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FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG - (Package: Gun Only)

77 Customer Reviews

by John K. on 05/28/2017
"Feels sturdy, Very consistent stock. Plans to upgrade, has served me well at 3 games so far, all being about 6 hours long.
by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"extremely good gun, the magazine is garbage just get a mid cap, buy this thing. grab yourself a 10 or 17 dollar midcap and maybe a smaller battery
by Nick Z. on 03/15/2017
"I just bought this gun about a month ago. It's plastic and metal. It's good for a aggressive playing style. My local airsoft field has a max fps of 365 and the P90 hits about 405.

Very High fps. (Pro or Con)
Cheap for most guns.
Great external quality.
Great for CQB.

A bit heavy.
High fps. (Con or Pro)
by Caden M. on 03/06/2017
"This is an exceptionally good weapon on the field. It's very accurate, powerful, and fun to play with. I still have no clue if the barrel is in fact threaded, as I only got it a few months ago. I did unfortunately have to drop a crawler barrel into the gun to lower the fps. It was shooting around 30-40 FPS too high for the outdoor field I go to (The limit is 400 for regular rifles, 500 for snipers and dmrs). However, with a few upgrades, this would make as an exceptional gun and an even better beginner gun.

- Really fun and a unique weapon
- Accurate with an optic other than the iron sights
- High FPS (can be a con)
- Really Sturdy

-The trigger pull can seem a little janky at times
- The iron sights are horrible, and optic is almost needed to perform well
- Magazines are very bulky (a common problem with all p90s tho... and you can buy a box mag conversion kit)
by Dominic F. on 02/09/2017
"I'm updating a review I made a year ago. This gun is fabulous. With a motor upgrade and a few spare mags this thing beats any other gun out there. Mine will shoot as fast as a Polar Star and never fails to impress. Few others have this kind of gun so you will be unique at the field. Batteries last almost 6 hours, so two will be a full day of insane rpm. It is very powerful too, and a M80 spring will put it at 340 fps with .20 gram bbs. Its orange tip is awful but is easily removed (broken) and can be replaced by a new one(14 mm negative). Get yourself a nice red dot sight, laser, and flashlight and no-one will touch you. The best mags are the 100 or 170 round mid-caps and while they are not high-caps they do last a while. The gun has a nice weight to it as all the internals are metal and a fairly comfortable stock- and don't worry, you're not going to shoot yourself in the hand. The only cons I have is that it was hard to find the right spring to make it
by Johnathan A. on 01/06/2017
-It hasnt failed me ever since I got it a few months ago.
-The battery that comes with it fits easily in the compartment(Kinda small)
-The gun has great range
-Rarely misfires

-The FPS is EXTREMELY high( I use it as a sniper rather than SMG)
-The best mags for the gun are low capacity

-This gun is worth the money if you are looking for a solid P90
by Javier M. on 01/03/2017
"Just a great gun! Fps and rof are awesome. But I have a question: is it possible to use a 11.1v lipo instead of the Nimh which it comes with.
by Chris Y. on 12/16/2016
"Picked up this model about eight months ago as a collection piece. A quality replica with a pretty tough polymer body and full metal upper receiver. It's got an excellent weight to it, and the ambidextrous controls are great fun to use.

As a competitive piece, you'll definitely want to put some optics on here. The iron sights are flush with the top rail and are definitely difficult to use if you are wearing eye protection. I had a pair of flip-up Rhino sights in a box so I threw those on, and they don't look too bad. The bullpup design has both tactical and aesthetic value. There's definitely a different feel using a P90 than you'll get using an M4.

Functions great with an 8.4v, even better with a 9.6v. Snappy trigger controls and pull make this a great field option.
Quite good for the price, especially since there aren't many P90 models around at the moment.
by xavier s. on 12/03/2016
"I bought this along side a high end MP5. I have to say, thoroughly surprised and genuinely satisfied with this gun. This, in my opinion, is far superior to the MP5 I bought and is about half the price. Hands down the best gun I've owned for less than $95.

Surprisingly sound internals: 11/10 for this price point

Rugged externals: 8/10 across any price point (hard to do a p90 any better)

Impressive Gun!
by Woodrow C. on 08/25/2016
"This is an enexpectedly nice P90! The finish is a realistic looking matte black. It looks very much like the finish on my real steel FN PS90. The TM and King Arms P90s I have do not look as good, with more of a shiny plastic appearance. It is shooting 350-375 fps with .20s out of the box. The white trades are a bit over the top, as the real steel ones are not white printed, but simply molded in to the stock. They still look ok though. It also feels less creaky than the other two I have. Very nice, solid feel. Hop up is effective.

I am not a big fan of the tri-rail set up, as I prefer the original style receiver and sight configuration, however it is great for allowing any sighting system the user may want to utilize.

So, if you want a P90 aeg that shoots in the 350 fps range with tri-rails for optics and lighting, this is a fine option. Especially since TM is about the only other outfit still making a P90 aeg. This shoots hotter, has a metal receiver, and is less expensive! Win win win!

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Matthew R. on 07/20/2016
"This gun is amazing, no other words to describe it. While the FPS is too hot for the majority of CQB fields that doesn't mean you can't change the spring. This thing with a CQB Spring is a beast on the field, I can take it seeking corners much easier than the average M4/AK as it is only about 20inches in length. If it seems to small don't be deterred as it packs quite a punch. I've been on the giving and receiving end of this and I'd rather be on the giving end. I slapped a sniper scope on it and used it as a DMR completely stock and was killing people from half way across the CQB field. This is a serious power house and it has a beast of a gearbox. I used it with a 7.4 Lipo once and both the trigger response and ROF went up significantly. It does have slight cons though.

-beast of a gun
-accurate as all hell with a .25
-compact and light weight
-easy maneuverability
-amazing stock no need for upgrades

-not enough room for a large type ( If you want to use one of course)
-rail is slightly wobbly but hardly noticeable at all you'll have to forcefully move it to see it wobble

I loved this gun until I eventually sold it and regret it dearly I definitely and getting one again. When I was playing with this at the local field someone even offered me their MASADA for it, an almost $400 gun for one that costs $130!! This gun may be scarce as you won't see it a lot it's still a good gun and I often even got turned heads when people saw it and I was offered both guns and money for it when they saw its performance. This was the staple of my Airsoft armory and I hope it will be again soon. This gun is for people from the beginning airsofters to the pros!
by Timothy L. on 06/30/2016
"I received this beautiful P90 just the other day and I amalready loving everything about it! The quality, build, trademarks, and performance are outstanding! Do not underestimate this P90 just because it is a very compact gun; it has the same range, power, and range as my M4 AEG because this P90 has the same barrel length and it is bullpup design.

What I like the most about this P90 model is the quick spring change system; you can easily swap out the spring in a matter of minutes using just a flat head screw driver. You can easily go from 380-400 FPS (field) to 300-320 FPS (CQB) by purchasing another spring. I only paid $8.50 for another spring on Evike! Not many other guns have this very convenient feature and requires tedious disassembly just to change out the spring.

I recommend getting midcap magazines for this gun because I do not like the hi-cap it comes with (it seems to misfeed sometimes). Finding pouches to fit P90 magazines may also be expensive or difficult to find; also they take up a lot of space so get a chest rig or plate carrier that can accommodate P90 magazine pouches!

I highly recommend this gun due to it's versatility, quality, unique looks, performances, and use of the quick spring change system. I do not regret paying $200 for this gun because it is worth the price and more! I will definitely be using this P90 in many airsoft events and will not consider switching back to my old M4A1 or any other gun for that matter.
by Christian G. on 06/30/2016
Metal upper receiver
Includes 2 midcaps and a 9.6 brick battery
Decent iron sights
Easy to remove gearbox
E90 logo engraved on the lower receiver
Lipo ready
Have no clue how I'm gonna remove the Orange tip
Upper receiver does wobble
9.6 nunchuk barely fits
Hop up is in a weird location
by Brennan G. on 06/30/2016
"This gun I have to say has execeeded my expectations. I have yet ro field it but I picked it up second hand for 60. It is quite comfortable to hold.

+mid caps
+9.6v ( I advise against using tjis without a mosfet as you can not buy trigger contacts for this gun)
+easily removable orange tip
+light weight

-odd hop up placement
-creaky plastic
-my selector switch is loose
by Jason W. on 06/30/2016
"Very great buy for $125. when a product has 90 reviews and is still has five stars, you know it's worth it. it's trigger response is crisp, comes with 2 50rd mags with mock rounds in them that are really cool and feed great. the entire upper receiver is one piece of solid metal. comes with a 9.6 volt battery and the fire rate is decent with that. if you've been eyeing this gun, get it while it's currently on sale for $55 less!