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APS Full Metal M4 CQB Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock (Newest Version)

15 Customer Reviews

by Chase D. on 05/16/2017
"I love this gun! It's a great addition to any airsoft players arsenal. My only complaint is that the orange tip is off center and crooked. It doesn't effect the shooting it's just funny looking.
by Alex g. on 01/17/2017
"I have had tbjs gun for one month and it's been great. First few things I noticed is that the brown/ cooper colored switches in the picture are actually black which I prefer. And it came with a polymer magazine rather than a metal one which I was hoping. But it works fine and seems of good quality. There are some slight feeding issues where the gun won't feed with almost half the mag still with bbs in it. But that just means winding it up more often. And I'll be getting a new magazine. Some people say their battery is in the crane stock but mine came wired to he hand guard which can be a pain to get in. But just get a good quality battery that holds its charge or a smaller battery. The gun is full metal. The only polymer is the pistol grip and the stock which has a nice rubber butt on it. The gun is loud and sounds metallic and is very nice. There is some wobble in the stock which I don't mind. The gun is easy and simple to take apart and operate for beginners. The fuse did blow in it after a week but I replaced it no problem and have had no problem. Fuses are fairly cheap I suggest getting back ups. Overall I love this gun. You absolutely can not go wrong for the price. Most aegs of this quality are upwards of $200. And I got mine when it was on sale for $140.

Pros: full metal exterior and gearbox
Sturdy and accurate
Blowback feels nice
Gun is very adjustable and customizable for play style
Pretty much everything is amazing besides the few cons
Cons: fuse blew
Stock wobble
Magazine feeding issues
by Angel M. on 12/25/2016
"Great rifle! It works very well.
by Michael G. on 09/06/2016
"I owned this rifle for now about 5 months and have taken it to many fields in airsoft and I must say, it is really a great gun overall. Especially for the price it goes for. I use a 9.6 valken battery and has a nice rate of fire. The FPS is amazing as once I was settled with 380 FPS. It's also great that I was able to change the spring to increase my FPS to a nice solid 400. The only con I can say about the rifle is how loud the blowback can be. At the same time, it can also be intimidating to other players. I would actually buy another rifle from this company again and possibly looking forward to the shorter barrel CQB carbine.
by Brandon D. on 02/28/2016
"Really good rifle.
I've had this rifle for over a year now. It has done a great job and been in many cqb battles. I recommend using a Valken 9.6v, it's a beast.
Full Metal
Really durable (been dropped at more than 5 feet)
Really loud (can be a con)
Really nice feel to it
Has a nice weight to it
Motor heats up fast
Battery goes in the stock
That's about it really
Overall this is a good rifle and I recommend it for any beginner or seasoned airsofter. It has a nice RoF, for me it's 12 bb's per second and the fps is around 350-380 on a full charged battery.
I hope this review helped!
by Corey W. on 05/27/2015
"This gun is built fairly well, for the price I am not sure it can be beat. But, you must by a new hop up as soon as you can the one it comes with is very cheap. I disabled the blowback on mine by grinding the 2 tabs off of the slide. I really beat this gun up and it kept on churning but the hop up started to adjust itself which was terrible.

Looks good, Feels good
Is accurate to 12" groups at 100' (if the hop up stays adjusted)
Comes with a nice steel barrel, not sure what diameter it is.
Tough outer barrel and receiver

Crane stock is not functional, batteries go in the hand guard
Batteries are a pain to get in, they will fit better in the top half of the hand gaurd.
Magazines wobble a bit in the well but it hasn't cause me any problems
Motor heats up pretty fast.

Overall a very high value product especially if you are planning on upgrading your hop up.
by Abe A. on 10/24/2012
"this gun is AMAZING. ive had it for bout 6months and brought into bout 5 battles and ive no bad luck. it has great accuracy, tight grouping, fast rate of fire and just sooo much more! way better than my old scar h. i recommend this gun to anyone. beginniner or veteran. its such a great deal. i wouldnt pass it up!
by tracy f. on 12/18/2011
"great gun i had won and getting another accurate,great for cqb wars,recommend gun to any beginners,also you should try to get battery box for the rail,over all just a decent great gun!
by Steve S. on 12/05/2011
"Great gun. Very accurate and lighter than other AEG full metal guns. I recomend buying a battery box to mount on the side because the nunchuck batteries can be tricky to install. I also recomend buying a 9.6 1600 mAH battery (One battery lasted me all day), a sling, and a red dot sight. This gun is very very good and outperforms other guns on the field.

Shoots about 340 fps with .25g bbs with a 9.6 battery. And about 15-17 for a rof with a 9.6 battery.

Overall, This is a great gun for people just getting into Airsoft or for the skilled verterans on the field.
by Derick J. on 02/22/2011
"Purchased this rifle two weeks prior to this review. Shipping issues caused my battery to be late however here I am to give you the first review on this specific model.

Opening the box:

This AEG came in a generic cardboard box, the usual type of box for a clone type weapon. heck Magpul PTS's come in a worse looking box. In the box you receive a metal highcap magazine, un-jamming rod, the weapon; 500 bbs and directions. It is all packed pretty tightly which all in all seems to keep the weapon safe during shipping.

Going over the weapon:

I removed it from the packaging only to get a smile on my face when I felt the weight. Completely surprised me that a sub 300.00 weapon felt this good and solid. No loose parts, the stock slid in each position smoothly and it is truly full metal minus the stock,flash hider and some of the parts in the gearbox/hop-up. You will love the weight. It really feels solid especially for a 200.00 weapon [ now 180.00 which is a steal considering I have seen it advertised for 250.00 ]

Test firing:

The weapon is rated for a 9.6v which all in all feels perfect for it. The battery is pretty easy to get in and out of the front hand-grip with the spring loaded retention ring. ROF is very good for a stock AEG, the EBB will make your eyes widen as it gives a slight jerk to it adding to the realism factor. I chose to use .25 Matrix Precision BBs for my test fire. Placed a few soda cans about 100 feet from my chosen position. it is spot on accuracy wise with proper hop-up adjustment. BEWARE though, the FPS seems a little low in the advertisement even with .25s. I noticed many broken BBs which leads to me to believe upon impact they shattered.


For someone like me who is just getting into airsoft I think this weapon is perfect. The price is spot on followed by the quality to match. a solid 9.6v battery, smart charger, mask, goggles,5000 rounds of ammo and extra clips only cost me 350.00. With that kind of price anyone can find a decent weapon and extras with a low budget; be able to play right away and enjoy themselves.

I recommend this AEG to anyone getting into airsoft or those who are already deep into the game and want a decent M4 at a solid price without breaking the bank. toss in a 6.03 tight bore barrel, some gearbox shimming and this gun can keep up with the best of them.

- some guy new to airsoft.
by Marty G. on 01/19/2018
"I bought this gun as a beginner tech project gun, as it was relatively affordable and I was looking for something with a full metal body with RIS.


The Box - It was packaged decently, arrived in a nice APS cardboard box with a plastic handle, so if you don't own a gun bag yet, you can still take it to the field while not carrying it around in the open.

First Impressions - It felt solid from the barrel down to the buffer tube. The crane stock wobbles and does not have the capability to house a crane-stock-type (nunchuck) battery, if you plan to wire to the rear. I was, however, impressed with how solid the RIS rails were. Zero Wobble on my gun. The delta-ring is an actual star type delta-ring, so I recomend getting a delta-ring wrench, if you intend to do any maintaining involving its removal. The listing says that the outer barrel muzzle thread is 14mm pos (+), but mine came in 14mm neg (-). I don't know if APS does both to some guns or not.

The Rails - Sturdily mounted, they exhibit no wobble, which made for a nice mounting option for my m203, as opposed to barrel mounting it. Since this gun is front wired, you have to mount your battery up front. I tried getting my Matrix Butterfly-Type 9.6v 1600mah NiHm battery to fit inside the rails, but no considerable luck. I soon bought a large mock PEQ-box to house my batteries.

The Bolt Catch - I had never owned an airsoft aeg with a functional bolt catch, and I was suprised to see it featured on this aeg. However, it is a bit jenky, and you have to manually pull the bolt catch lever from the top (while you pull the charging handle) to engage the lever into the bolt catch notch on the immitation bolt.

The FPS - When I first chrono'd it (using a 9.6v Butterfly-Type Batt), it was shooting a consistent 399-400FPS (field reg is 350FPS). Luckily, this gearbox has a quick change spring (qcs) feature!

Electric Blowback - is cool, and sounds awesome, extra friction and pressure on the piston is not, so APS have made the immitation bolt easy to disable, or remove. If you remove the imitation bolt, your charging handle will wobble/possibly fall out.

The 370mm Stainless Steel Inner Barrel - is crowned well, and the polished finish was immaculate. It came with 2 o-rings on the end to help reduce barrel wobble. A nice touch. The Hop-up is decent, and impressed me, as I seldom ever had to touch it after adjusting it the first time.


The QCS - feature makes gearbox assembly/disassembly much less of a hastle, as opposed to a non-qcs gearbox.

The Cylinder - is polished well, and the stock Piston provides a decent airseal, helping to provide that consistent 399-400FPS. Although, the stock Piston does not have full-metal teeth.

The Gears - didn't really come shimmed well but, this is an easy fix if, you put the time into it. I didn't have the stock Gears installed for very long, so I couldn't tell you if they were relible enough to take an 11.1v Lipo with the stock Spring for very long or not.

The Gearbox Shell - is a little cluttered with gear walls and such, but does have wire clearance for 16AWG wire, if you plan to rewire. It does not come radius'ed or anything. The polishing is OK, but it could be made much better, if you put the time, money, tools, and effort into it. The grease that was applied from the factory is pretty gross, but that's a typical thing to see. Cleaning the shell and regreasing with Silocone grease is a simple remedy.

The Motor - was lackluster, in my opinion. The magnets were not as strong as I would've liked, and it provided an OK stock rof out of the box. I'd say TPA in the 14-16 range, if I had to guess.

The Cylinder Head Nozzle - were well sealed. The Cylinder Head is polymer, with what looked like a 3/8in (maybe thinner) layer of ringed sorbo-pad, to reduce piston damage.
by Sean P. on 03/14/2016
"Love the gun! I've had it for about a month or two, used it 4 times in matches.

- Accurate
- Durable
- Full Metal
- Realistic Weight (can be a con)

- Rail is a little wobbly (Doesn't bother me)
- Battery compartment is small, hard to fit wiring.
- Gearbox overheats fast
- Fuse blew after first day (strongly recommend grabbing a spare, or better one)

Overall I'm satisfied with the gun, although I highly recommend using careful shots because of its heat. The fuse blew after the first day (I could have fired wrongly) and just be careful how you treat the wiring inside this tiny battery compartment.
by Samantha T. on 06/05/2015
"Love this gun... Bought it on sale a few months ago and have been runnning an 11.1 on it ever since. Overall its very solid and def. Worth the price. I do not have a working crono but ordered one yesterday.

Rof (really high for stock gun (11.1))
Good solid fps (I'll update when the crono comes)
Quick change spring (can't open gearbox)
Very solid reciever
Nice stock w/ metal buffer tube
Must have a nice gearbox cuz it hasn't broke (use every weekend)

Small battery comp.
Can't open gun up because the motor is stuck (anyone know?)

Overall it is a great gun. No problems in 5 months on stock gearbox and 11.1. Play every weekend and only Put a new bucking and nub in the day I got it. Competes with my sig 552 imoriginally payed 300 for and another 200 in upgrades.
by Samantha T. on 02/08/2015
"Love this gun! Im running a 11.1 on it and have no problems! I usually run my guns into the ground with in a week a upgrade the internals but this one is holding up great! Wanted to clean shim and examine the gearbox but couldn't get the motor out. Would have giiven it a 5/5 if not for the motor!
by scott w. on 02/05/2012
"The externals one this gun are amazing and full metal but the mag well wobbles a lot that every now and then cause feeding problems and the bolt catch is not reliable good fps for cqb and the stock is one sexy beast but don't go to long on full auto because the blow-back but overall a great g reliable gun.
-a semi experienced player