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JG T3-K1 Full Size Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ 400 FPS Metal Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)

75 Customer Reviews

by Peter A. on 07/20/2008
"awesome gun my first real one and everyone agrees its a great gun. outstanding accuracy and firing speed. you could easily adapt this into a sniper.
by allen t. on 07/19/2008
"i bought this gun with 3 xtra mags, smart charger, 9.6V 36oo mAH, m120 spring, anda matrix 470mm 6.035 tite bore barrel. (i also bought 20000 rds f bbsbcause it has a very high rate of fire)


This gun is very good for support, but u mite want a barrel mag 4it. it has a large site radious (srry cant spell) which means that it is more accurate. with all of those upgrades it fires 450fps andi sware to god i hit a target 5 out of 7 times at 105 YARDS, thats 315 ft which is better thana sniper. i wish this scale wentup higher. i would giveit a million and 1.
by Brian E. on 07/19/2008
"Just got this gun and really nothing bad to say about it. I agree it is more around 385 fps and it is scary accurate.
by Johnny S. on 07/13/2008
"The gearbox is full metal with better than CA and Marui parts. The body is ABS but for $135 there is plenty of room in your wallet for a metal body. It is a reliable gearbox pre-upgraded shooting 360+ out of the box (Compare to 330 fps on Classic Army and 290 on Marui)

Would get a 9.6V battery for this gun.
by Mark L. on 07/07/2008
"Well built with excellent range and accuracy. 385 fps with very high ROF. Plastic body is well made and not a big negative when compared to similar metal body guns. Highly recomended.
by Evan I. on 07/01/2008
"Very accurate rifle ( making it a good trade-off for not being a compact gun). Wish we can see more G3 on the field soon now that JG released this monster. Tired of all the M4 and AK.... = )

For Nolan,

Version 2 gearbox wiring are easy to fix if you are ever to have any issues. Contact an tech support if you are not sure what to replace. MP5 gearbox actually have the same wiring to the front or back unlike the M4. So its easy to find out which part of the wire is disconnected if you are sure its the wire.
by mike r. on 06/28/2008
"i just bought this and im very impressed the range is amazing and the accuracy is very good also the bipod helps alot in battle and ive been able to eliminate many other players in a battle with it i highly reccomend getting this. the only con of this gun is the lenth many people cant hold it correctly because its actual size but its perfect for me and anyone else who is big.
by bobby b. on 06/27/2008
"this gun is really good because when i play with my friends it kicks there buts.
by Justin M. on 06/09/2008
"just a quick question:
should i get this with a silencer and a red/green dot scope?
should i get a CA SLR105A1 with 2 mags?
any help is welcomed. thanks.
by alex g. on 06/03/2008
"i got this gun. oh god yes its great. at first it might seem to be long but also useing a sniper, the gun dosen't seem as long. its great for shooting throw the brush, and has a nice long reach on it. hands down its a great gun and will hold its own on the field... just it likes to eat BBS like theres no tomarrow so have alot of them cause the high rate of fire is great.
by Jaxon V. on 04/01/2017
"My first AEG, and am loving it. Be aware, it's a decently heavy gun in my own opinion, and does come with a bipod as shown, but scope/optic isn't included, but I just put a 1x4 Variable zoom 8 inch long eye relief (Sold by Evike) optic on it, and I love it so much. Easily best purchase I've made on this site.
by SC M. on 07/17/2015
"This gun is a great gun. Perfect for airsofting.

At least, mostly. There are a few issues with this weapon, as the fire select was made from cheese and broke on the field, so getting the way more awesome reinforced fire select that they happen to also make is a good idea. There has been a few issues with the mag where it won't feed right, so I sometimes have to unload it, smack it, then reload. Not a hard smack, just enough to let it know we're in the middle of a fire fight and it ejects a bunch of BB's. Finally, the gun is made out of mostly plastic with a few metal bits here and there. It makes the gun light and cheap, so it has some perks but still. The bipod is a bit crap, and works only when it wants to but it looks nice and matches the gun.

That being said, I can't think of anymore negative features it holds. For the most part, it fires fast, hits hard, goes far, looks sexy, and it's a pleasure to play with. The gun is LiPo ready and with that battery it turns into a beast. I intend to get a Drum Mag (the cheap crap one they sell) and make an improvised HK21. It'll be great, though it's supposed to be a DMR. So much so they include a cheek rest to stick to the stock of your gun. It's the sexiest G3 they sell on Evike, just has a few kinks.
by Nick K. on 06/25/2015
"Very good gun for the price!
+ Decent range
+ Good FPS
+ Battery in stock
+ BiPod
+ Mag size (300 I think, not 500)
+ Easy to use hop-up
- Cant think of any major problems...
by Seth C. on 04/16/2015
"This was my second AEG. It has an all polymer exterior, with a metal gearbox and barrel assembly (both inner and outer). The motor is pretty good, but the 7.5v nimh it comes with is crap. You need to overcharge it just to get it to work. The bipod feels nice and sturdy, but the handguard it's mounted on is all plastic and makes a lot of noise unless the bipod is removed. And even then it's just not as loud. Being a G3, the most rail space you can get is a 6" rail for a scope, but nothing else. Also, being a G3, it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find parts for. I wanted a new handguard, and I ended up having to buy one second-hand from a REAL G3. And then I had to cut bits and pieces off to get it to fit. The hopup is pretty much crap, but overall, it's a good gun. I would recommend this, except it's impossible to find any sort of parts for if it doesn't share it with the MP5.

Parts shared with the MP5 or that are relatively easy to find:
Fire selector
rail mount
by Justin S. on 12/18/2014
"Pros- excellent range and fps, good rate of fire,

cons- The fire selector switch got really loose after only a couple uses. i cant figure out how to fix it.