is just their to look cool (doesnt do anything)
-battery is hard to put back in as it's a bit snug in the grip.
-not much else. Only minor inconsequential things.

Overall I would highly recomend this gun to anyone who likes bullpup gun or whoever wants to use somethig other than an M4 on the field like me!!! Have fun gents!
by Erik C. on 2013-06-21 09:32:41
"I just got this gun yesterday and I have to say its a pretty nice gun and the best deal on daily deals (the gun is $150 the rail is $60 and the red dot scope is $60

High fps
Metal barrel
Very accurate
Nice scope and RIS (they're both metal)
Bullpup (magazine is behind the handle and trigger which calls for a longer barrel and is compact to be more mobile)
Heavy weight (in my opinion I like the heavy weight)
Balanced weight
Adjustable hop-up

Body of the gun is plastic (the trigger guard, charge handle which does nothing, barrel, bipod, gearbox, RIS and sights, and magazine are metal)
Hard to find spare mags
Exspensive mags
Hard to change battery (it's in a compartment that is hard to close with the battery in it)
The switch fire is on the back

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)