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DYTAC Full Metal Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle with Multicam Water Transfer Finish

9 Customer Reviews

by Tod D. on 06/16/2018
"Shoots super straight, the recommended battery fits well and I got a great playing time out of it. And the best part is that it shoots almost as accurate as a sniper. In all, it is a great gun I would recommend it to anyone who wants a high-quality gun that does not break and is super accurate.
by Maria G. on 01/16/2018
"Got it for the multicam water transfer, but this gun is awesome! the gearbox is easy to work on to adjust FPS, and the look is amazing!
by John S. on 05/15/2017
"Love The gun it shoos great and very accurate and my friends say it is ugly but to me it is sexy
by cole t. on 05/08/2017
"Got this gun a few weeks ago and here are my current thoughts:
First of all, it's a boss of a aeg, I've taken apart the gearbox, upgraded the spring, and put a angel custom 510mm inner barrel with scilencer and a lonex hop up and it's practically a full blown sniper and still cqb manageable.
But it has a few tiny downsides...
1. The dust cover is plastic and sorta cheesy(easily changed)
2. The quick change spring ,although you don't have to open the gearbox, you still have to take it out which takes like 15 minutes to get to if your new to changing springs.
3. The stock comes a lil wobbly (easy fix just google it)
4. The "metal handstop" is actually plastic , but really high end polymer.
5. Some of the mags I have didn't stay in at first, so I modded the magazine release and it's just fine now.
But now for all the goodies.
1. It's very unique looking and catches eyes out at the field
2.the gearbox isint just a "full metal gearbox" it's a pretty well upgraded gearbox that handles a m130 spring with a Lipo 11.1v 20c with no problem at all (mosfet is still needed for safety along with a fuse)
3. It has bearings instead of bushings
4. It's super easy to work on
5. It's a extremely solid platform, and it comes well built.
6. There's multicam mags that match the gun perfectly( cmon that's just awesome)
7. Has 14mm negative threads and fits scilencers perfectly
8. Rof is great with a lipo, and trigger response is waaaay crisp.
Overall, the gun is pretty nice for the price and I would definitely recommend this to beginners , pros, and anyone out there looking for a sick m4
by Maria G. on 03/28/2017
"I had this rifle for about 6 months now. Amazing finish that Dytac has done on the water transfer. I am in the similar industry for my line of work so I know it is not an easy process.

Internally the gearbox is reliable, with quick change spring, and haven't failed me after 10+ battles.

Easy to work on.
Shoots true and straight

by Wayne S. on 12/11/2017
"had a few problems but nothing I could not work out my self like the black rubber pice that messes with the hop up. this makes your bbs go to left or right. the gun at one point would fire but nothing was coming little barrel, make sure the screw on grip is some what tight but not to tight and it will fix the problem. great finish, wired to rear and your gonna need a stick battery. mag it comes with is good but stiff in the dytac. the epa pts mags work best. not much shaking. have not taken to game yet but plan on it.
by Joe K. on 11/28/2017
"Just opened it. Great look and feel to it built well. Shot alright but suggest upgrading some internals. Great feel. Looks awesome. Only cons are the plastic dust cover. And plastic iron sights, although they seem strong. Over all not bad.
by Zion h. on 05/20/2017
"I ordered this gun and was very disappointed with it

#1 It is very uncomfortable to hold the hand grip is shaped really weird and it starts even hurting after a little while.
#2. The range and accuracy is HORRIBLE the G&G CM16 has better range and accuracy than this.
#3 in the decs it sais crane stock so I got a 9.6 butterfly and it is tube battery pack so the 9.6 would not fot unless the stock was fully extended.

I honestly don't know if there is anything good about this gun and my brother has a Lancer Tactical and I think that is probably better. especially seeing as this gun cost 300$. Will not be buying DYTAC guns again.
by Kyle R. on 05/22/2017
"Functioned very poorly out of the box and was extremely wobbly, and with only plastic "iron" sights, this gun is not worth it's price