Reviews: ICS G33 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Desert Tan


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Model: AEG-ICS-G33-T
Location: L4-921

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by Luis M. on 2013-03-13 07:59:35
"The pictures does not do it justice how cool the gun looks.

In real life the aeg looks more tactical, and the polymer finish is very realistic, not toyish at all. When I went to the field players just staring at the gun, nobody laughing. The feel of the gun is superbly solid, feels like one complete piece, not like other guns that feel like a bunch of parts put together. Its a little on the heavy side, very strong contruction. The only downside is the stock lock, it is not that big, where the latch is, if the gun is dropped and beat up the first thing to break will be the plastic latch, similar to the DBOYZ Scars that suffer from the same thing. I am very careful not to drop the gun at all. If someday it does break, will permanently bolt it in, as I rarely play with stock folded, even when CQB.

The good:

- Hot out of the box, 400, 395, 407, 392 (readings from a Chrony, real firearm fps scanner, not an airsoft scanners that work half the time)
- Very smooth semi-auto, and high rate full auto, stock form
- Polymer is very solid, gun feels as one complete piece
- Superbly accurate 100ft + for a assault rifle design
Can hit a Maxwell House coffee can from 110 feet away, back to back using red dot sights.
- The cool factor, and knowing that nobody else has it on the field


- front rail battery compartment does not have enough space for a battery. Some 9.6v batteries small type batteries do not feet.
- Stock lock mechanism is very hard to press in with gloves, small space area. Lock latching piece may (has not happened yet) if gun is abbused or let dropped on the floor.
- Some M4 magazines may not fit, for example I have a short type M4 and it will not lock in, other M4 magazines sometimes difficult to push in. Smaller young players may have difficulty locking the mag in place.
- Because it is polymer, has a sand finish and in tan color, if it gets shot by a bb it will leave a mark, mine has a few already. (I got a G36C in black, and it rarely gets any marks) I do think some of those marks is from players playing with hot guns of 450 fps or more.


This is one of those guns I have to think twice before opening to do mods because it shoots so smooth, and is extremely accurate that I dont want to mess it up. This gun with a 13:1, mosfet, lipo, shimmed, better barrel, tight seal hop-up, AoE, a Madbull amplifier on the right hands, and it will be one mean rifle to play with. I say all that, but not everything is rate of fire, the gun is fun as it is.

Of course I do recommend this item.
by Heather M. on 2013-03-05 17:21:39
"Great gun i run a 10.8v battery and the thing sings! Stop thinking about it the handguard is pretty big the gun is accurate has an extremely high rate of fire and takes m4 mags.

installed tight bore
great internals
high rof
large battery space.

may have trouble putting a mock suppressor on it, you need an adapter
by que j. on 2013-02-07 13:17:19
"The gun is Awsome from the feel of it and the look is nice and clean Fire test was good to Useing two Mtn Dew cans to do the fire test on The FPS is good and the rate of fire Awsome ill be doing a fire test video soon But I have to say that i always liked the g36s JG, H&K The only other two G36s i ever owned this is a good replacement for them this year..nice work ICS

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)