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FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG - (Package: Gun Only)

69 Customer Reviews

by Chris Y. on 12/16/2016
"Picked up this model about eight months ago as a collection piece. A quality replica with a pretty tough polymer body and full metal upper receiver. It's got an excellent weight to it, and the ambidextrous controls are great fun to use.

As a competitive piece, you'll definitely want to put some optics on here. The iron sights are flush with the top rail and are definitely difficult to use if you are wearing eye protection. I had a pair of flip-up Rhino sights in a box so I threw those on, and they don't look too bad. The bullpup design has both tactical and aesthetic value. There's definitely a different feel using a P90 than you'll get using an M4.

Functions great with an 8.4v, even better with a 9.6v. Snappy trigger controls and pull make this a great field option.
Quite good for the price, especially since there aren't many P90 models around at the moment.
by xavier s. on 12/03/2016
"I bought this along side a high end MP5. I have to say, thoroughly surprised and genuinely satisfied with this gun. This, in my opinion, is far superior to the MP5 I bought and is about half the price. Hands down the best gun I've owned for less than $95.

Surprisingly sound internals: 11/10 for this price point

Rugged externals: 8/10 across any price point (hard to do a p90 any better)

Impressive Gun!
by Woodrow C. on 08/25/2016
"This is an enexpectedly nice P90! The finish is a realistic looking matte black. It looks very much like the finish on my real steel FN PS90. The TM and King Arms P90s I have do not look as good, with more of a shiny plastic appearance. It is shooting 350-375 fps with .20s out of the box. The white trades are a bit over the top, as the real steel ones are not white printed, but simply molded in to the stock. They still look ok though. It also feels less creaky than the other two I have. Very nice, solid feel. Hop up is effective.

I am not a big fan of the tri-rail set up, as I prefer the original style receiver and sight configuration, however it is great for allowing any sighting system the user may want to utilize.

So, if you want a P90 aeg that shoots in the 350 fps range with tri-rails for optics and lighting, this is a fine option. Especially since TM is about the only other outfit still making a P90 aeg. This shoots hotter, has a metal receiver, and is less expensive! Win win win!

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Matthew R. on 07/20/2016
"This gun is amazing, no other words to describe it. While the FPS is too hot for the majority of CQB fields that doesn't mean you can't change the spring. This thing with a CQB Spring is a beast on the field, I can take it seeking corners much easier than the average M4/AK as it is only about 20inches in length. If it seems to small don't be deterred as it packs quite a punch. I've been on the giving and receiving end of this and I'd rather be on the giving end. I slapped a sniper scope on it and used it as a DMR completely stock and was killing people from half way across the CQB field. This is a serious power house and it has a beast of a gearbox. I used it with a 7.4 Lipo once and both the trigger response and ROF went up significantly. It does have slight cons though.

-beast of a gun
-accurate as all hell with a .25
-compact and light weight
-easy maneuverability
-amazing stock no need for upgrades

-not enough room for a large type ( If you want to use one of course)
-rail is slightly wobbly but hardly noticeable at all you'll have to forcefully move it to see it wobble

I loved this gun until I eventually sold it and regret it dearly I definitely and getting one again. When I was playing with this at the local field someone even offered me their MASADA for it, an almost $400 gun for one that costs $130!! This gun may be scarce as you won't see it a lot it's still a good gun and I often even got turned heads when people saw it and I was offered both guns and money for it when they saw its performance. This was the staple of my Airsoft armory and I hope it will be again soon. This gun is for people from the beginning airsofters to the pros!
by Timothy L. on 06/30/2016
"I received this beautiful P90 just the other day and I amalready loving everything about it! The quality, build, trademarks, and performance are outstanding! Do not underestimate this P90 just because it is a very compact gun; it has the same range, power, and range as my M4 AEG because this P90 has the same barrel length and it is bullpup design.

What I like the most about this P90 model is the quick spring change system; you can easily swap out the spring in a matter of minutes using just a flat head screw driver. You can easily go from 380-400 FPS (field) to 300-320 FPS (CQB) by purchasing another spring. I only paid $8.50 for another spring on Evike! Not many other guns have this very convenient feature and requires tedious disassembly just to change out the spring.

I recommend getting midcap magazines for this gun because I do not like the hi-cap it comes with (it seems to misfeed sometimes). Finding pouches to fit P90 magazines may also be expensive or difficult to find; also they take up a lot of space so get a chest rig or plate carrier that can accommodate P90 magazine pouches!

I highly recommend this gun due to it's versatility, quality, unique looks, performances, and use of the quick spring change system. I do not regret paying $200 for this gun because it is worth the price and more! I will definitely be using this P90 in many airsoft events and will not consider switching back to my old M4A1 or any other gun for that matter.
by Christian G. on 06/30/2016
Metal upper receiver
Includes 2 midcaps and a 9.6 brick battery
Decent iron sights
Easy to remove gearbox
E90 logo engraved on the lower receiver
Lipo ready
Have no clue how I'm gonna remove the Orange tip
Upper receiver does wobble
9.6 nunchuk barely fits
Hop up is in a weird location
by Brennan G. on 06/30/2016
"This gun I have to say has execeeded my expectations. I have yet ro field it but I picked it up second hand for 60. It is quite comfortable to hold.

+mid caps
+9.6v ( I advise against using tjis without a mosfet as you can not buy trigger contacts for this gun)
+easily removable orange tip
+light weight

-odd hop up placement
-creaky plastic
-my selector switch is loose
by Jason W. on 06/30/2016
"Very great buy for $125. when a product has 90 reviews and is still has five stars, you know it's worth it. it's trigger response is crisp, comes with 2 50rd mags with mock rounds in them that are really cool and feed great. the entire upper receiver is one piece of solid metal. comes with a 9.6 volt battery and the fire rate is decent with that. if you've been eyeing this gun, get it while it's currently on sale for $55 less!
by Peter S. on 06/30/2016
"I've had this thing for about a year, and it's amazing. It's insanely light and really well balanced out. The only problem i ever had with this thing is that the 50 rd mag lasts about 3 seconds going on full auto, but a friend of mine had another mag and i bought it and now i feel invincible with this thing.
by Mike D. on 06/30/2016
"I've had mine for about three years now, and I've never regretted buying this gun. It's fantastic. This was my first over $100 airsoft gun. I suggest if you are just getting into airsoft and considering this weapon, you should get it. It has pretty low maintenance and comes apart without much effort. I got mine for christmas and that day broke the air seal nozzle and had to order a new one. When you field strip it, be careful putting it back together because I smashed the top reciever into the bottom expecting it to go together, but the nozzle got in the way; just beware. Barrel is pretty loose, and the hop system is weak, but for a CQB airsoft rifle, it does exactly what I expected. I use .25g bbs, could probably use .23 or .2, but it's not like it costs a lot more to get .02 grams heavier. The only thing wrong with the gun for beginners, is some of the parts are very different from other guns and this might not teach you everything you need to know about standard airsoft guns. (for instance, the gearbox works the same, but because of the odd trigger placement, works differently than say an m16).

Great ROF
Easy field strip (if it jams)
Fire selector is right under your trigger finger (easy to switch between fire modes quickly)
Very comfortable to hold
Love putting mags in this (sounds and feels cool)

Hard to find something to hold spare mags (normal mag pouches on vests won't hold them)
Can smash the air seal nozzle when putting the two recievers together
Not very accurate past 75 feet
Pretty much whole thing is ABS plastic
by Chris M. on 06/30/2016
"ok first off great gun had mine for about 3 years sold it...then missed it and bought another one XD. over all they are a great gun out of the box great range (for its barrel) great if not amazing for new players. even better for experienced. I run it as a 2nd primarry. if you know what i mean. Iv had mine crono from 350-385 out of the box. after a break-in of about 5,000rnds. The gear boxes are the easiest to work on(personaly.) they are great guns to make into a high rate of fire gun. 25-40rps. yes i have acctualy got one to put out 40rps. PORS: amazing for any skill level, light (but not to light to the point you feel like your ging to break it.) Its evenly ballenced due to its full metal uper reciver. fun/great project guns. CONS: The only thing i can say is that some times after constant play the hop up might move alittle so every now and again you have to re-adjust. the past 5 years iv done it maybe 4 times. the only other con I have is that if you take the Gear Box out alot, ( I do cus I like to clean it out every other game.) you have to mess with the triger bar to get your semi-auto and your full-auto just right. Over all gerat gun and a must for all.
by Karen M. on 06/30/2016
"I've had this gun for roughly 2 years and it was my first aeg besides some crappy 30$ ones, I have to say this is one of the most comfortable and accurate guns out there, and the price is right with echos affordabilty. I also am just a big p90 fan anyway. But this thing is also extremely durable for it's small size, it's been dropped on pavement one time when I was running and my cheap sling broke and once more when I tripped over a stump XD. Here's some pros and cons

Cheap (price)
Came with 9.6v 1200mAh battery
Great rof
Round 350-380fps
Great size for moving round tight corners and trees
Awesome range for a small gun
Only plastic is the lower receiver

Mine did not come with the black flashhider in shown in some videos
My semi auto switch doesn't work all the time but that could be because of old age
Mid caps that come with it run out before ya know it :(

Over all, perfect gun for fast pace players and woodland games as well as beginners and it's hard to find some one else with a p90, so this way u stand out!
by Jared H. on 06/30/2016
"I love how you can fit one of these in a standard issue military backpack and still have room for all your other gear. The FN P90 is one of the most economical designed and effective firearms ever created since Hiram Maxim designed a way to make a automatic firearm.
by Jared H. on 06/30/2016
"This gun is amazing!


Has an extra flashider that is metal
Iron sight is very acurate and your eyes automatically go to the iron sights and line up


the boxmag is Kind of expensive

Overall this gun is extreamily well made
by Bao P. on 06/30/2016
"My very first AEG and it makes a very decent first impression. It has weight. The plastic body feels very solid. My trapdoor that reviews the hop up doesn't close properly though. But it's very hidden and I think this problem is only for my gun. The hop up doesn't change on me during skirmishes so I have no complaints there.

The charging handles are purely cosmetic. However, they aren't smooth when you pull back on them; they sometimes tend to get a little stuck. The sound they make aren't realistic either. But what are you going to do?

The metal upper receiver is very clean and looks very nice. After several skirmishes, however, the paint will begin to scrape off, exposing a metallic silver. The paint is very cheap and it turns out I could scrape it off with my fingernails. It does give your gun a nice, worn out look that I personally like, but there may be several people out there who don't want that. This is important since you will be putting on attachments that may scrape over time. The iron sights are too small and impractical for quick target acquisition.

Performance-wise, this gun is very nice. I've made no modifications and it shoots very accurately for an SMG thanks to its long inner barrel. It's RoF won't be as high as some people may expect, but that could be a blessing in disguise because the low-cap magazines provided hold only 68 rounds. Another note is that the E90 is LOUD. The FPS on this gun is pretty high (350-380 for me), which may be fine if you need to hold your own in a forest. You may have to downgrade your spring if you want to play in a CQB area.

Finally, the magazine. It's aesthetically pleasing with its trademarks and faux bullets. It's never malfunctioned on me yet. The plastic isn't as strong as, say, TM's magazines. They will creak when you squeeze them. There's also a bullet in the magazine that will rattle if you shake it.

For me, this gun gets a 5/5. I didn't pay that much for the E90. This isn't a high end gun, so one shouldn't expect perfection. Despite that, I've never had any problems with the internals. There are no threatening problems with anything else, so I am very, very satisfied.