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KWA Full Metal KM4A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

87 Customer Reviews

by John D. on 05/29/2008
"This gun is by FAR the BEST stock AEG i've ever bought. I love it. Going from an ICS MP5A4 to this is like night and day. I mean i like ICS and all, but the gun blows ICS out of the water.

ROF on this gun is INSANE. I only use a 9.6v and i'm getting 20+ RPS.
FPS is also really good. 400 outa the box and shooting 20+ RPS is just nuts.
The feel of this gun is amazing. Full metal, nicely weighted, and it's not made of pot metal like ICS guns are. (or at least really crappy metal, my MP5 broke and not even JB weld could hold it together)
The gun is decently accurate for a stock gun.
I love how easily you can access the hopup and barrel. You take out litterally 1 screw, open the body and slide the hopup and barrel out. Extremely simple.

The gun lacks trademarks. The only thing on the gun is "KWA Corporation". I dunno if it's just me but i don't like the word "Corporation" on my gun...
Also, there are very limited aftermarket parts for the gun becuase most of it is KWA brand specific.

All in all i LOVE this gun. Best stock gun i've ever bought!!!
by timothy s. on 05/28/2008
"best airsoft rifle ive ever fired,capable of firing thrue pumpkins!!! with standard loadout!!!
by Dawn S. on 03/06/2011
"This gun is simply amazing, i got this in the box of awesomness in the christmas edition and i was deffiniatly impressed, sadly with all great things there is a price....
High rate of fire
Power is perfect for any sized field
Great brand to buy from
Accuracy is about 25/27 from 50 yards away on a man sized target so accuracy is good
Does not come with battery
Battery is a hassle to put in
all in all this gun is very nice and i enjoy using it often... if someone is looking for a good gun and want to step it up in airsoft i suggest this gun for sure, just make sure you buy the battery for it
by leslie A. on 03/07/2009
"This is my main weapon and I will love this replica forever! I have had and have many airsoft replicas and this is my favorite one. it now shoots at about 370fps. A 9.6 volt gives this gun a wonderful rof. It also feels good in your hands. Few things I had to complain about is the screw on the stock that holds the lever in place can unscrew its self very easily Also the accuracy is horrible! I mean yeah you can shoot a person from 100-150 feet but its going to take quite a bit more bbs.

over all I give this gun a 4/5
by Greg A. on 12/04/2008
"I know I shouldn't ask questions here, but I don't get the forums setup very well. Anyways I am thinking about purchasing this gun after I get some Christmas money and save a little. BUT I really need to know if the people on here are just picky or if you really do need to replace the hop-up. I'm horrible with internals so I don't like messing around with them and I don't want to pay $20 an hour for my local airsoft dealer to do it for me. Also would a 9.6v mini evike battery fit in here or not. And Lydia's son, if you read this, get this because it truly looks great and if you are a G36 fan (like me) and love the M4s (also like me) get the Echo 1 G36c new version. I've had that thing and it will never let you down. Anyways somone PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION above. Thanks!
by Andres E. on 10/12/2008
"great gun its beast with systema high torque motor, m130, systema duracon piston head, tight bore barrel, jbu aluminum piston. only get lipo if u like to work on/fix all the problems u will have. this gun is amazing if well maintained. if u dont know what u are doing use a 9.6. otherwise great gun
by ryan w. on 09/07/2009
"is this the 2009 model sorry for my ignorance

Webmaster: We always have the latest models.
by Dominic R. on 04/03/2009
"After writing my initial review, I wanna revisit this gun.

After playing in only 2 events with this gun the internals completely fell apart on me.

The 8mm ball bearings bursted, the gears cut into the gear box, and the entire internal "lipoly ready" set is destroyed.

This gun is not li-poly ready by any means. Do not buy the li-poly for it. Just run with a 9.6V instead.

Other than that the gun is outstanding. But like i said just make sure you do not buy the li-poly because this gun WILL break if you use it heavily.
by Dominic R. on 03/30/2009
"Its a good weapon, but my major complaint is the fact that its shipped li-poly ready but after only 2 events it has faulted on me and i have to fix it. Something went wrong with the motor and the gears because of the li-poly. also its such a hi speed battery that the semi auto does not work at all and the full auto does not feed right at all and it ends up spitting pellets out throughout the whole mag :(.

so yeah its a good gun but im dissapointed because for $365 it should have been flawless.

I suggest this gun with a 9.6V nun-chuck. or a 7.2V lipoly. DO NOT GET THE 11.1V
by Lydia M. on 11/26/2008
"hey guys,should i get this or the g36c?this is really killing me,and im trying to decide which one i want for christmas.this is lydia's son btw,but please help
by Gart S. on 10/09/2008
"this gun is very good stock, so dont upgrade it. when it was upgraded it was beast. for about a week then it stopped working. just get a tight bore barrel and new hop up bucking and 9.6v battery. thats all you need to have a gun that can absolutly dominate.
by austin p. on 09/13/2008
"does this have a 14mm anti-clockwise barrel thread?