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G&P Custom PTS Licensed Masada Airsoft AEG Rifle - Dark Earth (Package: Gun Only)

5 Customer Reviews

by patrick n. on 02/25/2016
"When buying a Masada, make sure youre buying the G&P version *NOT* the A&K. The G&P custom INTERNALLY is far superior than the A&K. Externally it is the same body as the A&K. Solid rifle outside and solid mechanicals inside.

With the spring settled, mine shoots at 350 +/- with .20's. Range is impressive though when using heavy weight bb's the hop up is almost at full hop.

Rate of fire with the G&P M120 motor is insane at 28 round per second STOCK with an 11.1 volt Li-Po. G&P however recommends using only a 7.4 volt Li-Po or an 8.4 volt Ni-Mh/Cd battery. with a 7.4, ROF goes down to 19.

The threading for the flash hider/muzzle device is CW so be aware when buying a new one.

Battery space is very limited but 2-peice or small buffer tube 7.4v Li-Po batteries fit inside the hand guard fine. A PEQ box can also be mounted on the top rail or with extra rail pieces it can be mounted to the hand guards.

Rear and front sights are flip sights but neither are spring pop-up. The front sight is flush with the top when folded and the rear is removable. Both sights are elevation adjustable with the rear adjustable for windage.

Fire selector switch is small compared to say, HK type guns and takes some getting used to especially when muscle memory is committed to a M4-type fire control.

Faux bolt stays open when the charging handle is pulled back making hop up adjustments easier and makes a satisfying sound when the bolt release is depressed.

Magazine release like the fire selector is ambidextrous and works well from either side.

Stock has a 2 position cheek piece, 6 position extending and folds to the side though it does not lock,
by Alex C. on 01/07/2014
"I have had this gun for a while. I am every happy with it.
Great internals
Little to no wobble
Good rps around 18
Overall a good looking gun

Hard to fit battery
I don't like the rear sight
Collapsible stock doesn't latch to the receiver

The cons are not really big issues, just only inconvenient little things. The internals are phenomenal though. They define toy make up for any issues it may have. It earns a 5 for the internals and the solid build.
by scott o. on 11/04/2014
"This gun out of box is pretty good. Problems with this gun are that the mag well/magazine is very rough, however, it works fine with any m4 mags out there; word of advice, don't be rough when inserting mags. The good things about the gun are the internals. This has the best motor I have ever seen and a gearbox that will give kwa a run for its money. If you have problems with interim battery, remove metal loop inside battery comp/hand guard.
by Thelma J. on 01/06/2014
"When I first got the gun I had to do some tweaking with it since I play cqb and the fps is insane for a stock gun thanks to G&P ,but after the best gun I've ever owned so far. the rate of fire is really fast. its really loud for and airsoft gun and that could be good or bad the G&P internals make the gun the a&k externals aren't the best but they still are pretty solid

pros: solid externals, shoots about 410fps stock(pro or con), very compact and light, super fast rate of fire

cons: limited battery space, 410fps stock(pro or con), wasn't shipped with a mag(evikes fault), needs bigger battery I use a 10.8v battey
by mitchell m. on 08/09/2013
"i got this gun on thursday and after messing with it for a day i have found some weak spots that need to be fixed. i definitely attribute this to the A&K build on the gun. the G&P internals are amazing.

the internals
feel of the gun

magpul rails dont fit well
EGLM doesn't fit
original mag doesn't fit well and falls out unexpectedly
cheek rest is hard to figure out

Once some external mods are made the gun works well. internals are worth it!