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JG T3-K1 Full Size Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ 400 FPS Metal Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)

76 Customer Reviews

by Justin S. on 12/18/2014
"Pros- excellent range and fps, good rate of fire,

cons- The fire selector switch got really loose after only a couple uses. i cant figure out how to fix it.
by Caleb P. on 12/17/2014
- Pretty light for an SG-1 (plastic body)
- Moderately upgradable/modifiable (G36 compatible pistol grip and scope rails available)
- GREAT fps and accuracy for the price
- Lipo ready
- Bipod included (a little flimsy)
- Great versatile battle rifle

- Says it recommends large type batteries, but the battery compartment is too small for the matrix 5000mah (might fit if you cut up the inside of the stock) and it actually has a small tamiya female instead of a large.
- stock iron sights are REALLY close to the gun, the stock is kinda high up too.
- Bipod legs get loose if wiggled a little, but it is unscrewable
by Brandon K. on 04/28/2011
"This gun is a decent gun. The stats on it are great, and the price is nice! This was my first quality gun, and I am happy to say I am satisfied with it.

High fps compared to most guns in the same price range
Magazine has held up since I bought the gun nearly a year ago
Easy to take apart and put back together

I had a big problem at first with the trigger, and it would be stuck firing full auto, even after releasing the trigger.
One tooth broke off a gear shortly after buying it, but I THINK that was my fault, not JG's fault.
HUGE gun, hard to maneuver in the woods with, but that's why I have my mp5!

Overall, this gun is a really good gun, and I think I was just unlucky with the trigger, as I haven't seen others with the same problem. This is a great gun and is still used as my primary, with only a barrel upgrade in the past year!
by Kyle T. on 05/21/2010
"Overall this is an awesome "cheap" gun. Being only 125-155 dollars this is a relatively cheap AEG for airsoft.

There is a huge amount of upgrade ability to be done to this gun, if you wish. You can use this gun as a support type weapon with high rof and lower fps, or you can amp it up and use it as a single shot sniper weapon, the possibilities are awesome.I won't talk about that, because honestly... if you want to do that, that is your choice and you better know what the hell you are doing.

The long barrel makes this gun pretty darn accurate and the high fps spring adds to this. The Hop up is kind of choppy to adjust for me and difficult to adjust for me, although once you get it where you want it, it shoots nicely. Optics can be added by using a G3/mp5 mount, and whatever you get varies on what you want to do with the gun.

The gun comes with an already pretty high rof, just when shooting be sure to shoot in short bursts so you don't hurt your internal gearbox. The bursts are relatively well grouped together.

I believe that the gun chrono'd at around 330 or 340 with .25s for me. I use .35's for best accuracy, work wonderfully.

The magazine fits very snuggly, yet is easy to get out. I have never had any feeding issues, even when firing full auto for over 5 seconds or so, just be sure to keep it wound.

I have opened up the gearbox, and it is sort of sloppy... there is strange factory grease lying about in random locations. The shim job is comes with works pretty well, but once you open it, you have to change it anyways. The piston is rather crappy material and will crap out on you eventually (but not for a while if you fire only semi and short bursts) To my surprise the bushings are 7mm, rather than 6mm, which is a positive... but not really since they are crappy looking plastic ones. The spring in the gun is pretty hot and will hurt your gearbox over time, so it would be wise to either upgrade your gearbox or downgrade your spring.

Oh yes, the bipod... Well, the bipod itself works pretty well, it folds, it is metal, and yeah. Sometimes the part comes off center and it has to be twisted back into place, really simple fix. But the way the bipod is held onto the gun is completely stupid... seriously, the bipod WILL fall off if you run with your gun. If you like the bipod, then you need to go to a hardware store and modify the bipod so it stays on permanently (i did this and I love it completely). If you don't like the bipod, just remove it and forget about it.

Very accurate (can hit target at about 125 feet or so)
High rof
7mm bushings
Body seems durable plastic

Bipod comes off easily (Easy fix)
Plastic Bushings (easy fix)
Cheap Piston (easy fix)
needs to be taken care of if you want it to last long (meaning you have to clean it often, check that everything is okay often)

Summary: If you are a fan of the G3, and do not have the money to buy a higher end gun, get this one, it works great. The gun is quite long, so if you are a smaller person, find something else. This length gives the gun tremendous accuracy at pretty long ranges (125 feet or so). Really nice gun, great platform for upgrades, yet also works very well stock.
by Honor F. on 09/29/2009
"This gun is very good for the price. its mostly abs but it still very durable and reliable.
high Rate of Fire
Distance is awesome
mobility is great besides length
bipod is decent

bad stock piston
gearbox makes odd noise when fired *grinding noise* due to the giant spring its pushing back and forth

otherwise this gun is very good for the price 4/5
by brock f. on 09/12/2009
"I own this gun and i cant complain a bit about it. I am extremely pleased with its rate of fire and its distance. I wouldnt be mad persay if it was a little bit more accurate but my team and i call it the "automatic shotgun". but overall its a sick gun
by DARLA A. on 03/21/2009
"This is a pretty good gun. it has a decent price, too. it is very acurate and out ranges all my friends guns. The gun is kind of long so it's a little akward when running with it. Also the screws in the bipod get a little loose, but nothing a screwdriver can't handle. It doesn't have the fastest rate of fire, but i like that because i pick and choose my shots. Also you do have to use the thing at the bottom of the clip quite often to pump the bbs up. Overall a good airsoft gun thats not to fancy, but gets the job done.
by Major M. on 02/19/2009
"Good gun with a strong rate of fire. 380-400 fps is about right and i love the gun. It is longer than any gun i have seen but it is not very heavy. bottom line it is powerful, and worth it.
by Bobby L. on 01/28/2009
"This is an overall good AEG for the price of $140.00. First I will say some good things about the gun.
One of the best things about this gun is the accuracy. Me and my friend were pickin off pop cans last weekend and it was from a range of about 75-80. You can aim at a certain letter on it and you will most likely hit it. Second of all, the rate of fire is around 750 rpm. This will decrease after about an hour or so of usage on the battery. Next would be the sights. They are adjustable to make the rear sight have a smaller hole to make it more accurate. There are four levels. 1, regular sight as seen in Call of Duty 4 and other video games. 2, small hole to peer through to make it easier to aim. 3 and four are just smaller versions of 2 to be able to shoot further. The battery life is decent and off a four hour charger can last 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Lastly it is a good scale model of the gun and even though it is ABS plastic, it can take a beating. I thought that it would brake easier, so for those people who were like me, IT DOESNT. You cant tell the difference from this or a metal gun holding it. You feel a big presence on the battlefield.

Now for the bad stuff. The connection from the batteries to the motor can be questionable at some point. If you are outside and its cold, refrain from having the battery rattle around. You can kink the wires and lose connection and power. This will result in the gun not firing randomly and after waiting a couple seconds you can fire again it would work again. IF YOUR GUN IS DEFECTED RETURN BEFORE 14 DAYS BEFORE THE WARRANTY IS UP.

I give this gun a 93.5/100 to make it more in depth.

Webmaster: To fix battery rattle in stock, use large type battery, a piece of fix. = )
by Jesse W. on 11/30/2008
"many others like myself are quite satisfied by it. It does shoot around 380-410 on a full battery and mag release is solid.
by Peter A. on 09/04/2008
"brought my rating down 1 star cuz my selector switch and pin broke withing like 24 hours of each other, but they are easily replaced. stilll think its a great gun. intimidation factor very high. accuracy very good. i like it better cuz i took of the should definatly buy this gun if you are a beginer or intermediate. pro's would probably want the more expensive version just because it has better accuracy and FPS.
by D-trick H. on 06/21/2008
"My friend has this gun. This is also a very good gun. Very sturdy.

High ROF
High fps (390-410)
The most accurate gun I'v ever seen

To big for me, more for support or sniping
heavy(not for me I'm stealth)
bi-pod get lose during play(no big deal)
by Luis F. on 05/08/2008
"I have bought this like about 2 weeks ago and have had the plesure of taking it out to a skrim. This thing is so long though, i have a ump, m4 with a full stock and an l85 a1 and this by far is the longest rifle I have ever own and i had an m16 at one point but hands down this my most fav of them all. Right now I am going with a dmr role with this and i would not suggest any one do that, this thing is ment to be a lmg it has a very high rate of fire and the barol is not that accurate like it has a sped affect but any ways it a good piece for the price i would give it a 5 out of 5 but like i said could be alot more accurate.

Luis Felix
by JAMES C. on 07/17/2013
"Fps on the description of course can vary from gun to gun but to buy a gun hoping for 400 like it says it achieves and see it only does 320 (using an evike chrono) is disappointing. Maybe they chrono the gun using .12's. That's the only con.

This is an adult size gun and out of the box pretty impressive. The 125 rnd mid cap I bought with it works fine also. The bipod and the operating handle work pretty well. Can't wait to change the spring and use it.
by Jake M. on 09/29/2009
"Ok I just quickly would like to say i have a JG sg1 and a classic army SAR, my JG is about the same on the face value, IE: rof, fps, general function, but inside the gear box different story. but Im really here to explain the fine differences over all. you can read the basic stuff any where, this is the nitty gritty.

the JGs wiring is crumby copper vs CA silver. and CA has secondary connectors, making it easier to wire the stock.

CA stock is more robust while the JGs is attached using smaller screws, this is a known point of failure for the g3a3 line in general.

the inner barrel on my JG was RUSTY on the outside! the flash hider and the front set is made out of some heaver pot metal (apposed to CAs lighter aluminum) which was all rusty in side of it, eeeww.

the charging handle of the JG is supported my plastic, so you cant 'HK slap' not a big deal, but it you leave it 'up' it tends to bend the plastic, not fun.

the JG does have that cool safety leaver that lets you see whats its on from both sides, but OMG DON'T LOSE THAT TINY SCREW!, CA dosen't have that, but it is a way simpler mechanism and much easy to reassemble.

The front bi-pod on the JG its the wiggle capital of jiggle city USA. If you put it up and down like 3 times, it will probably wonk out on you and need screwing, sure you can take it off, but the plastic for the hand guard just just plain crumby. the CA front hang guard if over all made out of way heaver ABS and the bi-pod is actually function able.

JG uses wonky pushpins that you gotta screw down, they are a little rough on the plastic, CA uses nicer push pins that are much stronger and is like the JGs front pin, no screw driver.

CAs metal body lets the whole front section of the gun have a simpler stronger attaching method, the JG needs all sorts of nuts and bolts and such.

a HUGE WTFunky potatoes on my part was that JGs cylinder was PORTED for like a mp5, there where major FPS loss, and a pain ultimately to fix, HOPEFULLY this 'new version' pays a bit more attention. SIGH! it also sports cheese ball plastic bushings , the echo1 version adds metal ones though, worth 20 bucks extra?

even IF you buy the TWO necessary metal body kits for the JG (front and receiver) the CA still has more metal, the 'SEF' trigger group is metal and the bit that holds the stock pins, also metal, the MBKs that Ive seen just don't have that cus of the 'neat' selector leaver that is on the JG/TM and the different style push pins.

Maybe you COULD rewire the whole thing, reinforce the stock, replace the flash hider, buy $150 of metal kits, and live with plasticity bits, enjoy the annoying/neat selector, just never open the gear box (clone compromise city) or get a new expensive drop in GB.

but really you probably wont, and like I did, if you really care about that stuff you'd just buy a classic army or Tokyo marui to replace your JG

I still love my JG, its just not displayed as proudly as my ultra babied classic army.

I'm giving it a three because I simply out grew it and wanted more. but if your a noob, go nuts its super cool, id suggest something else tough, but noobs don't listen anyway and will probably yell at me for ranting.

The End.

Read a book, that's how they end stuff, you probably don't know that cus you don't get that far.