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Model: AEG-JG-M16A2

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by Andrew F. on 2010-11-06 16:56:51
"This was my first aeg it's great no problems in 2 years
by Aaron B. on 2010-01-04 18:41:41
"well all i have to say is that if you get this gun you have to get a velocity reducer. it chronoed at 420 fps. this gun is a beast ive had it for a year with no problems whatsoever.
by Louis E. on 2009-03-21 18:09:57
"ok i just bought this gun. It has amazing accuracy and is great for long range. I last owned a sniper rifle and i wanted another long range rifle. So i bought it and its just as long range as my sniper rifle. I would recommend maybe an extra battery and use .2 or .23s in it. i give it a 10 out of 10
by leslie A. on 2009-03-07 14:03:02
"Great gun for a new player and thats all it is good for. First off this gun came chronoing at about 425(thats what evike said) i chronoed it the next day to have it shoot from 370 fps to 390 fps (which is more than enough). Accuracy is well maybe its accurate maybe its not, what I mean by this is that the bbs seem to shoot to the left, well no big deal ill just aim my gun to the right a little bit. This gun was a dissapointment when I got it it didn't look impressive at all. The magazine that came with it really only feeds with the jg m16 series and nothing else, well it will but just not as great. You also have to give it a nice push up into the gun to make sure it will feed right. This gun also have the MOST annoying sound when it is being shot kind of sounds like eaarrr ting!

I give it a 3/5 because this gun is a great new starter gun but nothing else.
by spencer b. on 2009-02-22 16:07:25
"this gun is just raw power this was the first gun i bought other than WALMART guns but i have had this gun for almost 5 months well almost the same one i have the older A2 but is a great gun but it hade so much power that it snaped the nozzle but other than that i love this gun im even thinking of upgrading it to the best i can and personaly i think its worth it
by william h. on 2009-02-10 14:41:54
"this gun is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u should totally get this gun it has an high fps and can be used as a sniper
it is very heavy tho but shoots great GET THIS GUNNNNNNNNNN TOTALLY SWEET!!!!!!!!
by Korina K. on 2009-01-12 10:24:21
"This gun is awsome! The rpm is around 800 per min with 9.6 battery. Gun is same weight as real m16 if u use. .2 gram bbs ur accuracy will be amazing. This thing is loud u can hear it from long distances. I would totally recommend this gun!
by Korina K. on 2009-01-07 22:46:24
"this gun is really amazing..i just received everyone that has ?s about this gun...this gun shoots anywhere from 500-1000 rounds per min..depends how chargered ur batery is...with .2 gram bbs ur just gonna dominate ur compitition.. with .12 you will still dominate just with less accuracy lol.. this gun is the same weight as a real M16...this gun is very very durable...the only thing that maybe is kinda bad on it is its hard to put the batery in the stock...i mean its gotta be perfect other wize it just dont want to go in..fps is amazing...hitting around 420 with .2 and 425 with .12 gram...everyone this is a great buy!

Webmaster: Note from, try to avoid using 0.12g bb, it may result jamming. 0.12g bb are for much weaker guns.
by Carmen G. on 2009-01-01 19:59:40
"janet i was watching a review of the gun on youtube and the rate of fire per second sounded like it was about 20-25 and felipe the m16 does have more range because it has a longer barrel
by janet j. on 2008-11-19 10:20:42
"what is the rpm it does not say. i was wondering if it would beat all my friends in airsoft?
by Felipe L. on 2008-11-04 09:21:28
"does the m16 AEG have more range than a m4 AEG? I mean compared to the ehnhanced JG M4...
by Andy H. on 2008-09-21 18:26:05
"Tariq, not sure what you are talking about.

Any Full metal gearbox AEG can last you as long as you want. If you wear off a piston after a year, replace it and the gun is good to go again until something wears off.

There is pretty much no "life spam" of an AEG since even the motor you can buy a spare that is BETTER / UPGRADED for $45.

This AEG is probably the most reliable one you can get because it is JG at this price range. The new enhanced new version here on evike is so nice it can even take lipoly battery and fires for over a great amount of time.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 20 reviews)

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