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JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

81 Customer Reviews

by Mathias R. on 05/09/2018
"Me, my brother, my father, and my two step brothers have recently just got into airsoft. I have a WE gbb g36c and my step brother has an AK-74 and 47, and the other has a We aeg g36c and my brother is using a cheap 50 dollar plastic p90. I bought this for him since he is tiny and it fits him perfectly and fires awesomely. we have only used it in a couple games so i cant give to much of a detailed description. 5/5 would recommend as primary or secondary.
by Cecilia B. on 04/03/2017
"so when i opened the box to this it looked like it was complete metal but actually had polymer parts{grip}now to the pros and cons:pros:almost complete metal,comes with chager,far range for a small thing{120 feet},hop up!!!;cons:my hop up was upside down{probably just lemon},my stock is really hard to fold back to compact,small mag capacity{buy more] i think that is all with my review!!!
by Denver earl D. on 03/14/2017
"I just started airsofting and I quickly found my love for this gun, I use it as my primary. its great and cheap, it also serve its purpose for close quarter combat, but like any other gun it have cons and pros.

great for CQB
could be dual wield with drum mag for fun :)
great accuracy and performance
made very well

stock is wobbly but can be fix easily
(sometimes too hard to fold back that I had to unscrew it)
might wanna buy few extra mags and battery
by Kathy H. on 11/18/2016
"Exellent gun but the bottom rail falls off alot.get extra mags because the door on them will break if try to speedload.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"This gun is amazing! I just got it and the trigger response is amazing, dont get me wrong its not a $300 gun so its not a super high fps but it is great for cqb, I use it for my primary and my hk pistol as my secondary, I bought a drum magazine and its a tight fit and feeds ok, the mag that came with it feeds better but only holds 90rds ish, i put a fore grip on the frunt and its supper cool, the orange tip is supposed to come off and it came with a converter from the weird thread to a normal thread so you can add a suppresser, the orange tip is fragile and will shatter if you dont try to undo the glue. I was a little mad because it said it comes with a battery and mine didn't so i will ask someone about that, its a good thing I bought and extra for the time being, what I thought was weird was it came with a charger but no battery, anyway rhis gun is cool for the price.
by valentine t. on 05/02/2016
"okay so I have had this for about six months. this gun is a great sidearm to have or just great to run on it's own.

Pros: great weight
great performance
great accuracy
great trigger response
magazine capacity is alright considering it is a pistol
I can buy a drum mag for this thing!
great range

Cons: mag bb tube lip broke. I can still run it btw
not a lot of places where you can see to do the nimh/lipo mod

Well that's it for this review. id give it a 9/10 but Ill give it five stars. I'm thinking about doing the lipo mod, putting a mosfet, and shimming. ill write a review again to update you guys IF I do it :)
by Richard W. on 11/04/2015
"Great Gun overall, no major issues, even after 1,000+ rounds and moderate abuse (a small handful of drops, scrapes and other small accidents) couldn't keep this monster down. Shoots solidly at 240-250 FPS without the Hop-Up (probably less with the hop-up on, since these things are notorious for having a screwy hop-up) and is crazy-accurate at anything under 100 Feet. I strongly recommend buying a second stick mag (They're pretty cheap, falling around ~$10 here on evike) as you'll eventually run out in a short CQB game on auto.
Overall, this is a great buy for the price, possibly one of the best secondaries out there (that can also double as a primary!!) and is absolutely perfect for CQB. I've attached an Angel Custom suppressor and stubby grip, and now it shoots closer to ~280. There's a few parts out there as far as customization goes, but for the most part external upgrades'l be all you need.
by Lisa A. on 04/30/2015
"The JG Scorpion VZ-61 is an EXCELLENT close-quarters AEP. It rocks 250 or so fps with .20 bb's which may not be a lot for outdoors, but is usable for indoors and is excellent for an AEP. It is suprisingly accurate at a distance and has a good rate of fire at around 10 rounds per second. I use dual wield Scorpions with drum mags and bayonettes; it may not be practical, but it is wonderfully useful for the field I go to. The stock is OK, but is pretty short. Make sure you pick this up for it's price of 75$ (or 95$ base price); it is a wonderful side-arm for snipers or those who are daring, and is DEFINITELY worth using as a CQB weapon as it is very cheap and well made.
by Demetrius J. on 02/01/2015
"I have owned this gun for about 6 months now, and I've recently really started using it. I have nothing but great things to say about it thus far.

Mine shoots around 270fps with .20's. The construction of the gun is great, it's solid, with everything nice and tightly secured, and has quite a heft to it. You'd never know the upper is polymer unless you actually tapped it. It looks like metal, and with the weight of the gun you'd never guess. Some people have complained about the stock, but personal I've never had an issue. Mine is solid both in the folded and unfolded position, and i use it as a sling mount when I'm playing. The grip is also a polymer/plastic, but is also solid and comfortable. The fire selector works perfectly on mine as well, and the trigger has a nice "spongy" feel to it when you pull it.

In terms of accuracy and range, it's AEP so it's mean for close quarters. I could accurately hit the head on a dummy out to 50 feet 90% of the time. Which is great, considering the size of the gun, and if you think about a CQB environment 50 feet is quite a decent distance.

The mag feeds well, I'd say i get about 60-70 bb's before it unwinds because the mag is a hi-cap. The battery is also pretty good, it has a decent ROF out of the 7.2V 450Mah battery. You'll get maybe 300-400 shots before it dies. Which is also good, considering the size of the battery. Some people have complained about it, but remember this is an AEP(istol). It's not meant to compete with AEG's. Also with the size of the magazine, you'll go through like 6 or 7 before the battery dies, which makes it seem like it lasts longer.

Overall, this thing is FUN. I highly recommend picking this up, as it's worth every penny. I also recommend getting a few extra mags, and batteries, so that you can really play all day with this thing and be competitive.
by Mark H. on 12/22/2014
"Great gun for the price great secondary and perfect for cqb but selector switch is funny and the stock is loose but over all a great gun

ps. Might shoot a little hot for some cqq places
by Austin H. on 08/13/2014
"I've had this gun for quite some time now and it is still amazing!!! If you have sniping role and you're looking for a secondary weapon that can lay down some fire, this is a great choice!!! And believe it or not its pretty heavy for its size!! Also if your a beginner buy this and a few mags or a drum mag and a vest you can already be a valuable player in your backyard wars or CQB games and maybe possibly field haha

-Metal Parts
-Great range
-Nice accuracy
-Hop up is great
-Has a pretty long battery life!!
-You look completely awesome with it!!

Cons:(very small cons)
-The mag it comes with has a small feeding issue but it isn't terrible
-Cant use a smart charger with it but that doesn't bug me too much
- No holsters so far!! so you have to find a way to store it if it is a secondary I just use a sling around the metal folding stocks and let it dangle and it works okay!!!

overall I'm very pleased with this purchase I'm a complete assassin at games and you can be an Airsoft assassin too just buy this!!
by Stephen K. on 08/09/2014
"Great gun... I had an M4 before this, I'm relatively new to airsoft, but the Scorpion is definitely better for close quarters. It's small size makes it very maneuverable, and I would recommend it for CQB/mid range.

Great power and ROF for a pistol
accurate up to about 100 feet
small, but powerful
great gun for the cost
Hopup is very easy to adjust.

mags aren't the greatest- unwinds and needs to be wound about 8 times for it to be usable.
Internals are one-of-a-kind, can't really be upgraded

I put a vertical grip w/ built in flashlight on mine, works out great.
by Lucas K. on 07/28/2014
"This thing arrived a few days ago, and I could not have been more happy. Previously, I had been using a CO2 SG9000 shotgun (And nothing else, perhaps unwisely) and now that this crazy mother has arrived, I have a secondary weapon. It shoots like a dream and it's a laser beam even with unadjusted hop-up. As a bonus, the manual is chinglish and very amusing to read.
Only troubles I've had with the Klobb is that I believe I got a dud mag, as it unwinds itself all the time and is completely FUBAR. The only other problem is that my semi-braindead friends insist on using the stock.
by brandon s. on 10/29/2013
"I got this awesome little cqb gun last week in the mail. When I first opened it, It was definitely surprising how solid it felt. No wobble anywhere, and a good 3/4 of it is made of metal (although I think it's pot metal). Also comes in a nice box with everything you need to get started, including an adapter that gives it 14mm CCW threads. Just twist the orange tip clockwise with a pair of pliers to get it off, and then screw on the adapter. It's also a light gun, at about 2.5 lbs.

Solid range and accuracy. Awesome for cqb but can definitely engage people at mid range.

Works great as a primary. Just unfold the stock and pop the drum mag in.

Works great as a secondary. Just fold the stock and take the mags out. It'll fit in large pistol holsters.

Great rate of fire for a 7.2v battery, around 14 rps.

Drum mags!!

Can accept Suppressors.

Feels really solid

Price! I got mine for $80 with a drum mag and a stick mag. That's an awesome deal.

Charging handle sucks. it works fine, but the spring in it simply isnt strong enough to push the handle back with any force.

Mag well isn't bad, just hard to use. it's short and the magazine kind of has to be positioned correctly. Sort of like an AK.

My battery in particular really has to be shoved into the charger for it to charge.

Stock gets wobbly really quick. The piece simply gets worn down.

Rail sucks. Looks bad, feels can take it off though.

Definitely glad I bought this gun though. It's a great little AEP and suits my needs perfectly since I'm done with gas guns and don't have enough for a Tokyo Marui. This gun really can hld it's own in the field and works with any loadout.
by Samuel A. on 09/16/2013
"For cqb, look no further.