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Model: AEG-JG-098
Location: L2-012

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by Mikhail K. on 2008-10-23 17:25:21
"You just need to get a 14mm mock silencer, they have plenty in the store, go search silencers that have 14mm
by andy m. on 2008-10-21 21:15:29
"can someone tell me how you would do to put a mock silencer on this bad boy( like parts i would need to buy) that would be awesome thank you to anyone who helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jesse W. on 2008-10-20 18:15:28
"I've had this gun for some time now and I absolutely love it. Just everything about it quite good

Good weight
Functional cocking
Excellent ROF
Excellent Accuracy at burst fire or semi
Does not damage easily
Metal Bipod
Excellent replica model albeit it is mostly plastic

Hi-cap mag that it came with was not effective (Suggest King Arms Midcaps)
Some screws do get lose
Requires purchase of a top rail for sights
Bipod becomes loose and requires mantelpiece alot

Yet these are all minor things, 5/5 in my book
by Anthony C. on 2008-10-20 07:50:03
"yes cody its a negative threaded barrel. if u look in features it says counter clockwise threaded barrel and that means the same as negative threaded and yes 14mm
by Benjamin Q. on 2008-10-20 07:00:30
"This gun has been fantastic. This was my first airsoft gun and it stood up to a lot of the guys I play with using suped up guns and high gear when it was just a stock model. I've never had it break on me and it's always been a very relyable and highly useful weapon. I did need to get a claw mount for it to add a scope, but other than that I've barely done a thing to sup up my gun and I still use it. I give this gun my highest marks, it's awesome.
by Cody E. on 2008-10-18 21:20:43
"14mm negative for silencer?? yes or no, usually I hate when people use the reviews for questions but it doesn't specify! but really though imagine a long barrel extension NOW THATS SEXY
by Tariq N. on 2008-10-14 17:39:17
by Cody L. on 2008-10-07 18:47:19
"can someone please tell me wether to get this one or get the Echo1 version.
by Peter A. on 2008-10-05 08:43:43
"hey this is my third review for this gun but i cant stop because this gun is so awesome. this is such an amazing gun. powerful and accurate, this gun is perfect for anyone from a begginer to a pro. if your looking for a gun that your friends dont have this is the gun for you. uinless, you know, one of your friends do have it.
by James C. on 2008-09-30 07:05:42
"The way JG, Echo1, Classic Army and many factories works: They constantly put in better parts into their stock guns as time goes. You won't see a big difference unless you compare the same models that are at least a year apart. For example: A few existing models will have higher fps on the new batch, or with metal bushing on the new batch, or with the newly designed gearbox on the new batch...ect.

So if you buy from big distributors like Evike in oppose to a small shop that might be sitting on old models, at least you are guaranteed that. (Same reason you want to go to a buffet that has heavy traffic.) I have noticed that a new AEG rifle I got has better battery and included side rails in which my friend who bought it else where at the same time don't have it.
by alex g. on 2008-09-28 20:29:38
"also to add to my last, i own the old version as i guess you would call it, still the same gun old or new. its just great fire power
by alex g. on 2008-09-28 20:27:25
"look, my friend got this gun, he dosen't use it much. the point is that is reads NEW VERSION, no, we slaped a new labe on it. its the same peace to peace with the old version. not saying this is bad, this is a great gun. no once failed me in the field. do buy a bigger batter with it, or at lest a second one. the gun works great in shoting through brush and into tree lines. keep good care of it and you will get great distance out of it. buy alot of BB'S and also check to an extra mag. i know this cause well it eats BB's like a fat kid in a candy store. the power is great you should see the marks it will leave on some one. don't really think this gun is the greates for CQB for it is a long gun. but if you can get a quick draw and drop low move going on then you have a great gun beside you.

Displaying 37 to 48 (of 71 reviews)

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