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Model: AEG-CM035A

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by Lorie F. on 2016-01-05 12:12:32
"This gun works awesome and also looks great! it has really god fps and if you put a 9.6v battery in it the rate of fire really picks up. the only thing I do not like is how big the orange tip is, but that is easily fixed with a re placer. the entire gun is metal and the front hand grip is actual wood. All in all this is a great gun for either indoors or outdoors, and I use it outdoors since I do not live in the city.
by Seth J. on 2016-01-05 12:12:11
"This is probably the most realistic Airsoft gun I've ever had! I just got it today, and put a 9.6 battery in it. Has 420 FPS and is a beast! Everything is metal, so that is a plus! For the price, this is probably one of the best AK's you can get. Ordered some black metal mags for it, and all fit. Very sturdy rifle and would win against my CYMA M-14. If you don't have this, get it before its sold out!
by Victor B. on 2016-01-05 12:11:30
"I've only had this gun for three days now, but I can definitely say that I love it. I played for a few hours with my friends the day I got it, and it outperforms all of their guns in power, range, and even accuracy, and two of them have the Cyma m14's (with the longer barrel). I was extremely impressed with he performance of this gun. I put in a 9.6v battery, and it was unbelievable. My friend was trying to snipe me, and I sprayed on him and it left the biggest bright red welts from like 45ft

-high Fps (around 400 w/ .2's)
-ridiculous rof (can't make out individual bb's when you're listening to them)
-heavy (could be a con)
-folding stock (great for cqb)
-real wood
-decent accuracy
-ALL metal
-real Kalashnikov rail mount
-takes ak47 mags

Mag isn't the best (plastic and wobbly)

So overall, this gun is Outstanding. For this price, it's a steal. I looked all over the web, and evike has the best deal on it. I strongly recommend getting this gun. You will not be disappointed.
by Ben S. on 2016-01-05 12:11:08
"This is an amazing piece of work for such a small package. Only drawback is that this gun does not have blowback as advertised. Still rocks!
by Nathaniel H. on 2015-08-02 23:16:14
"Overall a fantastic rifle. The receiver is solidly built and made out of metal, folding stock is also neat and useful. The furniture is rather decent though the wooden handguard could have been better carved another flaw is the upper hand guard is very wobbly. Internals are good for the price from what I can tell. Range and accuracy are great and it carries adequate muzzle velocity for outdoor play, but you won't want to spray someone up close on full auto.

Metal receiver
Folding stock
Great range, FPS, and accuracy
Small and maneuverable
Good internals
Mostly good externals

Wobbly upper handguard
Wood handguard carved cheaply
by Eric W. on 2015-07-23 10:57:35
"Not a bad gun at all! Solidly built piece, really is decent steel (as opposed to grade F pot metal). Good for anyone looking for a smaller primary or a beefy loaner rig. Played with it several times now (about 7-8 hours of gameplay) and haven't encountered any issues with operation.

-Solidly built. Pretty beefy piece
-Good FPS right out of the box (consistently chronos low 400s)
-Battery is wired to top under dustcover, with male terminal close to pistol grip. The upper space runs the entire length of the gun (even under the forward handguard), meaning that this gun can take ANY size stick. I use a 9.6v 1600 in it, and there is still plenty of room.
-Looks nice and realistic. Sure, this doesn't impact gameplay much. But i like my replicas to at least look the part, unlike some guns (like the guns with rails mounted to scopes mounted to other rails, you know the ones I mean ;) )

-heavier than it initially looks. Not really a con so much as something to be aware of.
-High FPS and short barrel length means that this gun is a little odd, as it were. The high FPS is prohibitive to CQB play in some areas, while the short barrel means it's not as accurate as counterparts it will generally be run against on open fields.

Great gun, great addition to any AK arsenal, and at a price that definitely makes it a fantastic deal.
by Zach G. on 2015-07-23 08:23:21
"I had this gun for about two years now and nothing has broke. The only problem was that the "stain" on the wood grips was more like paint and peeled of easily so I re-did it by sanding the wood down and adding a stain of my choice. It now looks 10 times better and looks more expensive as well. Great gun!!!!!!
by Danelle D. on 2015-07-05 11:30:03
"This gun is amazing! I used it for a while in CQC and it performed wonderfully, People mistook it for a $300+ gun, and personally I feel the same way. Later on I took it out to a one day event at an outdoor field, didn't really have the range to do that though, if you're doing that kind of thing I would definitely recommend getting a longer barreled AK, they're actually about the same price as this one.

*Short (easy to maneuver)
*good FPS for cqc (~330 FPS)
*real wood and metal!
*came with two magazines
*Doesn't come with a battery or charger

Bottom Line: Fantastic CQC gun
by Austin F. on 2015-04-30 18:20:27
"I got this gun about a month ago in a trade and I have to say its actually a really good gun for the price. I traded my Elite force 1911 for this and I don't regret it one bit. Although my ak had some internal upgrades, but not much. I think all they did was shim the gears and add an extended inner barrel. One complaint I have for mine is the front barrel assembly around the flash hider is quite wobbly. Now i'm not sure if this is because I had mine worked on or what but every once in a while my gun will shoot far left because of the barrel wobbling and shifting left. This isn't a big deal to me since this is my backup rifle, but either way i'm not bothered my it at all. One thing that I truly admire about this weapon is the external build quality. With the full metal receivers and the real wood handguards this gun can definatley take some blows. I run a Matrix 9,6 In this gun and my does it have a heck of a ROF. I would say a little bit better than a 7.4 Lipo.

Overall a great gun for beginners or "pro" airsoft players

-Full metal and real wood
-Obviously upgradable
-Very accurate
-Great ROF
-Great for anyone on the field

Non that I have experienced yet
by Jesse J. on 2014-12-20 20:22:32
"This gun is probably the best gun purchase I have ever made!
Good FPS
Good Range
Easy to maneuver with
All metal and real wood
I play against people who use 200-300$ guns and this one can beat them in Range, FPS and maneuverability.

The sling mount jingles when you run (not a big problem if you have a sling or just tape it down)
by Blake V. on 2014-12-14 23:42:08
"Well, This is my first "REAL'" AEG I'm fairly new to the sport, but I'm catching on easily. me personally am a smaller guy so she feels perfect. its a little hard for me to put a sling on her. but it really doesn't really matter, she's about the same weight as most metal guns. she's got a huge hi-capa 450rd-500rd magazine which is very reliable and the mags are about 12$ anyway. she's got a folding skeleton stock which is awesome for CQB and and a awesome wood grip. and a polymer pistol grip. a full-pressed steel body, barrel, and stock. she has great fps and a beefy metal "clang" when you shoot. one thing that is slightly a CON is the metal sling mount on the stock, slaps the stock a lot during movement which is to be expected. as far as bbs go i recommend .20 or .25 gram bbs. she is extremely realistic and everything about her is spot on. i highly recommend this gun as any field out-door game. also very-good for CQB/ indoor-play. all-in-all a very sexy, very good gun.
by Lance C. on 2014-10-01 17:02:42
"For 90 bucks, I got this as a salvage-for-parts/do-weird-things-to-it gun, which is a good thing because the flash hider completely broke off the threaded portion of the barrel during removal.

Unlike CYMA's newer version of this gun, the CM045 (highly recommend btw, stamped steel VFC clone), this CM035 is standard but fairly solid (with exception to above incident) pot metal, just don't abuse it like a real AK and it should be fine. I'm also not a fan of the hollow wood handguard, which is easily the weakest part of the externals.

Again unlike the CM045, this is Marui style, i.e., fake receiver rivets with front assembly attached by 4 screws under the gun. Not good for realism but there are advantages, as it allows for use of the inexpensive AK rail mounts that attach to the two lower-receiver screws and retain iron sights, plus takedown is easier.

I have not cracked open the internals, but early testing has been good. Crisp shots chrono'ing at 400fps. If I weren't stripping it for parts I'd just drop a bucking and tightbore in and shoot it stock until something breaks, which will probably be quite a while.

Overall, for 90 bucks, this is extremely good value. They're probably clearing these out to make way for the 45, but this definitely has its own perks and I'm glad I grabbed one.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 63 reviews)

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