Reviews: G&P Custom Full Metal Tactical AK105 Airsoft AEG Rifle

$320.00 $249.99

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Model: AEG-GP-AK004
Location: A4-008 WO5-M15

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by Sheryl K. on 2015-01-03 17:02:46
"This gun is amazing. It feels great and works like a champ. Not only does it look cool but it DOES have full metal rails! It is very accurate and fun to use. Get this gun if you love the tactical AK looks. No problems with it.

-Full metal
-Lipo Ready
-Magpul Stock
-Nice weight
-Very Customizable
-Full metal Rails
-Tactical Look and Feel to it

-Wobbly Stock
-Charging handle needs to be lubed a bit to slide realistically (Don't Care)
-No battery or charger
by Kevin R. on 2014-11-03 15:44:55
"This is an extremely cool looking unique weapon to have around. It has a unique M4/AK design that is a perfect choice for people that have a split decision on whether to buy an AK or M4.

_Full metal (excluding the stock and pistol grip)

_Comes with a metal flash hider suninstalled in the box (voids the warenty if you put it on though)

_Cool looking PTS MOE magpul stock

_ Great trigger response

_easy access to gearbox


_The battery is just a bugger to get in, that is if you can find a battery that fits the tube stock. I am still having trouble getting a good battery for it. IT TAKES LARGE DEANS!!! I wasted 40$ on that mistake.

_ no front site (come on guys)

_stock is a little wobbly and hard to get off

_ Piston supposedly strips hasn't happened to me yet but it is possible.

all together a cool gun its accurate and sounds nice the batteries might be the low point but it should not stop you from getting this Weapon!!
by Thomas C. on 2014-10-30 16:52:05
"Hi when I got this rifle I was amazed at how well the body was made and the fact that it came with a moe stock. The rails are made out of metal even though the site says nylon fiber they are made out of metal. Over all this is one of the best ask you'll ever hold so externals 10/10 would ak again. Now on to the shooting. I hooked the gun up to a g and p 9.6 and it was AMAZING the trigger response is unparrell and the rate of fire is like 20 rps. I went through 2 mags fine but on the 3rd my piston totally stripped. So that sucked I swapped it out and everything is fine now. All in all great gun might need to buy a new piston if you are running a 9.6.

Amazing externals
great trigger response
amazing rate of fire
comes with magpul
its only 320$

Charging handle feels a little funky
piston is garbage
deans kinda a pro and a con if you have tamyia everything else
mag compatibilty is a little strange too

All in all I would definitely buy this gun again and would recommend it to anyone all you need to do is change out that piston
by Noah F. on 2014-05-22 18:52:28
"The first time I got this gun, the piston stripped after just a few shots. Luckily I was able to send it back to Evike and get it fixed, only to have the piston strip again. So then I sent it back and Evike gave me a replacement, which so far has been working pretty well. Just remember that if you get this gun, make sure you keep EVERYTHING, at least until after you've fielded it, because apparently explosive pistons or piston heads are not uncommon in G&P guns.

-Looks really cool. People will ask you what kind of gun it is.
-Good enough fire rate with a 7.4v Lipo.
-Decent range with stock hop up
-Nice rails
-As ergonomic and lefty-friendly as an AK can get!
-AK flash mags feed just fine (I've used Lonex and the AEX ones so far)

-Battery installation is even more of a pain than normal AKs. Instead of putting it in the upper receiver, you have to put the battery in the buffer tube. Since it's such a tight, tiny space, pretty much the only battery you can use is the G&P 7.4v lipo that they recommend for it. Even that is pretty hard to cram in there, and removing and reinstalling the stock is difficult as well.
-Externally, it's a little disappointing. The tang connecting the buffer tube to the receiver is plastic that seems weak, and the dust cover has a weird glazed donut style finish that clashes with the matte black lower receiver. The dust cover and the stock are both very wibbly wobbly.
-Accuracy out of the box isn't that great either. Even with .25s, my groupings were pretty wide. Though that could probably be fixed by replacing the bucking and nub with Maple Leaf parts.
-The mid cap it comes with wont feed a single round.
-You likely wont end up using the extra rail space. You'll probably put your optic, grip and other accessories in the same place you would've if you'd gotten a normal tactical AK. So some could say that this gun's extra rail space does nothing but make the gun more front heavy, but I'm ok with it because it looks cool.

All in all, I wouldn't buy this gun expecting a powerhouse out of the box. There are probably better $250 guns out there. But if you're willing to put up with all its issues and don't mind spending some time upgrading the hop up parts or barrel, then this gun may be worth it, even if just for the uniqueness factor.
by Daniel B. on 2014-01-26 20:49:35
"far exceeded my expectations. i bought this during Christmas due to the deals. now im not much of a AK guy but this looked to cool. this has a great weight and feel. the mag fitment is perfect no mag wobble with the original or any of the mags I have used including CYMA, Matrix, MAG, and G&P. the stock is a PTS CTR but wobbles a bit and im not to picky but it does bug me a bit to hear it rattle when i run. also the stock adapter is plastic and Im worried it might break. the body is very sturdy and well built. the dust cover does wobble and does make noise. the rail is heavy duty and rigid, no play at all. there is NO front sight which doesnt bother me because I use a T1 micro. the battery goes in the stock tube and is a very limited space so I had to use a 7.4v. the FPS hovers around 400 so its perfect for the field. and the barrel length is 363mm so its the same as most M4s. oh and spend the extra $5 on the holy cow special, I got 2 mid-caps.


dust cover rattle
stock rattle
stock adapter

all in all worth the money. Im very pleased with it.

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