Reviews: ICS Full Metal M4 Assault Pistol CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Side Folding Stock


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Model: AEG-ICS-27

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by Jayce D. on 2014-11-14 22:54:36
"It's an awesome gun and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a great CQB gun. I've fielded with it 2-3 times already, and this thing has amazed me every game! I have over 475$ worth into my custom build with this gun, and this is definitely a gun that is worth upgrading. This is by far my favorite CQB that I have ever had, used, or seen before.

90% high quality metal
Functional forward assist,
Very smooth charging handle,
Durable Stubby RIS with ported gas block,
Folding metal stock
Flip up sights.

I have installed the included PEQ box on the top rail along with a 2000mAh 9.6v battery, and Magpul rubber rail covers on both the right and left side of the RIS. On the bottom I have a Magpul AFG2, which is by far my favorite grip. It protrudes past the RIS under the gas-block, but it still looks bad ***! Attached to the outer barrel is my GemTech Blackside suppressor, which I have repainted to give it a nicer, glossier finish. I've also added a sling and a TruGlo red dot. Nothing special about the sling, but the red dot has 5 different brightness settings in both red and green, and I have installed a lens protector under the front lens cap.

I haven't done anything to the internals yet, but I have chronoed it and it fires at 298 fps consistently with .20g bbs at 16 rps with a 9.6v battery. The range and accuracy is phenomenal for a gun with a stock 180 mm barrel, and even matches that of my WE-Tech AEG, which has a barrel length of 363 mm, almost twice the ICS' length.

Possible future upgrades include:

Switching to 11.1 Lipos
Installing a R-Hop tight bore
Re-wiring the connectors to deans
Possibly installing a m110 to raise my fps some while still remaining CQB legal.
by david l. on 2009-10-06 00:15:26
"this was my first airsoft gun out the 7 i own and it is still my favorite. ive had it for almost 2years now and i use it every weekend at home in the yard and in skirmishes. i have not had one problem with since the day i got it. mine fires an average of over 300fps w/.20g bbs and about 900rpm. on top of all that it can take a beating. thats pretty kick ass if you ask me. if youre looking for a low maintenace gun that guna last this is it.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)