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Evike US Navy E.O.D. Custom G&P M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Jed D. on 05/21/2016
"Qualtiy gun, everything I look for in an AEG. Nothing more to say other than just pointing out that you will likely have to change out the spring to play on a field.
by peter p. on 04/10/2016
"Flat out awesome rifle!!! This gun WILL shoot 400+ fps right out of the box. I had to shoot through a few magazines to loosen up the spring and get it below the 400 fps required to play (it was still at 410 but they let me slide). Also, every detail is SO accurate compared to the real thing! The bolt in the ejection port looks identical to an actual AR-15 bolt, and acts as a dust cover since all of the internals are covered by this mock bolt. This being said, the actual dust cover will hang open and is totally accurate in every detail as well.

The front sling mount will need to be removed for the rail system to snap completely together. I had them do this at the store, and isnt an issue since it comes with a Matrix CQB-R type sling adapter plate on the back.

Everything about this rifle is so solid. I do not have any cons at all. I even picked up KWA magazines, and they shoot without any issues. Sweet weapon that you will not be disappointed in!!
by Hank M. on 03/14/2016
"Edit to the previous review:

I must have chronoed on a cold day, its shooting 430fps and around 30rps with .20 bbs and the hopup all the way down to create no resistance. Fields in my area don't allow this unless semi-locked and used as a DMR.
by Hank M. on 02/13/2016
"Received mine a bit beat up (minor scratches, I like it though, gives it character) can be a little difficult to get the battery to fit but otherwise a very solid first gun. Shooting about 360fps out of the box with a 8.4v Tamiya (bought the adapter for it) I highly recommend using Deans for a solid ROF. All around great gun. Great feel, looks amazing, highly upgradeable.

Looks great
Feels great
Good Internals
No upgrading necessary, comes out of the box good to go.

Tends to have trouble feeding using G&P mags
If you're not used to weight for extended periods of time, may be heavy for you. (I like it so could also be a pro)
by Dylan K. on 09/16/2015
"I got this gun last december and it is amazing. It has an extremely high quality exterior with a nice matt black finish and its performance is great. It has close to 20 rps, and shoots at about 435 fps out of the box. The fps might be too high for some people but no one at my field minds. It has pretty good range and accuracy. It out ranges most of the other aegs at my field. I really love how snappy the trigger response is. This is just a great gun. I didnt have any issues with it at all. I read some other reviews saying the rails were loose or it only worked with g&p mags, but my rails were tight and i dont even use g&p mags and it shoots great. So i reccomend this gun to anybody looking to buy a nice aeg.
by chase c. on 06/25/2015
"It is a pretty good gun, the hop up is great. the fps is good even though i cant use it at my local fields, but i can wear out the spring. MAKE SURE to get G&P mags only. the other mags misfeed 2 out of 5 bb's unless you use a G&P mag. You should also get a sight or scope like a red dot. but all of these you need to thing about every gun so it works great. the one actual problem i did have was the rails were pretty loose and would come off but all you have to do is grab an allen wrench that fits and tighten them up, it takes like half a minute.
by Jason V. on 10/08/2014
"Well, I got my order in today. Due to some shipping issues, I received two of these. Feels GREAT out of the box. The externals are great. There are just some extremely blatant and odd problem s I have with this gun. First off, in BOTH of the guns, there was a loose and wobbly piece of metal under the rails. It made a loud and annoying clanging noise. Have no idea why that is, and I have yet to look into it. The charging handle is very stiff, and the dust cover refuses to close, as a piece of metal is preventing it from closing. Fortunately, the out of box performance of this gun is phenomenal. Great ROF, but it was a little on the loud side. Range and accuracy was also very supprising. You can't beat deans wiring, but I do reccomend getting an adapter for tamiya. I'm going to personally slap a 6.03, high torque motor and mosfet in mine. I have a feeling that would be quite terrifying, lol. Overall, it was a great buy. Just a few odd choices.
by Jared M. on 09/03/2014
"I really love this gun. It sounds, shoots, feels great right out of the box. It came with a metal flash hider and directions on how to install the battery. It is full metal obviously, I have not gotten to a chrono yet but it feels great, it has a REALLY snappy trigger response like it has a lipo in it and I used a 9.6.

Very nice internally
snappy trigger response
high quality midcap included
free metal flash hider
great laser engraved trades
metal hopup unit
consistency of accuracy at range.

EXTREMLEY TIGHT RAILS ( still haven't gotten my G&P foregrip on and it is day 3 )
REALLY stiff charging handle
default flash hider wouldn't come off and I kinda screwed up the threads but its on
buffer tube is also stiff
Overall this gun is a win, just a little tweaking and it is a very high end gun, just put some upgrades into it and tighten a few things.
by Landon P. on 07/29/2014
"I'm just gonna cut to the pros and cons.


Accurate as heck.
Pretty good rps/rof out of box.
Great G&P m120 high speed motor.
Good hop up.
Nice build.
Metal receiver.
Comes with Black metal flashider.


Some times hard to get the wiring in.
Rails out of box come a little loose, but with a tightening it womt happen again.

FPS is WAAAAYYYYY to hot out of box. It has a m120 spring and shoots around 455. I put a JBU m110 Upgrade spring in, it shot around 425 when i first put it in, but after extensive firing and keeping the spring under tension when done helped lower it to 410ish.

The motor plate screw adjustment was glued in place, which i was pretty pissed about. But my friend said thats normal.

there is nothing at all wrong with the gun in my opinion. Just some loose parts.

To lower your fps: Drop a m110 spring in.
Put a shorter, non tightbore barrel in.
Use a 9.6 battery. No 7.4 lipo.

thats all. i love the gun, highly reccomend it.
by Payton U. on 07/17/2014
"I use a 9.6v and my gun has great ROF. Works well and is reliable.

-Good ROF
-Easy to function
-Good FPS
-Built tough

Cant think of any CONS.
by Peter K. on 05/29/2013
"great gun i have had mine for 2 years and have had absolutely no problem with it
by Owen J. on 05/29/2013
"I've had this gun for five months and has not failed yet! I recommend you use a 7.4 lipoly battery for this gun.

Good FPS
High performance G&P metal gear box
Flip up sights
Highly customizable

by Brandon W. on 05/29/2013
"i bought this rifle and so far its awesome. It's easily the best gun on the field, all in all a great buy.

great fps
great rate of fire
great build, no wobbles or loose parts
nice weight
all in all great feel

changing battery not as easy as full stock M16
by Dylan F. on 06/05/2012
"This was my first nice M4 I was expecting to get a great gun that shot fast and hard , and that is exactly what I got. The FPS on this gun is crazy high even when i put an M-100 spring in it it was still shooting around 398-410, this guns ROF with a 9.6v battery is around 22 rounds per Second.

PROS- Fast ROF,hits hard, full metal, great internals( beside the piston head) , and a great rail system.

Cons- rails come loose ( i had to use a zip-tie to keep it steady),no ball bearing spring guide but that is not an issue.

Overall this a great gun G&P did a fantastic job on this gun, and Evike chose a great rail system on this gun overall i give this gun a 5/5 and strongly suggest this gun for any player who is looking for a gun with a great stock ROF.
by Kyle W. on 10/06/2016
"This gun is pretty solid, has a good amount of heft to the gun and and can withstand the abuse that I put through my pew pew shooters. It weighs more than your typical M4,
When I received the pew pew stick there was no rattling besides the bolt catch(which does't function). Comes with your standard m16/m4 pistol grip, G&P cranestock and the rail and a front site post. The stock and pistol grip/motor grip is made out of a really good polymer. I don't care to much for the motor grip, personally it is uncomfortable. The stock I well thought out, can carry multiple size of batteries to power your gun. The main reason i purchased this gun was for the rail system it is in place no wobble, it is made and assembled well. My petty gripes with the gun is the front site (I don't like triangle sites) and that there is no rear site. I was really impressed externally quality with this gun I would give it a 8/10

The gear box is a great gb can handle a lot of stress through its life cycle. The RoF is really good on a 1500mah 11.1 butterfly battery getting 20-23 rounds per second. The barrel assembly was horrible and made this gun unusable for a few months. I was only getting about 50 ft of range with .25s. The hop did not hold adjustment. hop up nub and bucking are not well made, had an air leak with in the bucking. My prome hop up did not fit inside of the gun without huge misalignment issues. I will say the actual barrel is well made, I did like that you can put o-rings on the barrel to help keep it stable as your shooting it. Over all I was really disappointed in the hop up unit itself and that it wasn't able to house a prome hop up unit.

This gun is a solid platform for any airsofter, I really like the bulk and heft to it, it is not that bad to lug around all day. I really like the rail, really easier to use a site or optic on the pew pew stick. The gearbox is a solid gearbox and shouldn't have to tune it or due maintenance on it for a while. The hop up unit, nub and bucking are trash. I did replace these with high quality parts and I am getting amazing performance out of the gun now. Barrel assembly now is a prowin prome barrel cut to size, king arms bucking, flathop nub and installed rhop patch to make it perform really well. So be willing to spend some money the barrel assembly.

7.5/10 on how it performs stock

solid platform to make a competitive gun
great gearbox
stock and rail or superb quality

extra $100 to the barrel assembly
sites for the gun are not great
don't like the motor gip