Reviews: Full Size JG DMR M16 with Full Length RIS Hand Guard - Black (Package: Rifle)


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Model: AEG-JG-FG6620

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by scotty d. on 2008-07-11 14:26:04
"yeah the gear box if full metal so yeah those are all metal its got a great gear box and the rate of fire is unbeliveable it beat the A&K m259 saws rate of fire.It comes with a MATRIX angel spring whitch is really good so u should have to upgrade the spring unless u really want to.
by refraef a. on 2008-07-11 04:04:34
"Also does the gearbox come with metal gears, metal bushings, metal shims, and is the gearbox reinforced. Also what spring does this gun come with. thanks
by Kim S. on 2008-07-11 01:27:38
"i got this gun today and i like it better than my A&K full metal SR-25 but one downside to the gun was the mag broke in like 20mins but i think i was just unlucky but the gun is great i suggest getting an extra mag just in case but overall the gun is great and it is very long so those with short arms do not get this gun.
by scotty d. on 2008-07-09 16:11:00
"after i put in the tight bore barrel it was about 420 fps.The tight bore barrel is a good investment for anyone get one
by scotty d. on 2008-06-23 18:30:50
"this is a great gun for anyone who is looking for an assult rifle with high FPS and very accurate.This gun beats my friends m249 saw by 10 FPS and this gun is only 125.00 but his was $400.00.This gun needs a tight bore barrel if u want it to shoot farther by 50 feet so if you are playing at large distances a tight bor barel is what u need.Evike sells tight bore barrels for $30 also get a 509mm because it fits better.All in all this gun is great you need to buy it.
by Nate Z. on 2008-06-17 20:25:59
"I just got this gun today and i'm very impressed. It has a pretty good wait becuz og the front RIS rails however since the RIS rails are a part of the forgrip it wobbles a bit but i fixed th@. Also like alot of other m4/m16's there is a barrel wobble which u can tighten. For fps i swear it is shooting harder than like 370! not a weak gun! Accuracy is good! The butt stock isn't loose it's nice and solid! Great gun!
by Craig C. on 2008-06-02 16:42:55
"This gun is great for any one who is looking for an M16 that is customizeable. I would highly recomend this JG for the ability to turn it into an M4 by buying the M4 Barrel set Evike sells. This gun has high FPS, destroys boxes and even goes in walls ! Alot of metal on this gun, another reason to get this one over the plastic handguard M16A4 is because the RIS Rails are full metal adding a basic full metalness to the gun and heavier which is great for quality. Also recomend a Vertical Grip it will deffinantly make this gun better in CQB or to just carry and aim in general. Overall its a great JG and is worth every penny - CMC
by Andrew R. on 2008-05-28 23:16:22
"Great gun, if and only if you put in a tight bore barrel. It is so worth it because then it crushs $400 guns. Well it shoots just as far, accurate, and consistent. Mad bull 509mm. After the new barrel you can't tell it isn't a high end gun. The ris rail is full metal, all I need now is a full metal body and i am set.

Displaying 37 to 44 (of 44 reviews)

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