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G&P M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle - Foliage Green (Package: Gun Only)

4 Customer Reviews

by Alexander S. on 08/02/2015
"I'm fairly new to Airsoft and don't have all the lingo down, but will do my best to provide a review. This is my first AEG purchase and do not regret at all. The materials of this gun feel sturdy and the color is pretty cool (OD green). The rail covers that came with mine are also OD green, so is the foregrip that is included, and the stock too which looks grayish in one of the pictures. Full auto feels pretty darn fast and it's been chrono'ed at ~378fps. I have had no issues firing from this gun, except for when the bb's jammed inside the magazine, besides that it feeds very well. I got 2x G&P Intellect High Output 9.6 V 2300mAh NiMh RC Crane Stock Battery w/ Dean Plug ( and have never had to switch in a day of airsoft, roughly ~5 hours of off & on skirmishes. Keep in mind that this is a CQB weapon and range is limited in bigger fields, but is excellent and accurate in small fields. Hop-up is adjustable but have been lazy about it so I just compensate by adjusting my aim.

- solid build: great looking externals too
- great internals, no issues when firing
- really accurate in CQB, lacks in bigger fields (yes, its a CQB gun)
- nice color
- foregrip is included and sturdy

- I use G&P 130RD metal mid-cap no winding magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (, which are really good, but bb's have jammed inside, though not too often.
- REPEATING one more time, this is a CQB gun so dont buy if you plan to play in a forest.
by Alex L. on 04/21/2015
"This is my 2nd rifle purchase. I had been playing with an entrylevel sportline AEG for a while and wanted something a little better quality. My friend recommended a G&P rifle so I grabbed this. We were surprised at how nice it is stock.

This is a high quality gun for a cheap price. Shoots 0.20 bbs at 400fps right out of the box, mechanics sound good. The included vertical grip is nice quality. It comes with the orange flash hider but G&P includes a metal flash hider in the box if that's your thing. Disconnecting the battery is easy, just remove the crane stock and disconnect the deans plug, I leave the battery right in the stock. Very happy with this gun.
by Jake H. on 12/25/2014
"This is the best gun I have ever owned - seriously!!

- REALLY loud, scares my friends very easily especially if you sneak around back and unload on them. They cry
- Incredibly durable, I have accidentally dropped this gun twice on a rock and on rocky roads. A little scratched but nowhere near broken, has some character which is SICK
- Perfect weight even for a full metal gun. I can hold it in one hand (no I'm not strong)
- It says CQB but it might be too strong for close combat, it shoots decently far and it HURTS A LOT
- great trigger response
- Rails
- It is beautiful and my friends love it/fear it
- You should buy this gun

- Ok so earlier I said it shoots decently far, well it doesn't shoot very far but its alright, I wish it would shoot farther, but personally I don't want a longer barrel
- Incredibly small magazine capacity, runs out super fast. I bought an awesome drum mag for it though, here:

Uhhh that's about it :D I recommend this gun 11/10
by Cole H. on 03/01/2016
"I got this gun almost a month ago, but I used it for the first time only recently. I absolutely love this gun. The inclusion of the vertical grip is a really nice touch. I was shooting about 420 fps out of the box, so I was actually not allowed to play at my local park at first! Thankfully after switching out the battery and going through about 500 rounds, I was able to get the fps down to 408, so I could play. This gun is much better than my old echo1 m4, and I would recommend everyone to buy this weapon.