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FN Herstal Licensed SCAR Airsoft AEG Rifle by Softair Cybergun CYMA (Color: Black)

307 Customer Reviews

by William T. on 05/07/2018
"Extremely impressed with this replica. The specs are all accurate and it is very well built, and i get no shaking from any of the parts. This is just a fresh from the box review, but I already know that I am going to enjoy using this at milsims.
by Christian G. on 02/28/2018
"Great scar especially for your first gun, chrono was 320-330 not what the description says but thats ok i bought this as a project gun to customize the gear box, overall its a very good gun stock
by Amy V. on 12/25/2017
"Awesome gun. It is very high quality.
by Renee M. on 10/28/2017
"This gun is great. The only problems I came across with it is the battery space and the selector switch is kinda wobbly. Other than that the fps is great and itís easy to use.
by Jon Jovi A. on 07/28/2017
"Update on my last review, I just got the SCAR-L in mail today, I was really surprised on how small the package came in (thought it would be a whole lot bigger) but that's no issue. What I was really surprised about is, not only it came with the gun, it also came with TWO STANDARD HI-CAP M4 MAGS, A 8.4v BATTERY, & AN UNIVERSAL CHARGER. NONE OF THAT was listed in the description! So, I was SUPER EXCITED that those items were included in the package!

Again, I recommend the FN SCAR-L to anyone that are starting Airsoft! It comes with everything you need to start, its cheap (as in good), its affordable, its sturdy, it feels great, shoots great, & overall its just a great gun to have, also, $209 is a steal!


5 out of 5 !!
by Jon Jovi A. on 07/26/2017
"Read most of the reviews of this gun, & I gotta say I'm kinda impressed with other customer's expressions on this gun. My friend had this as his first airsoft gun, & it lasted him almost 4 years till little parts of the gun started wearing down. It's been through dirt, water, mud, & even dropped plenty of times & yet the gun was able to work & shoot just fine. He said it was one of the BEST guns he ever owned, but now the gun is torn apart in the P.O.D. aka the PIT OF DEATH (as of now he has 40+ guns to mess with) before the SCAR-L comes back in action on the field. As the gun is resting in pieces, his Dad carried the tradition of the SCAR-L & is now currently using one on the field. From there, I absolutely just fell in love with the looks, the feel, the way it shoots, how lightly heavy it is, overall it felt like HEAVEN on my hands. So I ordered one! Thanks to Evike's Free3day Coupon code, I'll be receiving it in before the day I play on the field. Woo! I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for something cheap priced, sturdy, & reliable. ALSO this gun takes M4 MAGS!
by Bobby M. on 07/16/2017
"Best gun I have ever owned. Very sturdy build, very good fps and rof. The only problem I've had with it is the hop up sucks, but a very easy fix.
by jake f. on 12/07/2016
"i love this gun. it broke but that was 100% my fault. ive gotten it fixed since then and it works like a diamond...flawlessly.
pros- high rof
cool look
lots of rail space
good accuracy
good trigger response (using a 9.6 nimh)
durable plastic
full metal gearbox
amazing cozmetics
cons- small battery space (i can fit a 9.6 butterfly/nunchuck battery in with tight squeeze)
no other complaints this gun is great
by Charles R. on 07/25/2016
"This was an awesome buy.
-feels comfortable
-comes with a lot of useful stuff
-not very hard to set up hop-up
-good accuracy and power
-about all parts are metal that should be
-A tad heavy
-Not a great charger (get smart charger, life is much easier)

I love this gun. Fun to use, but red dot and other accessories I put on the gun scare away some competion lol. Great gun good for begginners and/or intermediate players.
by Andrew H. on 07/25/2016
"This is a perfect beginner gun, The fps good right out of the box, It seems like it could take some abuse and still keep on truckin.

-Loud and Intimidating A+++++ :D
-C-H-E-A-P (price not construction)
-Comes with everything you need to get started into Airsoft (minus the bb's pay for quality there)
-Customization You can add any scope/laser/forgrip etc. to the rails, Internals are great to start.. Minus the plastic bushings and plastic hop but that's normal for a sub $200 aeg.
-Great Looks, I have some friends who paintball and airsoft and some of their guns look just plain... fake this MK16 looks just like the real thing!
-Mag is highcap (even though I use midcap no-wind's for mine for stealth)

-Battery in the rear hard to remove, It is an ok design but I hate having to have an allen key to remove the battery, I don't charge mine while it's mounted because it heats up.
-Stock comes loose quickly, There are 2 screws that I am constantly tightening to keep the stock tight to the gun, As long as the screws are tight the stays good the entire day, I'm going to look into getting some glue in there so that they stay permanently (I hate to do it but I hate having a loose stock even more)
-Always back-ordered ;( but wellll worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, If you're looking through reviews to find the new AEG for your collection, or just starting out and trying to figure out which gun you are going to make YOUR gun, This is most definitely the one for you!!!!
by Fred D. on 07/25/2016
"this is a extremly well made rifle and it has a good rate of fire and a amazing fps. the only thing i have to say is that even thogh it is amazing i have been waiting over a month and a half for this weapon and i am starting to get annoyed. even though this is bad it doesnt matter its a pre order, this is wat to expect. it is a great gun and i highly recommend it.
by Bradly H. on 07/25/2016
"I'm writing a second review as an uptade to my first. This is a great AEG. I've had this gun for about a year and its still saved my arse too many times. I just went out to the desert and played this weekend and only lost 2 out of 15 rounds. Buy the 5,000 round mag on this and it will lay down hellfire. Has a great RoF with the battery it comes with. FPS is about 390 on mine. 410 out of the box. Like all AEG's, it will have problems, tapper plate, wobbly sights, crappy flash hider. But nothing to get worked up on. I recommend this gun to anybody looking forward to buying it. Also get a smart charger with this, charges battery in 15 minutes.

B-E-A-utiful gun
Great paint job
Great fps
Good rof
Adjustible sights
Barrel extension
Folding stock (pointless if not for storage)
Ampidextrous (im right sided anyway)
Shoots far with right hop up adjustment

Bolts get loose after awile (just tighten with allen wrench)
Dont drop it!
Rubber butt plate falls of easily

You might want to use the foregrip with this cause its fun to
by Josh B. on 07/25/2016
"I really enjoy this gun and personally thinks it's one of the best AEGs out there. It hits hard and has very nice accuracy. I bought a marine edition silencer and a red dot scope all together it was 285 dollars which isn't to bad for all that. I recomend this gun to anyone whos looking for a full metal AEG for under 200 (not including attachments and the what not).
by Josh B. on 07/25/2016
"I really enjoy using this gun, hits hard and is really cheap. I replaced the plastic flash hider with a silencer and added a red dot scope. A great gun for low price and I highly recomend it.
by Spencer G. on 07/25/2016
"This is probraly or however the heck you spell it is the BEST AIRSOFT GUN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.VERY ACCURATE.VERY HIGH FPS AND ROF.IT problaly or however the heck you spell it(I'm Not a good speller)shoots around 10 bbs per second.Semi/automatic.BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!