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Model: AEG-JG-FG6620

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by Andrew R. on 2015-08-25 10:13:03
I've now played with this gun for over 6 months and can say that my initial review may have been a bit harsh (and holy poop I should really proofread :P). That being said, yes, this gun has its issues. At the time I bought the gun, I really had no idea how to maintain or repair it. I was just getting into the sport and had no experience. With 6 months under my belt I can now say that this gun I decent, quite good in fact. I now realize that no gun out of the box is perfect and that aftermarket upgrades and tweaks are needed. The wiring in the stock WAS terrible, but I managed to crimp the wires and used a smaller battery. Problem solved. As for the curving bb issue I cleaned and realigned the barrel. Later on I installed a Tightbore, nullifying the issue completely. Now onto the good things. This gun has an amazing range! I can hit targets at over 150 feet. The fps has wound down from 380 to 350 but it's more than enough for my field. This gun is almost as accurate as some custom DMR's on my field even before the new inner barrel.

-Hits hard (350 fps with .25's!)
-Very accurate, approximately 150 ft.
-Sturdy, minimal scratching and no major damage to the body
-Good iron sights, I'll often use them over my red dot
-No feeding or jamming issues, even using cheap hi-caps

-A bit expensive at $180, I got it on sale when it was $150
-Needs a little work to become great, again, not a perfect beginner rifle.

-Fixed stock (personally a +)
-The gun is huge! Very long and not good at all for indoor play

Overall this gun is a great DMR platform. With a little work, you can have the best gun on the field. I've been complimented many times on the gun, how hard it hits, and how cool it looks. If you can get over the initial problems, by all means pick up this gun!
by Nick B. on 2015-07-21 16:57:29
"This gun is awesome. Chronoed mine at 406 fps. Once you adjust the hop up this gun shoot very accurately, only thing I don't like is that the rail covers that are included feel really cheap, they don't fit the rails right and they wobble really bad, I have a vertical grip on mine and the rails themselves have a slight wobble. Nothing major but still. All in all great gun. Would recommend to any beginner player or anyone who wants a good m16 pretty cheap.
by Andrew R. on 2015-05-26 14:49:42
I bought this gun because of all the positive reviews and people saying that "It's such a good beginner gun." Turns out it's a Chinese knockoff that loves to break. It has a terrible internal battery design that's given me nothing but problems.

-Good, sturdy plastic
-Tight spread, good fire rate (chrono'd it at 350-370 with .25's)
-Decent gearbox

Major Issues:
-Horrible, terrible internal stock design. The biggest issue with this gun by far is the shoddy electrical connections between the gearbox and the battery. I had to open the gun on 4 separate conditions to re-tape the connections. As I played, the giant battery would shake around and knock the wiring loose. I finally cut the connectors (and with the help of a friend) soldered the damn things together.
-Very long bolt that runs the length of the stock wobbles. It's a constant pain and is really the only thing keeping the stock attached to the main body of the gun.

Minor, Issues:
-The sling mounts on my gun are very loose and make a clanking noise when running. Can be fixed with a little tape.
-Inner barrel curve. I have a constant right curve on my gun. I took it apart and re-aligned the gearbox. That seemed to fix most of the problem, but it still hooks ever so slightly to the right.
-Battery that comes with the gun is obviously terrible. Cheap, Chinese ni-cad. It lasted for a while but I would highly recommend investing in a new battery and smart charger.
-Wobbly plastic rail on the bottom of the barrel. Any foregrips attached will wobble as well.

Overall please just stay away from this gun. There's so many other options out there. I know for sure that my specific gun wasn't all at fault. These design flaws will be in ALL the M16's. It's not all terrible, but definitely not the ideal beginner gun.
by James m. on 2012-07-07 16:48:21
"Gun is amazing I've had for a month and no problems yet
1.long range ( for the price) point
3.FPS 420 .2g
4.full r.i.s.
5.sturdy build

1.not full metal

That's about it but please someone help what is the barrel thread on the end I am adding a black flash hider and I can't find it
by Dulah T. on 2012-05-08 17:22:46
"This, is an excellent rifle. I see that some others are complaining about barrel and mag wobbling? Okay, the mag wobbling is standard in almost any AEG, so don't worry about that. As for the barrel wobble? I never had any, when I got this gun the first thing I noticed was how sturdy everything was, absolutely no wobbling. The gun is ridiculously accurate for about 90 feet. It shoots very hard (Do NOT shoot an opponent anywhere from 1-8 feet, it will not only put welts on them, it will make them BLEED! Unless they have a vest) so I would recommend having safety precautions, as I have made a friend of mine bleed from this gun.

Lightweight (Especially with a vertical grip)
Durable (You'd have to be very clumsy to break the plastic)
I have no problem with batter fitting, even with this 9.6v 3600mh battery.

If your opponent has this gun, you should be scared :)
by Kellen M. on 2012-02-29 14:00:23
"This is the first airsoft gun i bought and just recieved it today. While it was shipping i was afraid that this gun would not be good for the very low cost. Boy was i wrong. This thing is a monster! Its noise while it shoots is very intimidating and made me jump when i shot it. It is super accurate form long distances. This is a must buy for anybody that wants to start airsoft. GET THIS GUN!

Light-weight (unless u r super weak)
Great rate of fire
Amazing FPS
Super cool feel
Includes hand guards
Nicely packaged

Not completly metal (i like it that way)

Some people dont consider this gun to buy, dont be one of those people
by Hunter M. on 2011-08-25 17:49:10
"This gun is one of the most accurate AEGs ive ever used. With the addition of a red/ green dot sight it makes a great DMR. The rails on it are great, and the charging handle makes a satisfying clank when released. the receiver may not be metal, but its just as sturdy.

heavy (feels exactly like a real M-16)
high rate of fire
mostly metal
heavy duty barrel
and it comes with four free rail covers

Cons: battery sorta hard to fit into the stock sometimes, but most of the time its fits fine
by Sylvan I. on 2011-07-24 13:46:16
"This is an excellent and cheap platform that can easily become one of the most accurate weapons on the feild with minimum upgrading. There are many concerns about barrel wobble and a "drift" in the BB's. There is a simulated gas tube behind the D-ring (delta ring) that keeps the D-ring from being screwed in fully. This creates horrible barrel wobble. Simply remove this part with a pair of pliers, it easily pulls off. Screw the D-ring in fully and you Won't have barrel wobble any more. The "drift" in BB's is partially caused by this and a poor hop up unit. Mine drifts to the right. More hop up, more drift. Replace the stock hopup unit and bucking and install a tight bore barrel. that done you'll have an extremely accurate DMR. It comes with a high torque motor and the gear box is ALREADY SHIMMED. That is an extremely important process that takes fine tuning and will keep your gear box from experincing as much friction. The gear box is also reinforced and, in experinced hands with good maintenance, IS lipo ready. Short of dropping another hundred dollars, this is the best stock platform I know of and is almost internally identical to a KWA except this gear box has bushings, not bearings.
by Tom S. on 2011-07-05 16:33:12
"I've had this gun for about six months now. It was my first gun and it hasn't failed me yet. I highly recommend this to any airsoft player. My only problem with it really spread out after a while so I recommend buying a tight bore barrel to maximize this guns accuracy and effective range. Also the ROF needs a little improvement so I suggest buying a better motor. All together this is an amazing gun and I absolutely love it.
by Christopher S. on 2011-03-28 21:08:30
"This is a good gun even for JG. I got it and loved it. The only thing that is wrong with it is the name DMR. I wouldn't call it that. But otherwise good, accurate AEG. However, the gun is a bit pricy for the quality. But not bad if you want a cheap-ish good M16.

Pretty light
Fairly accurate for AEG
Big stock for good batteries

Not DMR grade
A bit wobbly rails, but fixed easily enough.
A bit pricy
by Sam F. on 2011-02-13 11:49:26
"I just recently bought this gun. What attracted my attention was thy it was an m16 with 450 fps. This is Probobly One of he best jg m16s becouse of its fps,rails,and accuracy. I highly recommend this gun to anybody such as experienced or amateur .
by Collin L. on 2011-01-25 19:37:26
"This is the best gun ever!!!! It shoots far, accurate, and hard. Iv had this gun for a year and it still works like it just came out of the box. Iv even accitently droped it a few times at feilds even on concreat and it doesnt have a dent, crack, or paint chip. I love the rails because you can use them for just about anything. This is the best gun ever at an amazing price. DEFFINITALLY GET THIS GUN!!!

very sturdy
very durible
shoots far
shoots hard
shoots accurate
great price


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