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Lancer Tactical M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Mason W. on 07/08/2017
"This is a really good gun and I definitely recommend it. Very accurate
by malcolm w. on 05/08/2017
"Probably the best gun at this price point! Does everything I want it to plus more, it's constructed very well and it's light but not too light plus there is no wobble in the recover even after a month of play or so. This gun competes with gun wayyyy above its price range and I'm lookin toward to modding mine out.
by Hunter L. on 01/06/2017
"I bought this about 7-8 months ago and still have it. It's amazing if you're okay with it being plastic and the minor issues that follow. I upgraded it with a Prowin hop up, maple leaf bucking and angel custom nub (All found on here) as well as I put in a Matrix Magnum Motor (found on here too) and ran a 9.6v NiMH and LiPo. With those upgrades, a total of 80ish dollars it had served me well at all the games I've been to with no major problems and competed with Polarstars and whatever else anyone had, it's been bragged upon for its weight and performance. Stock, it isn't something you wanna use for a period of months but upgrading it will give you the perfect weapon.

Pros:Lightweight (may be a con if you like heavier guns)
Performs well (even stock before I upgraded it)
Durable? 😂 I've ran into trees, fell on it, dropped it and anything else countless times and it has no dents or other issues, maybe I'm just lucky.
Reliable, AS LONG AS you treat it well and don't be stupid with it such as putting too high of voltage battery in it or doing nothing but full auto-ing.

Cons:Certain plastic pieces (or maybe all plastic to some people) It has a metal front sling mount but the back one is plastic and has broke on me. (I fixed that with a tight loop of 550 cord)
Whole front end is a little wobbly, fixed that by tightening a screw and rigging it but it's still not the best however I don't really use attachments so it doesn't bother me.

Definitely worth it whether you're just getting into the sport, looking for a gun to tech on or just to have a new gun to build on.
by Asra Razzaque Z. on 06/30/2016
"Three things make this 400 fps AEG rifle so unique:
The price
The FPS (velocity)

This gun has been dropped repeatedly by my, along with its magazine being dropped even more, and nothing has happened. I have brought this gun to various airsoft wars against guns with insane fire rates and above average fps, and this gun preforms perfectly as if is was no different (well, it will realistically be less better than extremely expensive guns).

To tell people who are curious about what comes out of the box, there is a battery which I believe is completely fine (even if it is called a test battery), but I do however recommend purchasing a Valken smart charger which works fine with this gun even if it already has a charger. This gun comes with an unjamming rod, grip, charger, sling (which I think is too small) and 8.6 volt battery.

Amazing gun with phenomenal fps. BUY THIS ONE!!!!
by Jack J. on 04/03/2016
"This gun is exactly what I wanted, so that is why I gave it 5 stars. there are some minor problems, but they are rare and aren't that big. I am a beginner airsofter, and this seems like a great gun!

-decent rate of fire
-good accuracy
-pretty tough and well made (even though it is not metal)
-low cost
-comes with battery, charger, sling, grip, rail covers, and unjamming rod
-lots of rail space

-slight misfeeding problem (rare and not a big problem, fires great)
-slightly wobbly rear sight, but you just adjust it and it is back to normal

Overall: Great gun for the price, would recommend this for a beginner. Happy airsofting!
by Colin S. on 11/27/2015
"I have had this gun for about five months now, no problems at all. The only thing I was worried about was the fore grip that came with it was hard to attach and remove. The gun's FPS definitely is at least 370, if not more. No problems other than the fore grip. I would recommend this gun as a starter gun.
by Hudson G. on 05/06/2017
"Great gun for the price comes with a sling, bbs, and has very good range. The only problem I've found is that for some reason it won't feed at semi and i switch it to full and it is amazing. Other than that this is a very good gun and is very affordable for what you get.
by Frank A. on 03/31/2017
"This gun is a great beginner gun. Internals are decents and so are the externals. It did chrono over 400fps out of the box but settles in at 370fps. Overall a good gun to test the waters in airsoft. Im making mine into a custom gun.
by Tim F. on 07/16/2016
"OK so after having this gun out in the field I can finally write a review. For starters my gun chronoed at 420 consistently! With .20g bbs. So it exceeded the fields limit and I had to have it locked in semi auto to classify as a dmr. Now yes the body itself is plastic. Almost everything is plastic. The parts that are. It are the inner and outer barrels, and the gear box of course. But the plastic is pretty durable. I put a few hundred rounds threw it in my backyard with out issue. When I was at the field and failed chrono I ended up shooting 3 hi cap mags threw it consistently to try and wear down the spring. Handle got a little hot but kept firing and still put 420 out. So after getting it locked in semi for the match I proceded to play all day, about 5-6 hours straight of constant semi auto fire at a hi rate and it did a darn good job. Except for one issue. Near the end of the day the gun locked up. I took it to the on field tech and all he did was remove the semi lock switched it to full auto and boom started firing again no issues. Other than that it was worked fine. It even fired fine with some cheap mid caps I bought off ebay. Honestly if you want something cheap and decent I would recommend it. Is it the best ? No. Would I use it every weekend as a hardcore played ? No. But for something occasionally I would say yes.
by Larson H. on 01/24/2017
"This gun is decent, and it was my fist gun. For 96 bucks, you get what you pay for. It has had some jams and feeding issues, which somehow fixed themselves. This gun was accurate out of the box and I didn't even need to adjust the hop up.

- Accurate
- Comes w/ battery and charger
- Rail Space

- Jams
- feeding issues
- All plastic

Overall, it's decencant you absolutely can't spend any more than 100 bucks. However, I would recommend something like a G&G Combat Machine over this any day. Other than that extreme budget, I probably wouldn't recommend this.
by Troy W. on 07/05/2016
"Great externals for the price you pay still working but trigger response is really slow feels like it night not cycle, full auto is fast enough, cheap charging handle/dust cover (NOTE ITS A $100 GUN) Comes with a sling, 2 rail covers, fore grip, charger, and battery very little wobble all around would recommend on a super tight budget
by Jack V. on 09/30/2015
"I got this gun about a year ago, it broke 3 times already (and no I don't recklessly handle it). But overall this is a good starting gun or lightly used gun. The accurate range is about 90-120 ft.

1. The upper receiver's 1st pin lock snapped in half, but I fixed it with some gorilla glue (I don't recommend this because now the magazine doesn't feed into the bucking correctly)

2. The dust cover door lock broke (not that important, but still a little disappointing)

3. The sling points on the front of the buffer tube snapped off (not surprised, they r made of abs plastic).

- cheap, decent beginner gun
- not quite as durable as I would like
- 75% abs plastic
by Christian R. on 12/06/2016
"Internals- honestly not terrible. They do their job. the trigger response is crap and the rps is around 10-15. I put in a 9.6v battery and it ran so much smoother. The compression isn't the greatest but it's enough to spit out a bb. Shoots fairly hard but very inaccurate

Externals- high strength polymer? NOT AT ALL. The lower receiver snapped in half the first time I dropped it. The stock is super wobbly and part of the rail on the handguard chipped off

Although there are a lot of things wrong with it, it is all you need to get into airsoft if u aren't too rough with it
by Phillip N. on 08/11/2015
"I would not buy this product unless you are looking for a temporary gun. (temporary meaning a matter of a few weeks) My gun developed a feeding issue after about 5-6 days of use. (I bought this at the end of May but went on vacation 2 days after it arrived. I arrived at home around the end of July; I used the gun until it stopped properly feeding about 4 days after coming home). The gun cycles properly, pulling back the piston and releasing it, firing a burst of air. The issue is in the air nozzle that reciprocates back and forth allowing one BB to be pushed up into the chamber and fired, however, the nozzle on my rifle does not come back all the way, and a BB can not enter the chamber. This happens every other shot or every 2 out of 3 shots at a constant failure rate, which confuses me as to what the origin of the problem is. The issue seems to slightly correct itself when the gun is fired at full auto for a longer burst (5+ seconds). Recently though a new issue has presented itself, in which the bb is not firing at the power it used to, making me think that the air nozzle may not be coming forward all the way and may not be sealing against the breach of the barrel. Please take this into consideration before purchasing this product. Please note I have not made any modifications to the gun to try and counter these presented issues. The only adjustments I have made are movement of the hop up and adjustment of the motor as the instruction manual told me to do if the gears were making a grinding noise ( which they were).