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Bravo AK74U Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gearbox by Echo1

10 Customer Reviews

by jacob j. on 01/11/2016
"I have this gun and its a very good gun for its price. Everything holds up like it should. I'm really impressed with the polymer stock, it holds up better than a metal stock. The gun is very lightweight so it makes it very easy to move around. Even holds up against the competition out there.

-easy to use
-metal internals and gearbox
-worth your money

-battery stick compartment is a pain but once you get use to it you'll get the hang of it.
by Andrew D. on 10/01/2015
"Upon further review and fielding of the gun, I have decided to retract my previous statement. The only kind of magazine that does not fit are those made by matrix, which were plagued by other problems as well. The externals have held up wonderfully, even though they are made of plastic. The internals are of solid quality, and being echo 1 are made above the average line. Nothing is wrong with this gun, and I am actually impressed with my purchase. For $85, it is quite a steal. This is a great starter weapon for new airsofters and those looking to get into the platform.
by Michael R. on 01/23/2014
"this ak74u is a good beginner airsoft gun
nice weight
good rps
looks cool
no troublr with mag
big orange tip
cheap plastic
but otherwise a great gun
by nolan b. on 12/18/2013
"Its a pretty good gun I like the stock and but.
It is full metal
by Jason R. on 07/03/2016
"Has a solid build, feels nice, and the folding stock is very durable. It shoots around 370fps right out of the box. Great beginner gun. The battery that it comes with is nice but I would recommend buying a 9.6v battery along with a smart charger because the charger I got was broken. Would recommend for entry level players
by Ian K. on 04/14/2016
"Let me start off by saying this gun is REALLY good for the price.
Pros :
Incredibly accurate
High FPS
No trigger delay
Easy to put in the battery
Comes with battery, charger, and unjamming rod
Cons :
a lot of plastic
Changing to semi-auto sometimes doesn't click in
Huge and ugly orange tip
Mag is below average
Sometimes won't fire if battery is low

Overall, This is a good gun for the price, but I would say saving up your cash is the best idea to buy a gun around $200 or over to get a gun with more pros and can be more reliable.
by aidan r. on 04/13/2016
"Pros: solid build with an amazingly solid stock, no wobble at all. pretty powerful for the price and consistent shooting. Magazines don't have the wobble like you see in a lot of AK's. With the folding stock it can be stored pretty much anywhere which is useful. Solid charging handle which will take a lot more abuse than most M4's

Cons: The top cover is brittle and likes to crack, and is nearly impossible to remove. Although AK rail mounts fit on they clash with the rear sights so they won't stay on. The front sight can fall of if you knock the gun and the whole front assembly is a complete pain to try and disassemble.

Overall: solid gun with good accuracy and great power, definitely gets the job done without breaking the bank. Although if you like modding your gun this isn't a great choice, I would still recommend this gun.
by chase c. on 03/27/2016
"i bought the boneyard version of this, but i could tell nothing changed from the first customer to me, it looks pretty solid. the only bad part is it is kind of a pain to get to the gearbox. the internals are okay, except the piston, it would suggest get a new one. and the wire on mine to the connectors came loose but that could have happened because of the owner so no blame on evike. i havnt completely fixed it yet, but other than the piston problem it looks and feels solid
by Alex O. on 11/11/2015
"OK starter gun.
Pros: $85
metal gearbox
comes with battery
shoots pretty hard (380 fps)
thats about it

cons: All plastic besides selector switch, screws, and trigger guard
no threads on barrel (very hard to remove flash hider)
Lightweight (pro to some)
hop up is not very good
Gearbox locks up easily on a low battery
Big Orange plastic flash hider

Spend an extra $20-$30 on a metal CYMA.
by Kevin J. on 05/18/2013
"I love this gun, just got it and did some shooting, just because its not full metal doesn't mean its not solid. the gun is lightweight but still has some heft to it aind it shoots a little high with .2s so id recommend using .25s however its battery space is too small to fit a 9.6 volt battery and the button you push to fold the stock gets stuck in the open position sometimes. its a little annoying but its not that bad. the sling mounts and magazine well are very solid and the mag that comes with this gun and the mid caps I bought didn't rattle at all. it also shoots hard, I took a tin can and stepped back about 20 feet give or take and it shredded it.
light but solid
realistic feel
shoots hard
no mag rattle
rail for mounting sights comfortable
big orange tip
button for folding stock gets stuck open sometimes(annoying but not bad)
shoots high with .2s(use .25s)
cant fit 9.6 volt battery
overall I would highly recommend this gun. its solid its accurate its light and its cheap
great for beginners