Reviews: ICS M4 SR-16 C-15 Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle w/ Ready Mag System


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Model: AEG-ICS-23

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by Christopher M. on 2010-01-19 20:55:17
Just wow... Great gun, out of the box it was shooting 455fps, seeing as this was too much for the field where I play, I changed the spring so my fps was 310. The accuracy is ok, it was spot on at 450, but after downgrading, it's about 3" grouping at 100'.

Full Metal R.I.S. and body,
Metal Silencer
Ready Mag System
Full stock that can take a beating(really)
R.I.S. Hand guard covers
Fair R.O.F.
Wicked good looks
Quite(Not something I.C.S. is know for)

Heavy (12 pounds)
No Carry Handle
Cheap fore grip
Does NOT make you immune to hits (I know, I know, but its the truth)

I would recommend this gun to DMR's, part-time snipers, SAW gunners on and anyone who wants THE BEST GUN ON THE FIELD!
by Nick S. on 2010-01-06 20:25:13
"this gun is really good looking and the mag side holder is a pain to get on and the holo comes with or no?
by Terry L. on 2009-09-16 18:04:13
"This gun dominates the battlefeild. It also comes with high quality accecories.
It is even better with a crane stock on it.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)