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by Gianni Q. on 2016-03-31 00:28:39
"A well built rifle!
It's made of some pretty sturdy materials and feels really nice in the hands.
This gun has really nice range and the ROF is really nice as well.
It looks incredible realistic and looks even better with the steel flash hider that's recommended for it. The gun does what it's supposed to and does a really good job at that. JG has really improved over the years and has impressed me with this rifle.
by John H. on 2015-07-20 22:46:28
"Great gun! I'm a huge fan of the M16 rifle. And when i bought this I wasn't disappointed. If you really like the classic feel of the Vietnam M16A1 then this is the gun for you.

1. Light
2. Sturdy
3. Great FPS/ Range
4. Well built
5. Not too expensive

1. Only 190 round mag (not really a problem if you have a 350 M4/M16 mag)
2. Cant mount anything on it really (But hey its an M16A1!)

Overall great gun!
by Jake A. on 2015-02-12 21:25:41
"An amazing gun. i am very impressed with it. when i opened it up and pulled it out of the box i knew it was the start of something beautiful. i have owned many other guns but not one like this. its super easy to take apart but the stock is SUPER wobbly. and i definitly emphasize that. but nothing a 10 inch allen wrench cant fix. i just stuck it down into the stock and tightened it back up no problems. i bought the 5 mags to go along with it and all seemed to fit super snug and tight. kinda hard to take out but eh atleast i know they wont fall out and get lost while skirmishing. and the orange tip is like, they didnt want you to take that thing off at all costs like i had to melt the thing off and stick my black metal flash hider on there. all in all. powerful, reliable, beautiful. i love it. definitly 5 stars.

-Heavy (pro for me anyways)
-Completly metal
-High FPS
-Does look like the vietnam M16 (dont hate on me, i think it looks like it. for you fine detail nuts)
-Metal gears
-Love the bolt catch
-Feels sturdy
-Sights are beautiful

-plastic feels somewhat flimsy (i dont care im not gunna go beat trees with it)
-Hard to get that orange tip off
-Wobbly stock (you definitly need to be ingenuic to fix it)
-No way this is a CQB weapon (not really a con, things a beast)

All in all... I recommend this thing all the way. it wont disappoint you. just treat it right and it will treat you right. Awesome gun, Awesome website. Evike for the win
by Jared S. on 2014-11-14 20:37:17
"This gun seems pretty great, the gearbox sounds good, the receiver is pretty spectacular for the money, and there's only a slight amount of hand guard wobble. It also has a functioning bolt catch, which was a pleasant surprise.

That said, the supplied battery appeared to initially be of decent quality, but now less than a week after delivery and very limited use the battery is no longer lasting more than a few shots. This is being charged with a smart charger. My other batteries will operate the gun just fine, it's just the supplied battery that is dead.

Be warned that Evike has a specific warranty exclusion that states that the batteries supplied with guns are for "test" purposes only and will not be covered by warranty. There are other retailers who don't have this exception and I will personally be taking it into account before my next purchase. When a product is advertised with a warranty, I expect to mean the whole product, not just what the seller wants to warranty.

To be clear, I would give the gun 4.5/5 stars-its great for the money. The battery I got is a lemon.

Generally speaking Evike shipped my order quickly and the gun arrived in good packaging, but I'm feeling pretty burned by the lack of warranty coverage on the battery.
by Christian G. on 2014-06-26 00:17:43
"Pros: very nice JG trademark
FULL METAL( not ridiculously heavy either )
Decent battery
Mock gas tube

Cons: very wobbly stock, the screw keeping it on the receiver is a hex screw, all the way in the back of the stock of all places…
Flash hider is a pain to take off
Rear sight is a bit off, don't know how to adjust it

Very awesome gun
Good price
by Nathaneal M. on 2014-03-09 21:34:30
I have to say im really impressed with this weapon. Out of the box on a cold day with a 9.6v it shot 393fps with .20 bbs at 12 RPS. The range i have to say is about 130~ before the bullets start going down. (.25)

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 190rd VN mags SUCK!! when you wind it it only holds like 10 to 15 bbs and you have to rewind. id recommend the 360rd M4 style mags.

Decent metal
shoots well
THE MOST in depth manual you'll find

hop up could be better
buckings might be slightly bad
cheaper metal than the KWA brands but its still very durable!
Orange tip is a pain to take off (for me at least)
Hard to change batterys on the fly (you have to take the butt plate off the gun in order to change batteries. (holds a 9.6v battery quite well)
by Matthew C. on 2014-03-05 08:06:23
"This JG Works M16A1 is a solid gun for the money. It is full metal and is great for skirmishing right out of the box. The metal isn't quite as high quality as G&P or WE but is still nice. This AEG is good for anyone looking for a Vietnam era- Early 1990's rifle. It will do well for reenacting and replicating a M16A1 but it isn't completely accurate. Some things that are not correct for an M16a1 are the A2 buttstock(longer and shaped differently) tapered delta ring(should be circular) A2 lower receiver(different in shape) and lastly, even though it show it on here, mine does not have a bayonet lug. The front sight on the one I received does not have a bayonet lug, I will swap it for the one on my WE XM177 so it's ok for me. Overall this is a great gun for the price, it is a good upgrade platform and only needs a few things to make it a accurate replica.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)