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Lancer Tactical AK74U Airsoft AEG Rifle - Imitation Wood

6 Customer Reviews

by Joseph B. on 03/20/2016
"Let me get right to the point, this gun is AWESOME! Especially for the price. Mine was shooting at 400fps when we test fired it at the evike store. I brought it home, and since, have removed the orange tip and fitted it with the Angel custom PSD mock silencer from evike, and replaced the 500rd hi-cap mag with the Matrix 2500rd autofeeding drum mag. Yes, it fits, PERFECTLY! Since the gun is mostly plastic, making it lightweight, adding the full drum mag doesn't make it a pain to carry all day on the field. Very intimidating, I had squads of dudes running when they saw me coming. Only bad side is you can't fold the stock when you have the drum mag is on, but it's way too comfortable using it unfolded. So that cancels out I guess. Great rate of fire, and if you use .25 gram BB's, it'll give you even greater range. I was able to keep a whole side of a field suppressed while my squad constantly advanced. I also wrapped mine with the Element snow camo tape, looks so dope! Mine was shooting at around 385fps with .25's btw. Again, this gun is awesome, and for the price, you really can't beat it. I would highly recommend this gun to beginners and advanced players.

-good to go right out of the box
-comes with a nice battery
-easily adjustable hop up

-plastic charging handle breaks
off easily, but gives it a sleeker look
-very limited space for your battery
by Morten N. on 06/10/2014
"This AK74u by lancer tactical surprised me, with all the reviews beating down on it, i thought i should give it a try.

SHOOTS HARD and straight, very accurate as well.
ROF is good for an 8.4v battery (i don't recommend any higher voltage of battery for this gun)
Heavy for its build material, the weight is amazing, light weight, but yet it has some weight to add to that realistic feel.
The abs plastic Imitation wood handguard looks very nice and sort of realistic, you can't really tell its plastic until you go up real close to it.
Hopup is quite nice to adjust, unlike my Kalash ak74u it is not stiff, its smooth and easy to adjust.

No front sight adjustment tool (not sure if they are adjustable either)
Plastic, of course this is a con when i have my ak74u kalash which is full metal, although i feel this abs plastic body is quite sturdy, i still love the heavy weight and feel of a metal gun though.
Rear sight is stiff to flip, and is plastic, might break on me soon.
Battery space, the battery space is quite small , you can fit an 8.6v battery in there, but that is already a tight squeeze. As said i do only recommend an 8.4v battery for this gun.

Overall this is a great gun, for outdoors this gun is outstanding, but a little hot for CQB.
5/5, recommend this to a friend? YES!
by brandon c. on 04/18/2014
"awesome gun has a decent fire rate and shoots about 60
yds and it hurts like HECK. buy this my friends fear me hahahaha :) BUY THIS
by Christos G. on 07/21/2016
"Its a nice gun for the price, but I had a few issues.


Battery is hard to fit in
Pistol grip fell off so I had to glue it back on

I would recommend this gun to beginners, as it shoots nice and is cheap.
by Andrew B. on 11/19/2014
"I got the wood version. And mine did not come with the massive orange nozzle as advertised. It was the same orange tip as the railed version. Weird. But it was in no way a con.

Initially, when I first got my hands on the gun, the magazine had trouble feeding. I then realized this way because I didn't wind the magazine enough (this was my first AEG). And after that the mag fed great. One other problem I ran into, was that sometime when firing, the trigger would simply stop responding, and not firing. It was an easy fix however, by just setting the gun to safety, and switching it back, it worked.

Despite its problems, I still really like this gun. It shoots hard and far.

-Incredible FPS
-Sturdy Build (Despite the fact it's made of plastic)
-Magazine holds 500 Rds

-It took me 3 hours to finally fit the battery in place. There is very little space for the battery.
-Trigger sometimes stops responding (rarely)
-Magazine sometimes misfeeds
-The battery compartment cover is very flimsy, and feels like it might snap.
by Stephanie L. on 04/16/2016
"Be very careful. If your field requires you to shoot 400 fps or lower you may not want to get this gun. Mine shoot 418 fps and I was unable to use it at my local field not sure if this is common or if I just got a really powerful gun.