Reviews: New Version Enhanced JG M16 DMR / M16 RIS FULL SIZE Airsoft AEG

$180.00 $153.00

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Model: AEG-JG-FG6620
Location: A1-047 WO4-M04

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by marcus r. on 2010-12-16 17:13:23
"my friend has this gun and and it is PURE BEAST!! nice rof out of the box and great range he picked me off and i was 180ft away and was sniping, ill give it a 8/10 stars because of its size(personal reason:i don't like big guns)im getting this gun for Christmas b/c i need a back up gun for sniping.
by Michael W. on 2010-12-16 16:57:51
"lets make this quick.. This gun comes with nice bbs, a nice mag, and an amazing body. though the internals are extremely crappy.

amazing look
suprisingly not to heavy
great deal
can withstand lipo

TERRIBLE hop up! worthless
stock doesnt hold 9.6v or higher, unless u get lipo
gear box makes a weird noise when you first get it (it goes away after about 800-1100 rounds)
internals generaly stink.
390fps, isnt very strong
not long range
most of the gun is plastic

now you might see this gun as not such a good buy, but all you need to do is get new internals and this thing is easily a DMR (which im doing). but if you are looking for a stock sniper that has long range accuracy, this isnt for you. if you purchase this, upgrades will be a need but also extremely rewarding

4*'s, evike rocks!
by Jeremy G. on 2010-09-21 18:40:59
"Can a webmaster or any1 tell me if the receiver on this gun is metal or not
by Patrick P. on 2010-03-08 15:55:24
"its a good gun but the spread is pretty bad. its very powerful but hard to move with sometimes
when i first got it it didnt work because the fuze was all messed up but i fixed it and it works good. but if you do buy this gun then dont connect the battery before you put it in the stock. you put it in the connect it to make sure the fuze does not get messed up just like mine did.
by Benjamin P. on 2010-03-08 10:53:15
"This was my first AEG. It has lasted me quite a wile and preformed moderately good. I kept it stock for 5 events and then got into upgrading it which is when the problems started, but im not going into that cause that isn't what your buying.

overall the gun wile its stock is a very nice gun, i had the older version that came out last year but im assuming its the same thing with a few minor tweaks.

great beginner gun
pretty decent internals

little front heavy cause the rails are metal and the rest is plastic.
after using other guns now, the quality plastic on this gun is just terrible.
by Laken V. on 2009-10-11 13:46:28
its a wawesome gun
its accurate
looks cool
i wont waste ur tie with details
its a good gun
by tommy p. on 2009-09-18 15:02:42
"this gun is awsome its such a beast!!!!! i've used mine for about the games so far and its amazing. its very very acurate and powerful in fact i use mine as a is great for everything but it shoots way to hot for qcb trust me it would break skin!!!the ris does wobble but so does the real one so just buy a scope raiser and attach it to the front ris and the rail on the top.the full auto rof is around 900 to 950 rpm its awsome... but for qcb you should buy a shorter range aeg like an uzi, scorpian or an mp-5k. its awsome just buy it!!!!!!!!
by Luke c. on 2009-04-19 06:12:41
"If your looking for an M16 for less than $200 this is the one to get. The estimated range is the biggest lie ive heard. My friend owns this gun. His will do about 60 yards. The average chrono reading for it was around 415fps and its real close to having the same accuracy as a sniper. This is the best $160 M16 ive ever seen.
by Zack J. on 2009-03-11 21:03:27
"I have had this gun for about a year. Its great and powerful. One thing about the wobble, if you pull back on the ring that keeps the rail on and pull it up, there is a threaded ring and if you tighten it, there is less of a wobble. But the outer barrel part will still shake a little regardless.
by Andrew C. on 2009-02-27 11:05:43
"Get rid of whobble with some tape, extreamly good gun
i also have a sniper with 6.01mm barrel and full 525fps kit and this is just as accurate
ONLY USE .28s with this
i can easially hit the targets i have in my yard at the 200foot mark is dead on 250 was less than half a low cap but

good out rangeing gun but you should eventually get a softer spring unless u wanna have this fixed on semi only at some fields :(

im glad the fields here use .25s as the criteria not .20 lol other wise it shoots to hot
perfect gun bravo JG
by David D. on 2009-02-25 09:56:40
"Just got mine.Works great out of the box........Straight Shooter! No probs yet and have shot maybe one whole 300rd mag out of it!
VERY nice weapon........Worth the $$$$$ BIG TIME!
by Andrew C. on 2009-02-23 19:18:19
"good range, i put a prommy barrel in mine :) good stock fps def bettery buy than a TM
only thing i upgraded other than barrel was to a eg 1000 motor just for the name behind it this guns ris movment is the same as a TM sr-16's movement but and most tms have barrel whobble also, its not so bad that i'd fret over how to super glue or weld this shit together, its good and the whobble isn't worth paying attention to, get a ris grip on this for a half tripod half accuracy guider half quicker aim thing

id recomend this hurray for version 2008 i hope!

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