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G&P Custom M4 Stubby Killer Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Pamela D. on 09/13/2013
"I just got this gun recently and all I have to say is great!!!!! It shoots around 280-320 and is accurate !(hop up adjusted) on a 9.6 SMALL , even with the conversion connectors bottle necking the performance it still averages a 18 bps per second , more with a large type , and most likely 24 rps on a lipo if not more , I have zero regrets on this purches at $280 and I'm a medium to large guy in hight and size 5,9 and it still fits comfortable and nicely !
by leigh d. on 02/13/2013
"this gun is my new favorite! i switched it to deans connectors,7.4 lipo and threw on a tracer unit. when i play cqb, its fun watching my glowing green laser beams dripping off the enemy!- making it rain in seattle, haaaahaaahaahaa!!
by Karen S. on 02/28/2012
"Without a doubt my favorite AEG i own. Beats my sr7 Devgru. Has a beautiful finish, and the internals are amazing. Shoots superbly on a large 9.6, but i have to use a battery bag for it. (it wont fit in the stock) I suggest a lipo for it, but it gets a little bit hot on the motor grip. Running a large type is just easier. Rof is about 24 on a large 9.6. Very fun to shoot. GET IT! GREAT PRICE!!!!!
by Lenny P. on 02/17/2012
"this gun is boss. i got it for my bday and it is amazing.
small (recon)
fairly light
m4 (upgrades)
hi rof
lipo capable
nice sling mount
mock silencer
small (inaccurate at range)
small stock (cant take large battery)
1 sling mount
small ris
Overall its a great gun expensive though is main thing all other cons can be fixed w/ upgrades
by AJ S. on 08/04/2011
"This gun is soo awsome. great rof,fps is at 312-317 out of the box. Its very compact and perfect for CQB.Very nice full metal construction, pretty heavy for its small size. pretty much everything about this gun is great only a few cons I find but they are very minor and dnt rly affect the guns performance. Any small type or lipo battery will rattle in the stock. the gun is a lil pricey but with anything,, you get wht you pay for. get this it wont dissapoint.
full metal
great rof
great fps
nice details

cons: (again in my opinion very small cons)
dust cover doesnt close (made this way either change it out with magnetic or deal with it)
realy hard to get the orange tip off to get the silencer on
iron sights started rusting and its just been sitting in my bag
on the opposite side of the selector switch the lil round peice fell off
stock plate accesability

Overall if your looking for a great reliable CQB gun or just a stubby M4 this is the perfect gun
by robert w. on 01/05/2011
"i just got this gun for christmas and all i can say is wow this gun has went above and beyond for a stubby killer i hit people out about 100 feet with .25 but i ran out of .25 and started to use .2 and still this gun puts a fight like no other i would say just get if u have the money and as far as the internals are again all can say wow im very impressed with this gun all around its light it has range and it is deadly as can be so if your on the fence about this gun i would gun but make shoure you have a battery that will fit the stock because its rather small BUT I LIKE IT.
by Brandon L. on 09/08/2010
"Wow, all I can say is that this guy RULES. Not only does It have great externals, including a nice rail system, silencer, and body, but the internals are great! I get 25 rps with just a 9.6v! I would reccomend this to anyone who wants an affordable and excellent CQB gun. Will get lots of attention on the field.

FAST rof
Good fps
Nice Body
Good Internals, nice motor

A bit expensive
kind of heavy

by Cameron K. on 05/15/2010
"I got this about 5 months ago as a christmas present, and i've been very pleased with my purchase. the construction is amazing and the metal body is fantastic, much better than any KWA or CA body. And also for full auto on the selector switch it says asperges, which means holy water spray, which i thought was really cool. The SPR grip is great for right handed people, but if you are left handed like me switch to a pistol grip (or the magpul moe grip, both are nice) because otherwise its pretty uncomfortable.

internally this gun is amazing, it is shooting around 18 rps (it should be shooting at around 20, and ill explain why later) and 325 fps out of the box. The gears and motor are great, and the piston is good for the guns performance. The only odd thing is that my selector plate came broken, but that is an easy fix.

the one thing i dont understand is that the gun came with a large connector. And while this gun has a stubby full stock, it cannot fit a large 9.6v battery (the only large battery i own). because of this i have been using a large to small adapter, which increases resistance and lowers rof (thats why im getting 18 instead of 20 rps) but i am installing deans connectors so hopefully that will increase the rof.

overall if you play cqb and you want a true cqb gun that wont hold you back, get this gun. for the money i prefer this over the KWA, VFC, and CA cqb models because of better internals, externals, and ease of use.
by anonymous B. on 03/15/2009
"what length barrel does this use standard?/does the silencer twist off with counter clock-wise thread?
by Joseph B. on 12/18/2008
"I absolutely love my Zombie killer!
It gets a lot of attention on and off the field.

Performance wise, it's a fast shooter.
Range doesn't seem that far, but in an open field I can hit targets at 80ft.

I believe the front end silencer is around 6" the RIS is about 4".
a small, compact, beefy M4 that weighs as much if not more than a CA regular size M4 I have.

It's 100% quality made and I have had no issues with mine.

I really like the stubby stock and the L-shape battery fits in easily.

I may convert the front end barrel set up to fit a 10" barrel to improve range a bit. ???
Gun is accurate though with short end set up.
by Alex A. on 10/26/2008
"Personally I think this gun is BAMF. I would seriously hate to be a zombie.
by Jack f. on 08/22/2008
"The mock silencer on this gun is the $30 stubby silencer by G&P, you can find it at the mock silencer section.

This is a much better stubby killer than the JG model. The metal body is super duper nice and the logo is SOOO NICE!

The gun shoots great, standard G&P gearbox / performance.
by Michael K. on 07/11/2008
"The Zombie Killer is truly a great gun fully customized out of the box. Normally it will cost over $600 to get a customized stubby compact M4 like this. The gearbox, grip, RIS, folding front and rear sights, mock silencer and the stubby stock matches perfectly for a complete look and it will give you quite an amazing advantage in a CQB game.

The batteries that will fit in this stock:
- Any mini type 8.4V or 9.6V (up to 1600mah small type)
- Any nun-chuck type (The biggest one is the Matrix 9.6V 2300mah)
by Devin W. on 08/07/2013
"Got the gun looks great. But don't even bother with the silencer g&P permanently attached a plactic orange barrel to it making the silencer unusable.

high rate of fire
good cqb fps
awesome visuals
full metal

silencer is useless
orange tip covers threading
(left with unusable part)
by Michael K. on 01/05/2012
"This gun is good. i mean really good. besides a few kinks the gun runs perfect.

First off the externals are just rediculous. the only complaint i have is the motor grip. i thought i was goin to like it, and i did at first. when you just holding the gun its very comfortable, but when you actually play with it, it doesnt do its job. at my cqb field theres alot of turns and alot of them i need to switch to a left hand position and the grip is very uncomfortable and hard to handle in lefty position. But thats the only bad on the externals.

The other bad part is the guns wiring broke very easily. But honestly im not mad because i rather have new wiring, because the wiring that comes with the gun has a large connector. i like using smalls so i had to get a large to small adapter causing the trigger response and ROF to be lower than it could. buying a new wiring set allows me to have a small connector and get good trigger response and ROF

Besides that the guns awesome. a few kinks but thats alright. the guns unique by many standards so if your looking for a cqb m4 but dont want what everyone else has this gun is a great buy!

4 start for the kinks.