Reviews: G&P Full Metal Magpul PTS Custom CQB MOE Experimental Airsoft Carbine (Dark Earth Tan)

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Model: AEG-GP-AEG002DE

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by Anna a. on 2014-06-27 14:26:05
"Nice gun !
I had some problems with battery location but still for 350$ it's awesome

Any mags fit in it

Battery location
I would like it with longer barrel
by Jeff H. on 2013-10-05 16:56:57
"This rifle is awesome. The first one I received was bad out of the box, but EVIKE took immediate care of me and I was up and running in less than a week. This is my first AEG; I bought the rifle so I could skirmish at the local Airsoft parks with my son. I was a competitive service rifle shooter for over 25 years until I injured my back so I thought Airsoft would be a great alternative. It's not only been a great alternative, but it's been a great form of therapy and I have a blast running and gunning with my son (and the other fathers). I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered this rifle, but it did not disappoint. It's a bit light so it's not a true to weight rifle, but that's actually a plus for me. It's extremely accurate and I'm getting a 6 shot average of 386 fps using the EVIKE chrono I purchased. My only disappointment...I paid $350 before the price went down.

I've place several sizable orders from EVIKE. I've run into a couple of issues, but everyone at EVIKE has gone above and beyond to help me out. They're been extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable. In todays world where customer service is almost nonexistent, the staff at EVIKE has gone above and beyond. Thanks you EVIKE!
by David H. on 2013-06-06 17:09:10
"This the first G&P gun that I have owned. It is great. Very accurate and quick. I love all the magpul goodies on it. From the stock, hand guard, grip, sights, and magazine. I just wished that it came with a hi cap instead of a mid cap. Other than that this gun is great. I does work with all my other magazines such as KWA, TM, JG, and Echo1.
by Kolby H. on 2013-05-10 07:35:43
"Great AEG I love it. Mine is wired to the stock and I put a 7.4 lipo in it and its shooting 377 the first chrono. So far it hasn't failed me. But if you wire it to the stock its a pain in the butt to put the battery in.
by David H. on 2013-04-12 16:18:32
"This is my first G&P gun and I am so happy with it. Like a kid in a candy store. All this Magpul is such great eye candy. But this gun also shots great. I am running 11.1 Lipo on it. Most other units would have grounded the gears but this unit is awesome. I would highly recommend this gun.
by Aaron K. on 2012-02-29 09:59:51
"This gun is awesome. Another great product by G&P and I would recommend this to anyone.
The gun being full metal is extremely light weight which is very nice, the upper receiver is a very thin metal and is easily confused for being polymer. All the magpul externals are very cool, the the hand guard feels very nice as does the pistol MOE grip. The only complain i have about the externals would be that the handguard does not have much room for battery (I rewired my gun to the front) and that the flash hider is very poor plastic.
Internally the gun is very sound. The shim job was decent so i reshimmed it, but other than that the rest of the gearbox was very sound. The wires are also very high quality. The trigger spring is very strong, so putting it back on is extremely difficult.
Playing wise, the gun is a blast. The gun has a very nice sound as it fires, and full auto with a 9.6 is pretty fast. However i would recommend getting a precision inner barrel.
Overall a very nice gun, the take down is a little hard but you shouldn't have to do it very often. 5 stars!
by Charles H. on 2011-08-05 17:36:09
Great RoF (around 21/sec) with 9.6
Extremely solid
Looks sexii
Love the MagPul flip up sight
Good range
Nice sound to it
Good triggar response
Perfect FPS for cqb
Awesome size and great feel

Mine came wired to the buffer tube
Did not come with a black flash hider
Kinda pricy for some, but definetly worth it

Have the gun wired to the front hand gaurd because it comes wired to the buffer tube
Run a 9.6V or 10.8V at most
I like to use it with .25 BBs just cuz it is more painful
Buy a longer inner barrel (madbull tightbore) and a silencer so it does show

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)