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JG Full Metal AK47 Custom Contractors Weapon AK74 (C.P.W) Full Size Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle Package.

17 Customer Reviews

by Clint N. on 02/27/2015
"Awesome gun for the money

by Preston T. on 04/03/2014
"When I first got this gun I was surprised how well the construction was. I found that the only thing that wobbled was the stock. The thing comes with a battery but i replaced that.

Lots of rails
Durable materials
Decent Hi-cap mag
Comes with a folding grip
Easy to adjust the Hop-up
Looks like something that terminator would carry if he used an AK

Bit heavy (4-6 pounds)
Spring is a little too strong*
Hard to insert battery but otherwise easy once it is in
Stock is squeaky when you adjust it if there is a tiny bit of dirt in it's path

Over all this is a excellent gun if you are just starting or if are more experienced.

*The FPS may be too high for some airsoft places, recommend changing the spring.
by Lydia C. on 05/26/2012
"I must say that i am pleased with this gun a lot! It is the first airsoft rifle i got and its just amazing. I'll make this review short and to the point.

-Full metal makes it very durable and adds realistic weight.
-The FPS is pretty high, which is good for outdoor play however makes its non-useable in indoor games.
-LOTS of rails so you can put on tons of attachments( it comes with a grip and flash hider).

-The gun has wobbly parts right out of the box, most of them can be fixed easily but the stock is very wobbly and i cant seem to find a permenant way to fix it.
-The gun comes with a plastic 600rd mag but i dropped it once and parts on the top of it chiped off and now it wobbles when i put it into the gun. It still feeds fine but i would recommend using other mags, preferably metal ones.

Overall, i think the good things of the gun greatly overshadow the small cons. It gets a 5/5 from me.
by angalina h. on 09/05/2011
"well, i got this gun a couple weeks ago and i love it, although, i am haveing a bit of trouble with putting the batter in the stock, i got it IN there, and its connected and all, but i cant close the stock fully when the battery is in, so im not 100% shure if i did it right. but thats besides the point. it would be helpful if evike or somebody woukd put a manual on how to put in the battery. and now onto the gun itself.

epic looking
strong (but maybe a bit strong for indoor)
fully metal
comes with a verti grip and amplifier
pretty durable
hi cap mag
feels nice
comfy pistol grip
lots and lots of rails :D
you can really personalize it

a bit heavy (5-6 kgs)
as i said battery setup is confusing
some parts are a bit wobbly
pistol grip sometimes wobbles aswell
and not really much more.

SO, if you are looking for a great starter gun and something great quality, this is what you should get, it was my first assault rifle and i have never enjoyed airsoft as much, thanks evike! (but please add a battery manual, we are confuzed.)
by KENNETH d. on 05/31/2010
"this is an amazing gun...

where should i start? i guess with the cliche first impression, opened this up and boom! this beast looks back at me. only flaw, the blazing orange tip, only way i found i can remove it is by dremling it (note, it usually voids warranty taking off the tip anyway). internals are top notch, the thing is a cannon, it shoots like 450 FPS (we clocked 460 once... on a CQB field) .2g works well but with that power you can go much heavier, ive conisdered getting a suppressor and extended tightbore barrel to make it a sniper. the only thing limiting it is the stock battery, not the longest lasting but its an 8.4 v 1100 mah, not too bad (note, the sides of the stock come off, took me a while to learn this...)

combat wise, its flawless, i havent met a TM compatible mag it wont take, the standard 600 round thermold is great for a stock mag. people WILL call their hits with this shooting at them. again we clocked 460 with .2

another great thing are its rails, the one above the upper reciever is a real plus, allows you to mount whatever you could want on an AK

If you want a good AK, this is the one, some call it unorthodox due to the fact that its not a true AK, but it doesnt matter much since it probably shoots better than their kalashnikov anyway. 5/5 undisputed!
by Layna H. on 03/10/2010
"This gun is sick. very, very accurate all metal and shoots strong and hasn't jammed yet! I had to break my ak down to tighten a few loose bolts and now its as solid as any gun on the market. A must have for someone looking for a GREAT addition to there arsenal and because of the price its also a great starter gun. I hate getting hit by this gun. It can hurt! It's freakin great!
by Ian A. on 09/27/2009
"M. W. what you need to do is remove the small cap on the selector switch, and tighten the screw under it.
by Carlos V. on 09/27/2009
"It is a REALLY GOOD GUN! the rate of fire is really good and it's like wut every one else said. The one thing that I had troubles with is the saftey switch which came loose very fast but is very easily fixed. you just take of the cap on the switch and tighten the screw but watch the jg ak 47 selector switch video on youtube and you can fix it without taking it apart. THe weight also makes it very realilistic and I love it. It's a great gun.

Just look at the gun before you send it in if your having matenence problems/ use u tube

by Mikhail S. on 09/16/2009
"THIS THING IS A BEAST It's HUGE FREAKING LOVE IT. Comes with a what looks like silencer and hand grip. full metal its a mix between m4 and an AK. I saw this on on Future Weapons they had thesame exact gun. If you extend the stock all the way it becomes almost as long as an m249. Amaziiinngg gun. Buy itttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

WEBMASTER can I use a 9.6v Intelect in this gun or will it brake the gun. My gun is stock and came with an 1100amh jg battery which is not bad? Thanks.
by Brenden P. on 09/06/2009
"Ok... there is an Echo1 version of this ($200) and it takes a stick type battery because it has the M4 CQB type stock and this one has a crane type stock and it says it takes ONLY a crane type battery and i was wondering if this took a stick type battery too because this is the same thing except a different stock. But, anyways... this is a very high quality AK, the finish is not the best on it considering it is a JG and not a TM but the body is all metal and so is the custom M4 stock. My friend's friend has this gun and they slept over at my house and they brought their airsfot guns and he let me use it. But i forgot to ask him what kind of battery it took :P BTW if you are a smaller player it might be a bit heavy for you i am five foot four and it was a bit of a uhh god i forgot the word but this gun is heavy around 9 pounds

by M. W. on 03/31/2009
"this gun is great! high rof high mag capacity and great range. mine chronoed in at 430fps and with the 600 rounds this gun is great for any type of battle... the only cons are the selector switch tends to mess up and the internal wires aren't the best mine crapped out after 2 months and i still haven't figured out how to fix it but if you take care of this gun you will have one of the most powerful weapons on the field.
by M. W. on 02/25/2009
"I bought this gun a while ago and its great! Shoots fast and hurts like hell. My only problem was that the selector switch which allows you to go from safety to auto to semi has become loose and there is no screw that i can find to tighten it plus the manual says nothing about tightening it.....
Webmaster little help?
by Daniel F. on 01/16/2009
"This AEG is amazing. It is extremely accurate and powerful, full metal, and very sturdy. It is modelled after the customized AK used by real blackwater contractors. Lots of useful features on it that you won't normally find on a traditional type AK. Add a scope and a silencer and you will have a fully decked out AK.
by Jesus D. on 10/12/2011
"Got this AK about 3 months ago. Good ROF and FPS, shoots hard, full metal body, has plenty of rails to put whatever you want on it, comes with an 8.4V battery but i bought a 9.6V battery works better, and also comes with a 600 round waffle mag and has never jammed

says it comes with 6mm metal bushings but they are plastic
battery a bit hard to put on but easy once you get it
a bit heavy for small person
messed up last time used grinded the gears

Overall its a great AK love it and getting it fixed
by Jesse H. on 08/14/2011
"I got this gun looking for a tactical AK where i could have a vertical grip, flashlight, sight, laser, whatever i wanted. Got this gun out of the box and it looked great. Took me a day to figure out how to assemble the battery, that was a pain , now i figured it out, there was no manual to explain how it worked, as its a custom crane stock. Anyways after having it for a few month got it dialed in used in a tourney and some practices, its held up nice.
Just a few complaints, the screw to hold the front sights i always have to tighten it because the hole is too big and the sight rig might fall off, this causes the barrel to be lose inside the outer barrel of the gun, killing accuracy if this happens midgame. Besides that great rate of fire with an upgraded battery, fine with stock one also, like this gun its huge like all AKs, its a beast!