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Matrix Custom Full Metal M4 Zombie Killer Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

34 Customer Reviews

by Brenda H. on 04/13/2015
"I have had this gun for about two years now. It is still working like it is new! This gun is great for out door matches. The full metal weight is awesome! (it can be bad for some) It might not be the most accurate thing in the world but it still kicks buns. The gun looks great also! I love the engravings on the gun they are beautiful! This gun is the longest that a gun has ever lasted me. I take care of my guns like if they were little babies but they usually break form over use but this one has not and i love it! Okay now on the the pros and cons.
-Heavy weight (could be a con)
-Looks great

-Heavy weight (could be a pro)
-inaccurate at a long range
by Raymond D. on 05/08/2013
"Alright its time to put my input on this gun, i got the gun when it was on the daily deals, when i received the gun and took it out of the box i was shocked. I love it, it has everything that i wanted to do to a m4a1 that i already had yay. It may have been that i just got that one that had a problem. One of the teeth on the pinion head gear had broken off some how. I put a new gear on it as well as did a shim job on it which it didnt need and everything was working excellent after that. The gun itself is just beautiful. It has a very nice weight to it though it did get a little heavy after holding it for over a half a hour but that was only because i was not used to the weight. The all metal body and engravings are unique and i got a lot of people at my last game just ooh ahh at it when i took it out of my truck. The performance is just wonderful, i took out a whole team with no problems. The rof seems good to me i dont need it all that fast because i have a heavy finger when shooting.

Heavy weight like the real thing
Cool engraving's
Metal everything(except stock)

Pinion head gear broke(_--- Just my luck LOL)
Crane stock a little to loose no way to tighten it
Nothing else really

I just love this gun no matter what happened, i still give this gun a full 5 out of 5
by Ben P. on 05/08/2013
"I've had this gun for the past few months and all in all its pretty good. Mine shot 400 fps out of the box and it was pretty accurate at 75ft even with though it is a CQB model. I also liked the fact that it was reasonably priced.

Full Metal external construction
full metal internals

Rate of fire is pretty slow
Bottom rail on the fore grip rattles (fixed with a little electrical tape)
Stock is a little wobbly (once again easy to fix with electrical tape)

If you can overlook those few issues this is a great gun.
by Thomas H. on 04/09/2013
"I recently purchased this gun from here the day it went on sale for $175. I just got this gun in the mail via UPS, I would like to state before i go any further that because I've only JUST GOTTEN the gun all I can give are first impressions.


Great laser etchings
Lots of rail space
Electric blow-back
QD sling attachment points on stock and handgaurd


Mine didn't come with a sling attachment (??)
Elite force brand midcaps will not fit in this gun (My personal favorite, Magpul P-mags do but it might be a con to those exclusively using EF midcaps)
VERY slight wobble on lower part of RIS (you can probably screw it tighter somehow but not a big issue at all)
Low ROF (shim the gearbox and change the motor)
Gears could use a shimming

Conclusion: the body of this gun is amazing and in total performs above average. Overall I am very pleased with this gun and its performance as well as looks. I would highly recommend this weapon to anyone who wants an awesome CQB weapon and is patient enough to upgrade it and see it become your "god gun". This is an even greater idea since it's on sale for almost half price right now,

Recommended upgrades-

New barrel (6.03 247 mm)
Shim Gearbox
New Motor (Matrix 3000 high torque ONLY AFTER SHIMMING)
barrel extension/ sound amplifier

Personally i would prefer an optic and flashlight.

I hope my review helps you decide on whether to purchase this or not, as I previously stated if you are considering this you should just buy it (this sale is great). After I've spent more time with this gun i will give a more in depth review.
by daniel j. on 04/09/2013
"I just un boxed mine and took it for some shots. This gun screams when it shoots. I like everything about this gun and for the price I paid $175 and it cost $280 it was well worth the money. If you want a nice looking gun with good range and great accessory this is the gun for you.

10/10 in my book
by Jacob L. on 03/16/2013
"This is an AMAZING CQB weapon. It is dead-on accurate and has a fully adjustable hop up. With a few clicks, the iron sights on this can be accurate as well(you just need patience). Although i do recommend a red dot or holographic sight, you'll still be hitting where you want Without it. Its a beginner gun, for the most part. Yet just by putting a few more dollars into it, this thing becomes a MONSTER! It'll go from beginner to all-out aggressive pro gun in no time. The rails on mine do not wobble so far at all. I have upgraded it just a little to suit my preferences. I added a Mad Bull tight bore inner barrel, matrix 3000 high speed motor, and re-shimmed the gearbox. That's all the internals you're really going to need unless you want a better spring.
Nice weight
Rails everywhere
Unique look
Fully upgradable

Orange tip is glued on so it's a little tough to get off
Battery is just a Tad bit difficult to get in a first.

overall, the best gun for its price range.
by Ryan G. on 10/22/2012
Good weight
Very accurate
Full metal!
Looks good

Mine bottom rail came a little wobble (doesn't bother me that much)
So did my butt stock.
Heavy(if you're weak.. Like come on six pounds?!)
Battery is kinda hard to get in but you can easily practice and you'll be a pro at it.

Other than that I reccomend getting this gun. People will look at your gun in a daze because it's so good looking.
by Darrell E. on 10/02/2012
"This is a great gun with excellent durability, quality, accuracy, and power. Its full metal body and rails give it a realistic feel. Overall it is a great gun and would recommend it as an excellent CQB Weapon or any other type!
by Diane O. on 09/24/2012
"I give this gun a 5/5. It has a full metal receiver, body, free float rail system, metal iron sights, metal charging handle, and a metal buffer tube. The gun itself is sturdy but I dont suggest dropping it like any other aeg, you just dont want to do that. The gun shoots hard, fast, and accurate. It also comes with a metal mag too!

shoots fast
shoots hard
looks nice

gets heavy with my scope and mini grenade launcher attachments (i like it that way though)
crane stock battery can be a pain if you dont know how to install the battery (takes practice)

If I had the choice to go back on my purchase, I dont think I would. This is a great AEG for all forms of engagement except sniping. I'd suggest this to just about anyone, new or more advance airsofters alike.
by Michael P. on 07/26/2012
"I love this thing! Really sets itself apart from the other m4s with the zombie markings and the v receiver. I took it to the UK they loved it I even got some offers on it. It shoots pretty good stock out of the box. It is hot mine was 404 fps out of the box. I ended up putting an m100 spring in it and it is currently .98 joules prefect for cqb. I have used at an out door field and it performed well. I have ordered a mad bull 6.03mm x 300mm barrel for it. The front lower rail wobbles alittle but it is bcause of the design there is not much you can do about it. However it does not bother me at all while i am playing the upper rails are sturdy so it is all good. Just buy it
by td r. on 07/22/2012
"First off, I love the look of the V-style receiver and the rails instead of the regular M4 look. When I purchased mine, I added the "AEG Power Upgrade - Install M120, Stainless Bushing & Basic Tuning," Magpul AFG, Bravo / G&P holographic,and the Noveske flash hider, and needless to say, it is amazing. As for the woobbly crane stock, if you pull the stock off there is a screw at the bottom of the tube that can be tightened. also it is very easy to upgrade, just look up the youtube videos for matrix m4's. overall 5 out of 5, but dont forget the 9.6v battery!

great fps
decent rate of fire
easily upgradeable
looks sick!

wobbly mag?
kinda loud

I would reccomend this to anyone!
by Nick L. on 06/29/2012
"Very nice gun just the mags are very wobbly and shoots with the hop up all the way up around 410 and when the hop up is down about 390.

Pros: Nice engravings
Good fps
Nice heavy wieght(realistic)
adjustable stock
Good battery length(4 to 5 hours on field)

Cons: Wobbly mag
Nothing else

I would highly recomend this gun to all my friends.
by Zhibo W. on 06/16/2012

Great FPS
Decent ROF
Looks great


Wobbly lower rail
Wobbly mag catch


Great gun for a great price. Definitely a buy
by robert l. on 06/16/2012
"i loved this gun i have had it for about 4 months now and it is still working like a charm

-full metal
-high fps
-the markings look sick
-the magazines i have wobble a little bit (no problem)
-lowish rof
-orange tip (but its the law)

the pros definitly outweigh the cons on this gun it is an amazing gun overall
one thing i have a question about is how do i get the orange tip off to put on a mock suppresser i think its some kind of glue but i have no idea how to get it off
by Kevin G. on 06/15/2012
"Got this as my first AEG. Overall, I'm impressed. Great look and feel

- Great look
- RoF not bad
- Full Metal

- Kind of heavy
- Bottom rail wobble. Easy fix: Just put a little electrical tape on the tabs, instant and easy!