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BE SWAT CQB Replica Metal Gear Box AUG A.E.G. PKG.

8 Customer Reviews

by janet m. on 10/01/2008
and it is sooo siick it feels soo real
its heavy and very solid

the scope sucks because its fake
the grip is really wobbly and lame but you can fold it and out of the way
the sights that come with the gun are just fine

i defintly recommend this gun
its cheap but you still get the metal gear box and the solid feel

by Cindy H. on 09/13/2008
"srry forgot are the externals compatable??????????????????????????????????
by Cindy H. on 09/13/2008
"couple of Qs what type gearbox is it?is it compatable with other brands and can i upgrade the motor?what type of motor is small or large pls respn
by chris a. on 10/01/2008
"good gun but if you really want somthing long lasting save your money cause it will break but you can take this completly without tuchin the screws witch is sick nasty and its really heavy.
by Anthony P. on 08/04/2008
"For Sixty Dollars this is a very good deal. Overall the gun is very solid and well put together. Its has a Metal Gearbox so it is better and more reliable then an LPEG. It Shoots 300 FPS ad it has a good Rate Of Fire so it is a good CQB weapon. The Only Cons Of This gun are the crappy scope that is comes with and the cheap plastic sights. The Orange tip look a little awkward on the gun but it's no a big deal. Overall a Great gun.
by chris a. on 07/31/2008
"excellent gun easy to upgrade it was my first gun from evike .com and i say its amazing because my friend has a gun with the same fps but 100 dollers more! the only problem with this gu is sometimes the bbs dont feed into the chamber and you kinda have to shake it around a little evike rules all you othr sites stink!!!!!!!!!
by Brendan M. on 07/31/2008
"eh...ive used and played alongside this gun, and we usually use it as a last-resort loaner. The price is decent to say the best, and BE isnt known for making high quality guns. What flaws this gun the most is its body. The front grip snaps off quite easily and the body breaks just as easy. The loaner that a buddy of mine was using had 2 huge cracks down the back of the gun and the gun was only a few months old. This gun is a good starter gun, but after that, just dont bother.
by William m. on 05/16/2008
"This gun has an ok finish the outside is mostly hard plastic witch can get scratched easily. The fake scope is easily broken. When we removed the fake scope to add a real one all the lenses shattered. This gun is a heavy weighted gun that weighs about 2220g. This gun has a full metal gearbox witch most Matrix (Not the real manufacture evike markets this gun as matrix) guns from do. This gun shoots very accurate thanks to the hopup system, and shoots about 300 FPS (Feet per second).

Recommended accessories:

1. Real scope.

2. Smaller Scope Rings (not sure what size).

3. Extra Magazine.

Pros & Cons / Rating:


1. full metal gear box

2. 330 round magazine

3. 300 Fps

4. short barrel

5. Bullpup design makes it easy to maneuver

6. good cqb weapon


1. Plastic exterior

2. approximately 60 90 foot range


1. Overall: 7 / 10

2. Body: 7 / 10

3. Gearbox & motor: 8/ 10

4. accuracy: 6/ 10