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JG M4 Tactical-System V.II Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Tan)

235 Customer Reviews

by Stephanie F. on 05/11/2018
"I bought this on October 9, 2015 (first airsoft gun I have ever boughten) and took it down to Broken Home in 2017 and it was shooting HOT to their rules, 400 fps max for AEG and I was shooting 408 fps. And I have done no up grades what so ever and have not even opened it up to clean it or anything to this day. Don't want to let out the tiny little magic that's inside. The things that i do not like about this gun is where the battery is, I found it difficult to put the battery in with out pinching the wires. Other than that I love it
by Lucas C. on 02/22/2018
"Great gun shoots about 430fps and it feeds great.
by Xavier L. on 11/28/2017
"I bought this gun from one of the guys I play with, I got to say that itís pretty sturdy and great for beginners. Itís a bit on the heavy side, but itís accurate and responsive.
by Ryan S. on 08/19/2017
"Cant recommend this enough, such a great gun.

Little on the heavy side but if you like realism its perfect

Shoots farther and straighter than most of my friends sniper rifles. With .25bb's its got some serious range
by Adrian M. on 05/03/2017
"This Airsoft is AMAZING.
I've had more airsofts and have modified them internally and this replica performs almost identical to them.It's really accurate with .25g BBs and up. It comes with an 8.4v battery and I gotta say, it's pretty fast!

Don't use less then .25g BBs though, it has a lot of flyers with .20g. The gun weights around 8 pounds so if you lime heavy weapons, this is the one.

I am surprised with what this thing can do, Im not gonna say this is the best Airsoft, But for the price, it's worth buying!
by alex g. on 11/21/2016
"Let me start off by saying ive had this gun for about 3 years and the internals stopped working so i have to fix it.
But more to the Review part this gun, the gun is honestly sooo good.
The hop-up works so nicely you can run .25+ gram bbs and have it go at least 60-70 yards.
I don't think Ive ever had such a nice Aeg.
It has nice kick not too much but enough to feel nice.
If ive ever seen a target having this gun id never miss Tbh.
I want to get this gun fixed so bad but i dont have the money atm this gun will last u forever tho.
You also dont have to put any upgrades into the gun bc its so nice :D.
Buy the newer version of this gun for it has better qualities.
I think its by another company i think asg but same internals.
by stephen j. on 08/17/2016
"I've had this gun for nearly 3 years now, and it's easily been the best airsoft related decision I have ever made. I'm one of those guys that does a LOT of research before making a purchase, and I can tell you without hesitation that if you get this gun, you won't regret it. the battery compartment is a little bit small and slightly difficult to get used too, but after putting it in several times, you will figure out little techniques that make it much easier. (it use to take me 5 minutes to put in the battery when I first got the gun, and now it takes me no more than 20 seconds) To this day, the gun still shoots like it's brand new, and has required a minimum amount of service. The only part on my gun that ever broke was the trigger spring inside the gearbox, but that was an extremely easy fix. Otherwise, this thing is a champ!

As far as range and FPS goes, out of the box, I out matched every single person that I played against. (most of the guys that I play with have higher end guns and custom builds) I'd recommend using .25 gram bb's in this gun over .20 gram bb's because it will increase your range by a few feet (if hop up is properly adjusted to account for drop) and accuracy by 20% or more.

The rate of fire is also fairly intimidating even with just an 8.4v battery. That is all that i've ever used in this thing and its never let me down once. the trigger response could be a little better, but I also have a fast trigger finger that not even call of duty pistols can keep up with, so it should suit most everyone else just fine. If the trigger response isn't fast enough for you though, a 9.6v or lipo battery would probably increase it a little bit.

I was a bit skeptical of the plastic body at first, but i've never any issue with it breaking or anything. I've dropped mine a couple times over the years, and so far its held up well. Obviously if you go around hitting it on stuff and dropping it constantly, it will more than likely break, but if you do that, you shouldn't be playing airsoft in the first place.

-looks awesome
-shoots hard
-shoots far
-pretty sturdy
-lasts forever
-feels nice to hold
-will outmatch just about anyone if used properly
-reasonable price

-the wiring can be easily pinched and even exposed if you aren't careful. (I know from experience...) If you ever do accidentally expose wires, you can fix it with some liquid tape from walmart. (its in a black bottle with a yellow label, and a silver lid. usually found in the car wiring section.)
-the only other con with this gun is the battery compartment, but it honestly isn't as bad as everyone else makes it sound. However, fitting a 9.6v can be a bit tricky. I'd recommend a butterfly type battery if you're going to try a 9.6v. (I've only ever needed an 8.4v though)

Overall, if you want a solid gun at a reasonable price that you wont have to upgrade and will last you as long as needed, this is what you should buy!
by Josiah P. on 06/15/2016
"This is an amazing gun if your just starting out and it is very durable an amazing gun I suggest this gun to anyone who wants a metal m4 only bad thing is how the battery fits into the hand guard it does take some time to get it in there but the gun is amazing overall
by Lisa C. on 06/01/2016
"I just got this gun today and i have to say it is a very good gun.The only thing i don't like about it is of course how the battery fits in the front,but everything else is good and the fps is also very good.
by Tyson o. on 05/11/2016
"All around amazing gun. The only con i've had is you have to have a peq box for anything bigger than 8.4 volt. The rof is not bad for being on 8.4 volt and accuracy is out of this world. Shoots about 408 so if you want cqb look somewhere else. it does weight about 11 pounds! not for small kids. I would recommend to anyone pro or ametuer.
by Jefferson R. on 03/29/2016
"My favorite gun I own. Really great for field play.

1. Nice weight (Not too light not too heavy)
2. Aesthetically gorgeous. Even the orange tip looks neat.
3. Great FPS, range, and handling.
4. ABS Receiver is actually really good.
5. Metal in all the right places

1. Very front heavy
2. Iron sights kinda stink
3. Stock is pretty lame, first thing I replaced.
4. Motor handle is flimsy, but will hold up for awhile, definitely replace though.
by Doug B. on 11/21/2015
"This gun is solid. It is slightly front heavy, but it's not noticeable in game, overall it has a good sturdy/heavy weight. The two-tone looks pretty awesome and the polymer is high-quality. When I shot .20's out of this thing, I was nailing targets from across the field, if you want even better accuracy I would recommend using .25-.28. DON'T USE .12!!!!! I would highly suggest buying a quality RDS to slap on this and a vertical fore grip. If you would like, a flashlight or laser would look nice on the side as well. Once you have on all of the extra gadgets on the rails, the gun looks pretty intimidating.

Now, there are a few cons about this, but the pros outnumber them. The iron sights are a bit difficult to use in high-speed-low-light situations, so get an RDS, ASAP. When the gun arrived to my house, I noticed the front iron sight was off center, so it might be a bit fragile up there. The stock wobbles ever so slightly, but it is enough to make a bit of noise. No biggie though. The gun itself is louder than most, it is a little embarrassing when you have all of these guys with super quiet AEGs and this one is really, pretty loud for an AEG. Finally, the battery compartment is a pain in the rear. The 8.4v battery that's included is such an annoyance to put in the hand guard area. It either takes forever to put in or just one try.

Here's a quick summary:
Great weight!
Great price!
Intimidating (with add-ons)
Metal internals!!!
Great handling!

Loud for an AEG.
Noisy stock.
Bad iron sights.
Fragile front sight.

If you can live with the battery placement, I think you'll enjoy this gun as much as I do!
by Samantha m. on 05/02/2015
"This was my first aeg and it is amazing. Solid all around performance, the polymer body and small battery compartment were the only things I didn't like about this gun. I would recommend this to any player looking for a decent dmr.
by Declan M. on 03/06/2015
"This gun is a great gun for anyone just starting out in airsoft, and would also be fine for any experienced players, as long as a few upgrades are made. First upgrades you'll want is a peq2, so you can use a 9.6v battery, also becuase it is IMPOSSIBLE to put your battery in the hand guard of this gun, so a peq box saves you time and looks bad ass. Next, you may want to get a tight bore barrel, barrel extension, new hop up unit, bucking and nub. These are all simple upgrades that can easily be made. It is actually very easy to open up the top of your gun and make these quick upgrades. After these, your gun will be shooting amazingly accurate. I would also recommend a red dot sight and foregrip, along with any other attachments. I have a peq2, a red dot sight, a bipod, foregrip and flash light. Now lets get to the pros and cons.

- Price
- Accuracy is good
-ROF is a little slow around 10-13 rps, but not bad
- Durable
-Shoots hard around 400-420
- Not too picky with mags
-Crisp selector switch
-Heavy (could be a con)

- Accuracy can be unreliable at times
- Slowish ROF
-Heavy (Maybe a pro) (Im 14, 5,9" and 130 lbs and its completely fine to hold all day)
- Cheap looking pistol grip (easy change)
- Rail system could be better if you like full free float quad rails

No other big cons, in the end, this gun is outstanding for any beginners and will be amazing for outdoor play. Highly recomended
by Weston B. on 03/05/2015
"This gun is amazing! Pretty accurate and shoots hard. It's also pretty sturdy, I fell on it hard and there were only a few tiny scratches and it worked fine.

Shots at 400+ FPS.
Full metal gear box and internals.
It's heavy, kinda like a real gun.
4 rails.
Looks realistic.

Battery compartment is small, you kind of have to jam the battery in it.
The battery it comes with isn't amazing, I suggest buying a 9.6v.
Front heavy.
Plastic body (but it's not crappy plastic)

Overall, it's definitely worth the price and if you put a little bit of money in to upgrade it, it could easily rival some much more expensive guns. And the iron sights aren't as bad as everyone says they are.