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Colt Licensed M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle by Classic Army

6 Customer Reviews

by Linda W. on 10/31/2012
"this gun is great i have had it for a while now and hasn't failed me

amazing rof
high fps
heavy duty/ lots of metal parts

the only con i could think of is that its magazine only hold 300 rds but i ordered an extra mag for it that holds 850 rds
by Barb B. on 05/06/2012
"This is a great AEG for those who are starting or are planning to upgrade the gun in the future, I highly recommend that you use .25 bb's or higher because the FPS is pretty hot for .20's. Some parts wobble including the stock and magazine but those are very minor things that can be fixed with different parts or electrical tape. The AEG seems to be a little inaccurate when you first pull it out of the box but that is just the break-in period. Overall the AEG defiantly a good use of your money as it is very good quality.

Very good quality plastic
good rate of fire with stock battery(8.4v 1100m)
heavy (pro or con)

Magazine and stock wobble
heavy (pro or con)
by Ben G. on 12/08/2012
"For the price of this gun it is truly amazing.
I've put javelin/systema/jg/G&G parts into this gun and it's super compatible past Classic Army parts.
Even the Javelin gearbox required nearly 0 modification while on other classic army rifles it's requires heavy modification.
This would be my #1 recommendation for a base gun if your making a custom.


I put an 11.1 LIPO battery and shot 2,000 rounds on Semi and Full auto when this was gun was STOCK.

They werent consecutive but thats still pretty amazing.
This was before any upgraded parts.

The only failure after 2,000 rounds was the motor... though the gearbox sounded as if it would blow up any second.

Conclusion: Great base gun, Dont use with a lipo though. If your making a custom i would recommend getting this.

Note: The barrel of this gun is a special aluminum metal that alone is worth half this gun ($60)

Only problem is the pinion which i had to replace after about 200 shots when i was using my 9.6
by Troy R. on 08/04/2012
great rof
lots of metal parts
nice rail system
good velocity (right out of the box)
metal gerabox

parts ware down easily
plastic receiver
a little wobbly

could use a long tight bore barrel and metal hop up, hope this was helpful
by Jake n. on 02/04/2012
"I bought this gun a couple of weeks before Christmas and it hasn't failed me yet. It is very sturdy, and it will not break during an airsoft war.

Very nice looking
Good accuracy
very realistic

Limited rail space
some parts wobble
by Brandon H. on 05/09/2012
"It is a good overall gun EXEPT that mine had incredibly low FPS. With .20 I got only 295!!!!!!!!!
With low Fps and a good Rof, i can play indoor CQB. Good for just running with friends and shooting around. If you are a real competitive player, buy a G&G M14 EBR.