Reviews: G&P M16-A1 Vietnam Collection Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)


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Model: AEG-GP289-GP

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by kaleb k. on 2011-12-30 19:37:14
"third m16 i had so far and best one out of them all looks great with m203 on it

good fro field and cqb if your good with a long weapon
perfict rof and look

weird grip for me
cant put red dot on it

couldnt really think of anything off the bat
by Rene P. on 2011-11-09 19:50:50
"For those who want a good report. I ripped open the box and pulled out a well guarded M16 wrapped in bubble wrap. They really do care! Next, so G&P included a 3 lug flashhider with mine! now I was very happy, So I tried to open the bolt...It doesnt stay open. But! The hop up is very easy to hold and adjust so its not bad. Also, the dust cover stays open...I really don't care. There is almost no barrel wobble, unless you really really try to do it and even then its hard. Next, a free 130 midcap VN style. Sights are good you can only adjust left and right. This rifle is very very sturdy! Considering all the crap I put this thing through its unchanged. The Zombie Killer trades are actually pretty nice. The mag release and fire selector make a nice click noise when set into place. You can undermount an M203 with the handguard for it and it makes it look 10x better. You can use a short one but you will need some tape to hold the front in place. Lets see...the stock! Its not abs at all its some nice polymer that refuses to move or break, to get to the battery compartment you unscrew a bolt in the back and pull upwards on the buttplate. The handguard is alright, it may be abs and its very shiny, paint over it with OD or black. But the handguard is comfy. Sling mounts are sturdy, just like everything else. Very nice ROF and FPS while having good accuracy. i do recommend an angel tightbore, they work very well and they are made of steel. Also this gun has a very nice weight to it and a good rugged feel. If this rifle is a starter gun or a project, you cant go wrong with this.

,Nathan Allen


Good looks
Magazine compatibilty
Marui compatible
Battery storage
Trigger pull
Disassembly is easy, just unscrew a hex screw and pull a bolt out
Hole in carrying handle for scope...even if they look ugly on it
M203 capable
Version 2 gearbox is easy to work with
Hop up is great


Slight opening between upper and lower reciever
Looks stupid with a box mag (like every other M16 or M4) too bad
positive barrel least they give you a cool flashider!
Doesnt come with battery, just like everything else. I suggest a 8.4 or 9.6
Grip takes some getting used to.
I had to think hard for cons!!!

You will not be dissapointed in this rifle.
by Rene P. on 2011-10-20 22:20:18
"Amazing...this was the first word that came to my mind. Attached with an m203 and inside it a polarstar engine, this rifle is what any person loving a rifle with some history would want to mow down constant enemies. I love it, it's different, and my friend with his systema just stares at me angrily.

Exceptional overall build. Just needs more ammo and a battery.
by brandon O. on 2011-08-18 19:37:00
"Dude, Holy crap... Literally this gun has a Bible verse from Luke. I recieved it today at like 7 pm from and guess what? It blew me away unboxing it, unfortunately it malfunctioned and it sounds like the cylinder or the piston is busted, maybe just a really bad jam but it doesnt have a unjamming tool and my old one broke. Dont get me wrong, this is by far a quality product mine was just a lemon. Im sure once evike replies to my email the issue will be resolved. Unfortunately I have a game on saturday and my TM M16 VN just crapped out too:(

Build quality 5/5
Preformance 4/5 (It kicked butt even with a 8.4v battery, unfortunately the "epicness" was short lived thus not a 5. Itll be up and going soon and Ill report more)
Aesthetics 6/5 (Its deffinetly unique and the slab sided AR reciever is an eyegasm)
I feel almost like Im holding a real AR but it should have just worked. Oh well thats what the 14 day warranty is for. Bottom line it is a GREAT looking and feeling gun, and I know once it gets fixed it will be a great shooting gun.

P.S. the "Zombie Killer" trades are effin sweet
I really just wish it would have been a better overall experience but alas I still deem it good because Ive held a real A1 at Great Lakes USN Base and lemme tell you this is VERY reminiscent.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)