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JG M733 Commando Airsoft AEG Rifle

40 Customer Reviews

by Arthur K. on 09/11/2008
"This is a fixed carrying handle so you cannot remove it. (For those that wants the one piece authentic look of the M733. Or else get a m4. The carrying handle for M4 scope mount can fit on this carrying handle too if you want to install optics.

If you are going to go high profiel anyways (for easier aiming) the fixed carrying handle is nice.
by Matthew E. on 08/29/2008
"I got it in the mail its a very accurate M733 its not that much more powerful than my other JG M4/M16's.But that changed when i put a M16 length tight bore barrel in it now it's even more accurate than before and can shoot farther i put the JBU mock silencer on it to hide the barrel coming out.The only thing i dont that i was upset about was that the flash hider that comes with it is plastic.Very good and powerful gun.
by james ?. on 07/08/2008
"I had four JG now and they shoot from 340~400 fps. To respond to the review below, battery doesn't really alter fps, only cycle rate. JG guns are the best Chinese clone and THE BEST AEG to get for $115! Trust me, buy a JG if you want a decent gun at great price, you cannot go wrong.
by Ramon B. on 07/06/2008
"this is a great gun and it is mostly all metal and when it is fully charged its fps is 379 i went to a shooting range and got the exact distance. and on july 12th it wil only be 80 dollars!!!!! i recomend this gun for anyone who plays airsoft
by Marques P. on 06/30/2008
"i bought this gun on june 27 2008 as soon as i tried it out i was impressed by the speed and accuracy at the store. this gun is great i would recommend this to everyone. as soon as i got home i got a call from my friend and he said to come over because we and some friends are having an airsoft war at a place in a dried up lake, i was impressed when we first started playing i always hit my target in this case it was my friends. very soon my team won my friend also has the same gun and he says this is the best gun he has ever had. the price is great.
by Brandon G. on 11/24/2014
"I love the weight of the gun, fps and accuracy. I just got it 2 weeks ago so no problems so far. If your questioning the power on this gun, I have to tell you that you shouldn't! reason being is that I shot on of my friend (during one of our airsoft wars) on the side of the head about 20 yards away and he started bleeding a good amount of blood. So the fps is umm.. pretty good I would say. That was with .25 bbs.

Pros - Fps, accuracy, good weight, nice metal mag.

now the problems I had. Small parts of the Handguard were shipped broken, but easily fixed with good jb welder glue. Putting the handgaurd is kinda difficult especially when putting in the battery. Battery is decent but would recommend getting a better one.

cons - Putting on and removing the battery is a pain and annoying.

Other then that.. Great Gun!
by dalton t. on 02/12/2013
"i had this gun for 3 years and i do have a new gun only because i got tired of m4s. i think this gun has great fps and rpm with even a 8.4. i recomend getting a quad rail with a battery box because there is no rails and the origanal hand guards feel very cheap with a grip on it. pro:
good fps
good rpm
mag feeds well
good acuresy
ok iron sights
you get more for what you paid for

plastic reciever
thats really it
by sharon r. on 05/25/2009
"this gun is pretty good. it has good power and decent accuracy. my only problem is the barrel assembly cant be removed. i wanted to install a new front assembly but once i got the thing open i couldnt get the barrel out. any suggestions on why this didnt work let me know.


-barrel assembly wont come out
overall: 4/5
by Tammy N. on 03/12/2009
"This gun is very compact and light weight. I would recommend getting a battery with a higher maH and 1 or more magazines. This gun has good accuracy up to 100 feet and i would also recommend getting a carry handle RIS mount to put either red dot sights or a scope on. The stock moves smoothly but isnt too comfortable against your sholder so you may consider getting a butt pad. This gun has an AVS plastic body which i do not mind at all because it only makes it lighter. The battery isnt too hard to get in but the hand guards are a cheaper feeling plastic. The metal parts are: barrel, quick wind mag, gears, sights(front and back),mag release, mag catch, parts of stock, hop up slide and trigger.

Overall i would recommend this gun to any intermediate or young player because of it lack of faults, small size, weight and durability.
by Christine M. on 09/07/2009
"I have a question that's really bothering me...does anyone know if the handle can come off cuz I'm getting this gun in a week and I really want to know

It is not removable.