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G&P LMT 7" M4 SBR CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

11 Customer Reviews

by Edward D. on 12/24/2016
"I received this gun about 2 weeks ago.I havent had the chance to take it to a game yet but just from looking at it the gun is clearly well built and feels like top notch quality.You'd have to have the strength of the hulk to manage to externally damage the rifle with anything but maybe a scratch or two. Mine shot about 390 fps out of the box but I play cqb so I switched it out for an m100 spring. now it gets around 347 fps.Everything else is stock.I use a 7.4 lipo currently and it makes the gun shoot quite well.Trigger response (although it could be better for the price) is responsive and will not lock up on you for firing rapidly.Im pretty sure that you will have no issues reaching targets to around and maybe even over 100-150+ ft. Now after reading the description there is one thing that I need to bring to everyone's attention. It mentions that the gun is wired to deans. I dont know if I'm just unlucky but mine did not come wired to deans so do bear that in mind before you buy a battery thats already wired to deans for it.Also there is an issue with my charging handle and bolt cover.It seems like when I pull the charging handle back, the bolt cover scrapes against the gearbox to the point of almost getting stuck and it feels like im pulling a spring sniper with an sp190 spring's bolt back.Its not that much of a big deal to me though as other than accessing the hop up which i still can do , there is no other reason for me to be pulling on it anyways.Other than that the rifle shoots great and feels amazing to hold, especially if you are more comfortable with a rifle that is slightly more compact. It is light enough that you wont be fatigued after 10 minutes of use but heavy enough that it doesnt feel like you are holding a cheap toy.
Perfect Weight
Shoots well out of the box
Amazingly Sturdy!
Looks beautiful!
LMT Trademarks and MRP! (Monolithic Rail Platform)
Comes with 2x Sling Mounts
Comes with 3x Rail Covers
Comes with a Stubby Foregrip

Did not come wired to deans :'(
My charging handle/Bolt cover issue
You dont have one :D

If you're in the market for an mk18 style weapon that wont break down on you, shoots really well and feels great to pick up and get out with then trust me when I say you will be pleased with this gun for years to come. Im going to be taking it to a game hopefully sometime around January. I will be posting a post game review so if you're interested be on the lookout for that
by DJ M. on 04/06/2015
"I bought this gun probably 2 or 3 months ago and it is awesome. Especially when you add a g&p lipo 7.4v. The only problem ive had so far was the piston snapping. (my fault) but after i added in a metal piston, it works great. Also the best mag I've found to feed in this gun is the evike bamf mags.
by Maria D. on 01/31/2015
"I received the gun for Christmas. All excited, I plugged a battery into it and pulled the trigger. Nothing. I opened the motor compartment to make sure that the wires were hooked up. They were. Tried a second battery. Nothing. Needless to say, I was more than slightly miffed due to the fact that this is the fourth gun I have bought from Evike that was messed up. I called Evike to get and RMA, which they gave me, and I sent the gun back. Merry Christmas.

They sent me a new gun which I received at the end of January.

The gun is very sturdy and solid. It feels and looks smaller than I imagined. This is a good thing. It very much has the look and feel of a real carbine. I plugged a 7.4 lipo into her and pulled the trigger. The trigger was very crisp. It has a nice snap when fired. It doesnt sound weak. On full auto it rips fast and smooth. I would never consider using an 11.1 lipo in this gun. It shoots plenty fast with a 7.4.

Moment of truth. I put one of G&P's polymer hi-cap's in and started shooting single shot with .28's. The bb's were going 75 yards with speed. This was quite impressive considering the gun has a 300mm barrel. I sent some burst's downrange and was impressed further. If your were were standing 75 yards away from me, and I sent a burst at your head, I would hit your waist.

I must say that the gun performed better than I expected. It's performance is commensurate with the price tag. I also have a G&P Stoner MK23, which is still bone stock because it shoots so well. My fellow airsofters are always impressed with the Stoner, and this gun will be no different.

The first gun was a lemon, no doubt, but anyone who buys this gun would be very satisfied. In the words of Jim Carey....."its smokin!!!!"

by Brian D. on 09/04/2014
"This gun does not disappoint. Sturdy yet compact feel, with power thrown in the mix. I also have a G&P Daniel Defense Mk12 that I use the same battery and mags for. This is convenient.

Perfect size for CQB
Loud due to mock suppressor
Stubby stock
Flip up sights

Stock does not set into shortest position due to battery (7.4V buffer tube)
Mag is just a tad wobbly...evike sells some tape that'll work
by DJ M. on 08/27/2014
"Haven't been able to shoot it yet but this thing is awesome so far. It looks shorter than the picture. Best way to reference this is that the rail system is about the size of a Magpul AFG 1. Mine came with a giant blazing orange amplifier that was difficult to remove. But once I did and added the included G&P Amplifier, It looks awesome. One thing to note is this will not fit crane stock batteries so you'll have to do the 7.4 lipo. Also the Buffer tube is mil spec so it will only fit Mil speck stocks. Luckily I had one from my G&P WOC and it just looks awesome. I really like the flip up sights it comes with but I have to go with the MBUS sights.

G&P Build quality,
Comes with amplifier
Not a standard M4
Milspec buffer tube
Large/Normal Deans
Good feeling wires that won't poop out.
QD sling point.
Lipo ready

Mag is a little wobbly
Milspec buffer tube
Isn't in your hands right now!!!!
by Steve L. on 08/16/2014
"Really like the gun so far, need to get the battery (G&P 7.4 lipo that fits in buffer tube)-hope it has a high rate of fire, but can be expected from the lipo- externals-love them so much, best externals I have ever owned- planning on getting a holo to go on the top rail- internals seem to be good can't wait to bring it to black ops airsoft-or BOA)Zion IL

One thing, the orange tip was brutal to take off, fare warning, the pin was the hardest thing to get out, the threads are a little scratched up, but it still except threads cleanly, and the orange tip is huge, too.
by Kadin P. on 06/17/2014
"I Recently bought this gun and I am not at all disappointed. It has a full metal build (obviously excluding the stock, and motor grip,) it has an extremely high rate of fire, it runs well with my lipo (11.1v,) and the internals are great.

High fire rate
Sturdy construction
"Lipo ready"
Includes a noveske
Battlefield receiver
Great internals

Lost a coil on my old motor had to buy a new one pretty sure that was my fault though.

I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in seriously playing airsoft.
by DONALD L. on 06/17/2014
"Fantastic gun! High quality all the way around as expected with g&p. The mur upper is beautiful and says G&P weapon system instead of vltor trademark as stated in ad, no problem. Only con to the deal is that the lower was the generic G&P instead of the LMT trademark "special edition" body as advertised and sales rep. Checked and said all current stock was this way. So overall a fantastic specimen but not truly what it is represented to be, should include disclaimer regarding standard lower receiver!
by Kristin M. on 12/06/2013
"Great gun overall
Pros ----
High rate of fire
heavy( can be a con)
Sturdy build quality
functioning charging handle ( for hop up)
included flash suppressor is badass!

dust cover doesnt close
Stock doesnt fit batteries
flash hider has a pin so its hard to get the giant orange one off

The attachments im running are a stubby vertical grip, Bravo red dot, rail covers, and Evike G2 flashlight
I hope to add a magpul moe pistol grip because i dont really like the one it comes with
by nicolas J. on 03/04/2013
"Great gun mine came today i love the upper reciver the v2 gearbox is very upgradeable. The externals over all are amazing.
cool stock
short (can be a con for outdoor players)
comes with a noveske
high fire rate
lipo ready

none it is a great gun

The parts i got were a 363mm mad bull 6.03 tight bore barrel and a cqb master mock supressora tan peq box and a tan m3 light. It is a great gun with enough rail space for anything you need to put on it it also has multipul QD sling mount points and a mount which are useful for me because i use my pistol often it is good to know i haave a reliable system for my rifle. Thanks for reading!!
by Noah P. on 07/23/2014
"This gun is a beauty on the outside, but the internals are so-so. The key parts, upper and lower receiver, handguard/rail system, barrel, and buffer tube, all are metal. It has a nice, solid, heavy feel to it and is great for CQB. I also like the unique amplified flash hider, which features G&P's signature skull frog.

However, when mine arrived, the faux bolt carrier was not on the track (which to me signals a quality lapse). The charging handle was not a crisp as other AEGs that I own, including the higher end G&G models. Rate of fire is nice with a 7.4V li-po battery; I have not tried it with an 11.1V li-po. At this point, I'm in the process of converting it to a Polar Star.