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Licensed Thompson M1A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle by King Arms / CYMA (Metal Receiver / Gearbox)

120 Customer Reviews

by Gary E. on 02/03/2009
"I have this gun and it is a excellent primary or secondary gun. It has a really fast fire rate, like the real thompson and has very good accuracy and range for a AEG. It is all metal and comes with plastic handle parts{ the handgrip, the stock, and barrel grip}, however you can buy wood replacements at airsoftgi. I don't know if it sais, but this gun is made by CYMA, therefore is a very good gun on the outside and inside. I reccomend this gun to any new begginers to airsoft submachineguns. This is certinaly one of the best submachine guns there is. Because my friend has a ICS MP5 and this gun kicks it but internally and externally. Please buy, very good gun!
by kim v. on 01/30/2009
by Taft W. on 01/25/2009
"This gun is by far one of the best AEGs ive ever owned, during battles this is my main weapon of choice this gun has great FPS, has Perfect accuracy, has massive power, and goes far. ive only found a few down sides like the fact its hard to put the clip in without smacking the bottom but i greased the clib and i can just pop it in in the heat of battle Amazing gun!!
by thomas l. on 01/25/2009
"this is the best gun i ever had,its accuracy is great 45 feet,fps is great 426,mag holds 47 but i would get some more clips.awsome gun
by Bryce B. on 01/19/2009
"I just got this gun in the mail and it is by far the best airsoft weapon I have ever owned. The gun really symbolizes that of the real weapon seen in popular World War II movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. The good thing about this gun is that it is very sturdy and the magazine has a tight fit with great feeding into the gun. Almost the whole weapon is metal except for the very sturdy ABS plastic foregrip, grip, and stock. You can buy a wooden kit for the gun but you cant really tell the difference between the plastic it comes with and real wood. The ROF in my opinion is great for a 8.4v its not fast but it simulates that of the actual gun used in combat. This gun has amazing accuracy when using the iron sights and the hop-up system is by far the best I've ever used. The range of the gun actually suprised me alot due to the short barrel it still had a long range and great accuracy. The FPS on the box is said to be around 420 but I think it only shoots around 350-380 and believe me that still packs a punch. I hope this review will help someone in deciding to buy this gun. I know I myself read many reviews before purchasing this gun and I am very satisfied with the value and features of the gun and for $170 you cant beat that deal.

Rating- 5/5
by John G. on 01/16/2009
"I have owned this AEG for a good 3-4 months now, and I must say that I'm equally impressed with the gun now as I was when it first arrived at my house.

LOOK: Okay, this is one of the best things about the gun. It looks amazing. When you pick it up, it's pretty heavy - that's because (apart from the imitation wood grips and stock) the externals of the gun are full metal! The licenses are great, look amazing - the only thing that ruins it is "Made in China" written underneath the ordnance information. Even the magazines are full metal! Even after four months, every time I look at the gun, a feeling of happiness washes over me because I own it. And, even after four months, my friends still get a look of jealousy on their faces when I bring this AEG to matches. Rating: 4.5/5

PERFORMANCE: I was astonished with the accuracy of this gun. For a $170 gun, you're getting accuracy that rivals, and possibly even surpasses, guns made by 'superior' manufacturers like G&G and Tokyo Marui. This gun fires PERFECTLY straight! Evike accidentally sent me the hi-cap magazine instead of the one that's supposed to come with the gun. The mag is pretty large (~400 rounds, though I have yet to count it to the bb!), and I bought a second clip - so you can feel free to be pretty trigger happy and lay down some covering fire for your teammates. The range is equally as impressive, firing further (and straighter!) than my friends' Echo 1 and JG M4s, and even outranging my friend's Classic Army Sportline! The battery, even though it's only 8.4v, will last you enough for an all-day match with pretty good FPS. The ROF is a little on the slow side (only about 700rpm) - but it's actually realistic (the RS Thompson M1A1 has an ROF of about 690rpm). The FPS is very good, I think Evike said it was about 420FPS - I think it's a little lower than 420 (maybe about 380FPS), but it destroyed a Pepsi-Cola Can. Rating: 4.5/5

There are only a few real problems with this gun. First, the hop-up adjustment isn't hidden. This isn't a bad thing, because it won't move if you accidentally touch it, but if you drop the gun (like I did), the hop-up will readjust itself from the impact. Also, if you drop it, the imitation wood and metal will get scratched pretty easily. The standard magazine that comes with the gun is only 47 rounds so you really need to buy the Hi-Cap mag (~$35). Finally, and this is not even really a problem just an inconvenience, is that there is no room in the stock for anything larger than an 8.4v battery, which fits very snugly.

Overall, this gun is amazing for $170. It's a lot better than the Tokyo Marui Thompson, because this one has a higher FPS, a full metal body, and the price-tag only dents your wallet half as much!

Final Rating: 5/5 (Rating is NOT an average.)
by Michael S. on 01/10/2009
"This gun is awesome and so worth the money i got it for Christmas and it works like a charm mine came with a hi-cap mag & u can get extra one for like 30

This gun is awesome
by kim v. on 01/03/2009

Webmaster: Just like Marui it come with standard magazine. You can get the Marui or Softair hi-cap, both 420 rounds.
by Rebecca D. on 12/26/2008
"I Got This gun Today Man O Man This gun is the best ive ever shot it is very very accurate it beat all my freinds by a long shot this is the best gun to get it shoots hard its accurate and its feels like real wood it is vey good quality all metal its great if you need a gun GET THIS ONE!
by kim v. on 12/22/2008


100% AWESOME!!!!!
by Gabriel V. on 12/17/2008
"Yes you can get cheap mags for it:

For the other guy below: a battery can't increase the FPS but it can increase the rate of fire, i would upgrade to 9.6v for starters. Heres 2 that will fit, the more expensive one will last for more shots
by ryan d. on 12/16/2008
"1st this gun is definitely worth the money and for the guy under me yes u can get extra mags and to anyone who wants this gun u should also get a hicap mag also and the flash hider comes off
by Chris a. on 12/08/2008
"I just got this gun today I was shocked. This gun is one of the best guns ive shot. This gun is made solid. The plastic wood looks so realistic and feels like it.
PROS: Great FPS Great Range Great Accuracy Good ROF Sturdy gun Wont break
CONS: Battery is a little annoying to put in
Over all great gun
Just to let you know I recommend to buy a hi cap mag. The Mag it comes with is not High Cap.
I recommend buying it. GREAT DEAL
any questions leave a comment
by Chris a. on 11/25/2008
"What kind of batteries can I get to increase the fps and rate of fire, and also they must fit
by Barb D. on 11/22/2008
"Naw. Soft Air is just the company name. this gun shoots plastic 6mm bbs. since it is a high grade aeg, i would use .20g bbs instead of .12g bbs. shoots straighter and wont break inside the barrel.