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Model: AEG-ICS-148

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by jake h. on 2014-11-04 15:57:34
"Used this gun a couple times since i got it. Definitely a CQB gun. I got this gun in the box of awesomeness (BOA) planning on doing a ton of aftermarket installs.

very high stock ROF chrono'd (17rps) with fully charged 9.6
short barrel and rails make it great for CQB
ics split gearbox is way easier to install upgrades i ordered
built in flip up iron sites that literally disappear into your top rail
fit every m4 mag i own
fits very nice in hands, comfortable weapon

Chrono'd with .2g bbs (240-280fps) way less than advertised
the bottom of the front hand guard is a little wobbly
takes a specific custom battery that you have to buy, unless you have a pechbox.(which yes you can feed the wires through the little slots in the hand guard for one)
not a fan of plastic rails
heavier than i want for a CQB but not bad at all. ( weighs more than my p90)

Overall its a decent airsoft rifle. Great out of the box for indoor places. Gun will dominate at close quarters, and kids are scared of how fast it shoots stock. Not a long range weapon at all unless you do some serious upgrading. My cxp15 doesn't have great stock fps but maybe its just this one, upgrading regardless.
by Chris K. on 2014-07-18 21:25:25
"I was fiarly disappointed with this gun. First the shown flash hider is not the one that it comes with. Also the flash hider is not removable to access the -14mm threads. And most importantly this gun does not take butterfly type batteries! Only special 3-3-2 configuration ( as opposed to 4-4 configuration butterfly type) small type 9.6 volt batteries will fit in the handguard. And it's still a very tight squeeze. Lastly my guns hop-up would not adjust so the bbs curved towards the ground after twenty feet. I gave it two stars because it could work as a very basic beginner gun. Any pro would be disappointed!
by Matthew H. on 2012-11-21 00:13:28
"This is one of the bet guns I own and am feared for my accuracy. I am disappointed,however, with the fact that had a hard time finding a battery that fit. The salesman did not tell me the correct battery to get, so I bought a battery box from another airsoft store that explained the problem to me and rewired the gun to the box for free.

Pros: excelent accuracy in CQB fields
Built in Tac rails
Great FPS for indoor fields
accurate across Tac City El Monte
Comfortable feel
Cons: A riser is needed for a standard red dot sight
Hard to find a battery that fit ( get a battery box)
My tip was cracked
Does not come with battery or charger

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)