Reviews: G&P M4 Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock - (Dark Earth)

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Model: AEG-GP281C-DE
Location: L5-014

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by Kyle O. on 2013-10-20 14:38:39
"So I got this one as a daily deal and I have to say I am very impressed. Right out of the box it has a very rugged, very reliable feel. The front hand guards do feel a bit cheap (I have a G&G M4 with full metal RIS so I'm used to having metal up front) but they still seem sturdy enough to take some punishment. The gun itself is very accurate, I was regularly hitting targets up to ~150 feet away with no trouble. The only down side I have had is that my gun shoots right about 415-420 fps, which is too hot for the field I usually play on. I plan on running a few mags of BBs through it to wear down the spring a little bit before putting it into regular use. Other than that, the dust cover is non-operable, which isn't really a big deal, plus, to access the hop up you have to slide the "bolt" back anyway. The only other negative I can think of is that (as other people have mentioned) it's kind of hard to get to the hop up and the "bolt" doesn't realyl side back forward easily (tapping the charging handle forward gets it done, though). Over all it is an amazing gun that I am glad I picked up!

The package deal is great, it comes with a very nice charger and 9.6v 1600mAh battery that can fit right into the crane stock and 8 mags (in addition to a mid-cap already included with the gun). The mags that come in the package seem kind of cheap but they'll get the job done.

This package deal is a great buy for anyone looking to get into airsoft, G&P makes some high quality stuff (and i can safely say that after using this gun!) and you won't be disappointed! It is a very sturdy weapon that I can definitely recommend.

Weight, feel, and reliability of the gun
Price for the package is great!
Battery, charger, and mags included are great for this gun
Shoots a little hot (great for a DMR setup)

The front handguard feels a bit weak (easily replaceable)
Shoots a little hot (not so great on fields which limit your fps)
by Lampson N. on 2013-03-20 09:21:16
"I have a exact same gun but in different color. The rate of fire is about 390~400, which is high to play in California. The external is so sturdy and solid, that when I first hold it on my hands, I know that I must buy this gun. When I test the gun, wow, it is way far better than the chinese airsoft gun which I owned before. I was very pleased to buy this gun on daily deals for only $180. such a good deal. The original price is still good compare to any Echo1 and Matrix. (those brands do not make airsoft guns, they only take made-in-China guns and label their name on it.)

Price (this gun is not that pricey, even when it is on original price)
High fps
high rate of fire

handguard is made of plastic, the plastic that you can find on walmart toy!
no rail system, you have to buy one if you need to attach anything on the gun
G&P magazines always have problem. Mine has problem of misfeed the bbs
by Tom C. on 2013-03-12 21:51:58
"I got this gun today and I will say overall its fantastic! There are only a few things that I consider Cons, maybe not to some. This gun is very lightweight and durable. I have fired about 200 rounds through it and I had the gun jam on me. I switched from semi to auto and it was firing again. This gun is very accurate at 120 feet with .25's. Another thing I noticed was the mock bolt seems to be pretty hard going back forward but its not a deal breaker. Overall this is a great beginner- intermediate player gun.


Fully metal, (aluminum)
Large crane stock will fit a 9.6 "crane stock type"
Excellent trades and attention to detail
No stock wobble
Lots of G&P professional level parts

Does not come with Deans (Con to some)
hopup may be difficult to adjust with gloves/larger hands.
Bolt catch does not function (con to some)

I am very happy with this gun and I cant wait to use it in game. This will accept any M4 mid/highcap and upgrade ideas are endless. This gun also comes with a midcap only.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)