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H&K HK416 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle Package by Umarex

19 Customer Reviews

by Bryce S. on 12/26/2016
"This is a great gun, I myself am a very new airsofter that wanted a gun to get out there and play with my friends with, this gun is amazing and came with an 8.4 Volt Nunchuck Battery. I ordered it and looked at the reviews and was really scared of the terrible results I might have gotten out of the gun, but in the end this gun is amazing which proves sometimes you can't trust reviews, you just have to order it and check it out for yourself...
by erika k. on 10/17/2016
"This gun fires great, is sturdy and I am not afraid it'll break anytime soon. It ranks along side my lancer tactical m4ris
by Isaac P. on 09/24/2016
"Great fun for beginners it last about a year which if you love the sport you would have already gotten another airsoft gun by the time it breaks
by Andrew W. on 12/24/2014
"this gun is a mazing and everyone who buys it should put a lipo in it
by Marylynne S. on 06/15/2014
"The gun is literally amazing for its price and is a great starter gun. I suggest that you do get a sight for it though. Also m4 mags don't work so don't try.

Works well for what you paid for
Comes with battery and charger
Awesome for starters
Comes with gun sling
The default mag is retarded at times
Can't fit m4 mags or any other mags I can find
Can't upgrade the gearbox it's a custom fitted plastic one
Don't known what magazine it takes
by Nolan H. on 01/29/2014
"This gun is an all plastic gun that DOES NOT take M4 mags. I bought 2 mags for it first I ordered was a flash mag it went in but did not clip. I also ordered a camo m4 mag it would not go in.

this gun comes with a 7.2 volt battery buy a 9.6 volt battery.

In the end I am happy I purchased this because it is fun to play with.

also the gearbox is plastic.

Great job evike on selling an affordability gun that is not bad.
by Patrick H. on 01/21/2013
"Like William said, and I quote, "Seems like a plastic gearbox." It is a plastic gear. He also hit the main points with his pro and con list. I do have something to add though... Another pro is that it does accept Pmags and all other m4/m16 style mags. A con how ever the motor has a HIGH POSIBILITY of siezing up, happened to me with my first one, but that was a bad egg.
Love the gun I give it a 9/10
by William G. on 12/26/2012
"ok so first off I've had this rifle since November, got it to just go play at a friends house. First things first weight of the rifle leaves a lot to be desired, the gear box is ok, and its nice because it uses M4/M16 mags. Did i make a mistake buying it? no i didn't. This thing has had around 6 or 7 full mags with no problem, each one varying for .12 and .2 gram bbs. It comes with a 250 round hi cap magazine. Buy a new battery, comes with a 650 mAh 7.2v battery. The sling it comes with can be used as a one point. Removable rear sight, and standard rails for optics and accessories. So now for the pros and cons:

light weight
Metal Hi-Cap
Doesn't matter if its .12 or .2 it will spit them out
Uses M4 Mags

Plastic Body (for some also a pro)
seems like a plastic gearbox

No jams yet, and it is still going. Its actually not a bad gun. My friends actually borrowed during one game. In my opinion not a bad gun.
by James D. on 10/18/2016
"Overall, for a beginner, this is a nice gun. It's fairly sturdy and great for getting into the sport. The power and range suffers some though, this was measured to be a decent fps, but with not so decent bbs. Usually, you're going to want to use .20 gram bbs, which is going to drop the fps down to the 200s. Once you start shooting at around 100 to 150 feet you'll need to angel the gun up, which isn't that bad, but not exactly what you want. Basically, this gun is to see if you want to spend more money and increase your capability on the field. This IS NOT a gun you're going to use for more than, about, a year, but if you're just getting into the game it's a great choice.
by Matt S. on 06/07/2015
"First rifle I ever purchased, and it was good for the time. Works well for close quarters engagements, but you'll need a higher quality one for long range. Stock got pretty loose after using it for a few months, but that's no big deal as I'd already gotten another weapon by that time.

Good price
Pretty nice construction
Very lightweight (con for my but pro for most)

Inadequate for long range engagements
Most M4 mags will be a strange fit in this, for whatever reason.
by joe c. on 03/27/2015
"This gun is fairly good. Great for beginners. This gun is very lightweight, and can fit many batteries. I do not recommend using a lipo, because it will grind your gears into nothing in no time, with this plastic gearbox. I got this academy, not on evike, but buy it here. 30 bucks cheaper. The gun can be a little awkward with the mags it accepts. It will accept PMAGS, but not standard M4 mags. Oh, and to all the people who say the FPS is jacked, how it starts at 350 then lowers, it means that you put a heavier BB in it. Use .12s or .20s in this gun, nothing else.

Good FPS
Fairly Inexpensive
Takes many batteries
Lightweight (may be a con)
Great for starters
Very Accurate

Only takes PMAGS

Overall, it has lasted me a long time, and once, i even beat an echo1 throughout an entire game with it. Great beginners gun.
by Alex B. on 02/28/2015
"Great gun my first fully auto one. I've had it for about 2 months and the stock broke but that was fixed with hot glue. I think this gun is awesome and I've gone to friends houses and shot great guns and horrible guns but this one is really darn good.
by Nathan S. on 01/07/2015
"i got this gun a while a go its fps is everywhere first its 435 then 246 crazy.

great range
metal mag
nice iron sights

weird fps
mag bugs all the time
by Zach H. on 11/21/2014
"Bought this gun 6 months ago, it is a great starter.

1. Very durable polymer, not plastic (Polymer is not the same as plastic), I have dropped it on concrete with minor damage
2. Lots of rail space
3. Very accurate
4. Flip up sights, good for when using red dot like I do
5. You won't get tired of carrying it, but it doesn't feel unrealistically light

1. RPS is low with included battery, buy a 9.6v
2. Plastic gearbox

I honestly sat for 5 minutes trying to think of more cons but couldn't. Never the less, I would suggest buying something that a bit more expensive, or if you can't save up a bit. I would suggest a G&G Combat Machine, or something along those lines. Also, if something inside this gun breaks, its a lot more work to fix than a gun you can takedown easily and just buy a new part.
by Daniel M. on 07/27/2013
"I purchased this gun almost a year ago, and I love it. It's a great value for the price you pay. I'm not saying it is an amazing quality gun, but it works well for most situations. I have never had it jam on me, and the stock battery is pretty reliable. my only complaint is that the stock is not extremely strong. the design of the gun makes it so that if you hit the stock hard enough, (hitting a door frame at a speed that would break any plastic stock, for example), the back of the receiver will snap off. the best thing to do is to dismantle the stock, and superglue it back on one part at a time. The only other damage it has sustained after 1 year is I accidentally broke the plastic piece that keeps the front sight vertical. the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because it is not an A++ quality gun. I'll try to answer the most common questions about it.
Q: will this gun take m4 mags?
A: yes. I have not found an M4 mag that won't fit it yet.
Q: is the muzzle threaded for a suppressor?
A: nope.
Q: what kind of gearbox is it? v1? v2?
A: this gun contains a non-upgradeable plastic gearbox. It works great, but you can't upgrade it.

the best thing to do if you want to upgrade this is get a 9.6v butterfly battery and some sort of red dot sight.